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featuring: Buzz-T, Skar, Doe, Sdag


  1. Smoooooth….Got me through the first couple of hours of the day with some head bopping to spare. Sick set man sick set…..

  2. Silky smooth,fantastic set.
    Any chance of a setlist please?

    Skandyland Soundtracks

  3. Ohh yyeess. Very good set, specially after the first hour. Very nice pace and fresh tracks.

    God save BetaLounge!

  4. Killer set!

    Who is playing for the first hour? Groovalicious!

  5. My goodness … keep up the standard !

  6. I failed to notice that this is show 666 of the total shows…..somebody must have sold there soul for this set…..actually now that i think about it….it was almost tooo good…hmmmmm

  7. This is an absolute luscious set of tight beats and smooth blends. Solid in the best possible sense of the word.

  8. UGH UGH UGH.. i was especially diggin the skratch music segment…. : )
    peace yall,

    mike boo

  9. music history, music culture, real classcis in a wide range… a lot of all time fav’s in there – pay attention, unique sets!!

  10. what are the first two tracks anybody know, cheers

  11. Fucking gold!

    Brought pleasure to an otherwise dull day at the office.

  12. i ve been nodding to this the whole afternoon, spot on the fingerprints

    cheers Fin

  13. this one was good for me.. it helped me to calm down and take things slowly.. like my self pleasure.. slow.. up and down.. nice n slow.. oh yeah…

  14. jajajaja, die fingerprints sind der shit. big up an die kleines bisches!
    you know what’s poppin’ buzz, aight!

  15. Quite tasty indeed… mmmmmm.

  16. I pulled better mixes from my anal passages, but bah bah bah, lets run with the herd…

  17. very nice tracks, smooth listening for a day at work…

    Chymical, you’re a dick. If you have nothing nice to say, then shut the f*** up šŸ™‚

  18. this set is AMAZING. thank you!! There hasn’t been a moment that I haven’t liked.

  19. that slimpo guy takes it from the dj. hard

  20. chymical, stop listening to hawthorne heights and look at a vagina. this stuff is brilliant.

  21. Very very good set! i like it…
    Does anyone know the track (playing in the background) at 2h08min. ???
    Thanks for an answer!

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