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Finn Johannsen


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  1. playlist bitte…

  2. Fange eben erst an zu hören, schließe mich aber doch gleich mal vorlaut dem Vorredner an. Besten Dank schon mal!

  3. like that 80th and acid house stuff……

  4. the longer i listen to this mix, the better it gets….

  5. dankeschön finn!

  6. Wie jetzt? Immer noch keine Playlist?


  7. Old-style crystalized house as if you’re in Disneyland. Very morning-like) Thanks BL

  8. Vielen vielen Dank an die Gastgeber, Gäste und Hörer. Das war ein wahrer Prachtabend… Ganz liebe Grüße…

    Ganz lauter Ruf auch an all die Heldinnen und Helden der hier repräsentierten wundervollen Phase von Tanzmusik, Klaus Stockhausen und die Front Kids. Das war eine tolle Zeit und es geht immer weiter…

    Und hier dann die Playlist, musste das auch erstmal wieder zusammenkriegen:

    01. New Deep Society – Warehouse (Days Of Glory) Acapella
    02. 2 House People – Move My Body
    03. Master C & J – Face It
    04. Kym Mazelle – Useless
    05. Willie Colon – Set Fire To Me
    06. Blaze – What’Cha Gonna Do
    07. Denise M – Do You Love Me?
    08. Ulysses – Magic Wand
    09. Raww – Don’t You Try It
    10. Slingshot – Do It Again/Billie Jean
    11. Shirley Lites – Heat You Up (Melt You Down)
    12. Madonna – Physical Attraction
    13. Mark Imperial – The Love I Lost
    14. Set The Tone – Dance Sucker
    15. Alexander O’Neal – Fake
    16. Jamie Principle – Waiting On My Angel
    17. The Puppets – Way Of Life
    18. Heaven 17 – Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
    19. Victor Romeo – You Can’t Fight My Love
    20. Liz Torres – What You Make Me Feel
    21. J.M. Silk – Music Is The Key
    22. S.O.S. Band – No Lies
    23. Sharon Redd – Love How You Feel
    24. Nightlife Unlimited – Peaches And Prunes
    25. Raz – Amour Puerto Riqueno
    26. Mario Reyes – What Ever Turns You On
    27. Quando Quango – Love Tempo
    28. Change – Angel In My Pocket
    29. Raze – Let The Music Move U
    30. John Rocca – I Want It To Be Real
    31. Pete Shelley – Homosapien II
    32. Mark Imperial – I Can Feel The Music
    33. Rocky Jones – The Choice Of A New Generation
    34. Colonel Abrams – Music Is The Answer
    35. Lime – On The Grid
    36. Blancmange – Blind Vision
    37. Mark Imperial – J’adore Danser
    38. Le Jeté – La Cage Aux Folles
    39. Soif De La Vie – Goddess Of Love
    40. Eastbound Expressway – Primitive Desire
    41. Miquel Brown – So Many Men, So Little Time
    42. J.M. Silk – I Can’t Turn Around
    43. Christian Alexander – Body & Spirit
    44. Kraze – The Party
    45. On The House – Pleasure Control
    46. Rickster – Night Moves
    47. Irving And Romeo – Brighter Day
    48. Sterling Void – Set Me Free
    49. Sterling Void – It’s Allright
    50. The Nightwriters – Let The Music Use You
    51. Victor Romeo – Love Will Find A Way
    52. Shalamar – Right In The Socket
    53. Change – Glow Of Love
    54. Paris Brightledge – Learn To Love

  9. i love to play with the melodies like i play with myself… this makes me so happy… i get very aroused by the playin.. maybe more than the listening this time.. some nice sections.. when i go slow, it goes slow.. all matches nicely… ohh… ding dong ding ding ding dong… yah yah yah yah… whooo.. ugh.. whoo… housey housey on my mousey mousey

  10. sooo cooool, i love it…
    vor allem 06. Blaze – What’Cha Gonna Do
    die ritter kommen…

    yeah, keep on jacking


  12. WOW…..Ein muss für alle Kinder der Achtziger…..J´adore danser !!!

  13. Wow!!!
    This is the best mix and selection since Mike Pickering and Graeme Park’s late 80s haçienda sets ”in these sounds”.
    especially the first 55 minutes is perfect. then some 4-5 electroish track but I didn’t like and then the set once again turns into the same beauty like in the first hour. Now I’ll listen the last 2 hours…
    good job, cheers

  14. Fuckin kickin innit!

  15. Nice set of classic house for ya youngsters to listen and learn — It’s not about plucking out a few notes on your Casio, adding a pre-programmed “Calypso” drum track and then releasing it for public consumption.

    There individuals may have have been true musicians but at least they got it on the “gut” level.

    Again, listen and LEARN!

    BTW, good looking Finn on the set and displaying courtesy to both your audience and the artist by publishing the playlist.

  16. love this mix!
    @dhardway: your \”keep-it-real-talk\” doesn\’t change anything, stay easy..

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