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Frau Bass


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  1. auch wenn ich nicht live dabei sein konnte liebste frau bass, habe ich den samstag seeehr genossen.
    danke für dein set

  2. something about Frau’s just gives bliss… this set had me chilling and thinkin all about how great all the Fraus ive met have been… nothing beats the efficient, mechanised touch of a Frau.. hits all the right spots, every lump, bulge and package… oh yeah, do it to me Frau…

  3. super turbo Frau Bass!
    all the best to your vibration reverberation!

  4. Das ist so schööööön!Danke für eine wunderbare Zusammenstellung….
    Bin süchtig!

  5. dicke probs – geiles set, gute vibes

    großes dankeschöne an FRAU BASS


  6. Hairy1 be diggin’ dis chick yessssss nice o nice nice pulsin’ grooves…less chatter, mo’ platter! Keep da vibrator set to stun…go girl go!

  7. Very smooth and funky! This was totally enjoyed on a Saturday night in Vancouver.

  8. excellent funky and smooooooth…
    i love this funky-up-downtempo-chill-party-set!
    thanks a lot, fräulein bass! 😉
    greetz from cologne to the world!

    der oelli

  9. I´m just listening to the set……. It relaxes me for the rest of my evening.. nice feelings…. THX for that 😉 ……

  10. Kennt jemand den Titel ab ca. 1h 10min?

    Fett!!! Den möchte ich auch auf Platte haben, bitte bitte!

    Also: wer steckt dahinter?

    Ansonsten: feines Set Miss Bass! 🙂

    Mr. Bassline 😉

  11. Je connais pas le titre à 1h10, mais j’aime aussi!

  12. @marcel_75: du hast ja bald Geburtstag! 😉

  13. Track auf 1.10:
    Artist – Latryx
    Track – Lady Dont Tek No
    Label – Soulsides

    Viele Grüße. Die Frau Bass!

  14. ‘don’t deny me’ (ca. 2h18m) made me dance in front of my laptop

  15. @ uuummmmm


    frau bass…

  16. There was a time where the only place you could listen to hip hop was on college radio, and the signal was always so weak that your radio antennae looked like a tinfoil sculpture and you’d have to force yourself to stay up til 4am when the show came on, and you’d buy a mix tape and throw it in and anxiously await that familiar raspy voice to say it was time to hit record, like it was christmas morning and you are happily staring at the ceiling in anticipation.

    It’s time to hit record.

  17. This set have helped to write my master-theses!

    1000 thanks to Frau Bass!

    (great set.)

  18. der schön melancholische opening track ist brilliant!
    falls hier noch wer reinschaut, wär ich dankbar für titel und artist info.


  19. Nice set with a funky jive that tastes great. Anyone got a track ID at 1hr 45min???

  20. Introduction-Track is taken from the
    “Think differently music” LP
    ARTIST: Think Differently
    Album: Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture
    Other performers: Del tha Funkee Homosapien,Aesop Rock

    Track at 1h45 is DUAL CONTROL “BRING IT ON”

    Greetz, Frau Bass.

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