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Beta Lounge Soundsystem feat. Constantin Groll


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  1. Perfect Sunday night mix….liquid transitions lead listeners through funky old school lesson. Rapped up last week and got me ready for a new one. Keep it up…. keep it up

  2. i couldnt be more aroused by an intro.. soulful touching of myself on a sunday night… sundays are for helping yourself out.. this set set the mood.. dim the lights, grab a towel, a warm glass of water, a bar of soap and get in the mooooood…

  3. Lovely!

    Would like to shout out thanx to the betaloungecrew!!

    Steady sexy and funky like no one else in this crazy world.

    Peace & love to the universalboogalist all over the planet


  4. Just beautiful.. really relaxing and pleasant. Found myself daydreaming, an audio massage.

  5. i love the drastic change at 1;16. definitely the reason for my testicular misplacement

  6. Absolutely awesome!

  7. Constantin, it just keeps getting better and better, thanks again and again

  8. Dis chick singin’ up front is turnin’ mah haid upside, like a dog hearin’ a sireen…jazzin’ is mah fave way to flavah up…mo’ mo’ mas y mas BetaLounge!

  9. mikerism: what the fuck is wrong with you???

  10. oh demo… i love you… come find me soon with your bad boy attitude… i love it… be gentle at first.. then let constantin mellow us both as we find pleasure from the beats… and each other…

  11. well, demo, looks like your making some people out there reeeeaaaally happy šŸ˜‰
    But what on earth does the guy need the glas of warm water for..?

  12. lather… you know what i mean?

  13. hahahah haha hahaha

  14. Great set! Could you please tell me the name of track starting at around 1:59:00.

  15. hey Markitto,
    thanks for the thumps up.
    the track in question is a bootleg remix of Archie Shepp’s deep jazz classic Mozambique on Stilove4Music ( original version is on the Sea of Faces album ). the mix is pretty new – should still be in the shops ( for example: )

  16. Constantin, Thanks for the link, You are awesome man….

  17. luv em or hate em (mikerism) whats the first comment you read ?
    Thanks pimp your a freak but i like that.

  18. whats the one at 3:33:00??

    Great for typing away in the office!! my word speed has gone up by ten words a minute lol

  19. hey disco dez: that’s Boo Williams pres. Disco Lube on Rush Hour Recordings

  20. damn, i was a bit quick there. Boo Williams produced the track but under a different artist name:
    Reckless Abandonment – Spiritual Growth EP – Disco 3000/ Rush Hour
    is the one you are looking for ( “disco lube” is the title of the track )

  21. Thanks Constantin – I’ll track it down.

  22. Thank you so much for making me believe that music can be a precious friend.

  23. Hi, once again there’s a track that make me going mad…….

    At 1:13:45 something like “step off”…..the flow is mix between the old gangstarr tribe called quest, & common……so if anyone knows, please let me know ?!!! thanx

  24. Hi Chausse
    didn’t check this mixes forum for a long time, that’s i’m so late with my answer. sorry!
    the track you’re asking for is Maspyke – Step from their album Static on ABB records.

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