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Hail & Ride SF: 370, Yoko Solo, Ripple, Oonce Oonce and Circuit73


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The broken disco and live audio mutilation continues with Hail & Ride’s 1yr Anniversary. Special guests Ripple and Oonce Oonce, plus residents 370, Yoko Solo and Circuit73 start off the year with a beat!


  1. We do not even have to write any comments other than Hail & Ride rock! Now do we

  2. yeah i kinda liked this set.. but my vote for weirdest dumbest song of the year goes to the track at around 2:45:00 .. whoa! im riding that choo choo train while tied to the floor of the caboose while baby pigs are eating corn off my naked body! yah!

  3. OMG! That track is FIERCE!! (2:45!!!)

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