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Soul Rabbi


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  1. Nice set … makes me wish for a cold beer flowing on a HOT summers day, lots of friends and a BBQ … mmmmmmm

  2. deep collection saalam shalom thanks danke

  3. This playlist definately made by rainy sunday evening a lot more fun. Any chance of a playlist Soul Rabbi? Cheers

  4. barouch atah adonai! the soul rabbi has brought his decks from Mt Sinai to be worshipped like the golden calf.. sinful soul and festive funk from the land of milk and honey… come play at my barmitzvah, soul rabbi, i want you to create the wildest hora ever seen… your set is a mitzvah to all.. mazel tov! im so aroused i cant type..

  5. This is an awsome set, everything form sounding jamacan to superfly 70’s funk, i cant stop listening to it. more of this please, make you float to another place, LOUDand of course but of organ list music near the beginning, butlins please, lol

  6. rabbi, you did it again! yeah, very smooth set! thanks for this wonderful music. until next time in your hometown wuppertal or wherever. big shouts to my soulbrother! frankypanky aka rookie

  7. Wuppertal regelt…


  9. nice one rabbi! keep on, keep on!!!

  10. first time i have sumited two comments on one DJ board when is soul rabbi coming back 3 hours unbelievably wizzes by. not eough, and and track listing please so i can hunt down some 45’s easily the best set this year

  11. Soul Rabi your the coolest!

  12. OOOPS, I mean Soul Rabbi your the coolest!

  13. jmotiska… you actually mean Soul Rabbi yourE the coolest… you gots to gets the gramma right broz…

  14. soul rabbi is cool like the other side of the pillow…

  15. This is very hot stuff!

  16. how bout a tracklisting would be irie cuz there’s so many nugs that i totally have heard and classix, want to know who the artist is… this mix is ON-POINT!!! yes I

  17. omg awsome set see jah kaiser for second part of bbq

  18. soul rabbi!! this is the music to make all of life’s worries seem a little less stressful. soul rabbi your records are the SHIT! soul rabbi please please please come to the u.s. and show these young punks what music really is about. peace love and hair grease!

  19. whens soul rabbi coming back, we want a requal, cos there are two sets on the betalounge archive

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