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Sticky Dojah


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  1. wicked set man, cranking in chamonix france as the sun paints the mont blanc all red… i like the color red. anybody else does? morelife

  2. holy jack rabbit! this had the party going… i mean its not your regular party.. its the bring your own glass of water and a bar of soap and love thy neighbour kinda party, but it made it happen… so cool when you can keep swapping and keep boppin.. i just love the bukake beats… give it up for the stickyness… all over me…

  3. listened to it 3 times in a row

  4. first of all… great props out to sticky dojah… nice one! big up in the future… looking forward to more sets… gimme more!!! does anybody know the track at 44:27? gives me shivers all day!!! if youre online please post it sticky!!! keep on the good work! best regards yours betachris

  5. Great Set. Can anyone tell me the song and the artist thats 55 min. into the set.!!!! my email is

  6. Hey Betachris!

    thanks again for having me doing this in H to the Amburg! Track you asked for is by Radio City, out now on Ubiquity…


    the Sticky Dojah

  7. Sehr geiles Set, echte Schätze aus der Plattenkiste gefischt. R-E-S-P-E-K-T.

  8. Hey Sticky Dojah, thx very much for the track! Just about ordered the ep one… great sound by Niko Schabel!!! Nice One! Will be looking out for ya sets…nice selection of fine sounds… greetz to ya! betachris

  9. great set! what’s the tune at 08:00? is that a radiohead remix?

  10. jena hat zugehört – danke phil

  11. Very nice.
    Does anyone know the track at 8:30? It seems to be a remix – nice trumpet/sax at the end.

  12. The song at 8:00 is: Mark Ronson, Just high; something like a Radiohead Remix

  13. Ich knie nieder!

  14. This set is pure fyah… I’m def feelin’ this one…


  15. Farrahstar…it’s Aloe Blacc (of Emanon)…off his “Shine Through” LP on Stones Throw.

  16. This set had potential. There were a couple of good gems/songs. But as a Dj, i felt like…can we battle to see who can get the party jumping? lol…hey thats how you do it…you bring the best out of people respectfully. Thx for the mix., worldwide international flavor

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