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  1. How could nobody comment on this yet??? I was eccstatic to see that they had another Ubertonmensch set posted on the Beta. The last one was probably the most frequently listened to thing on here for me. I found so many appropriate times for such chill music. Relaxing, concentrating on homework, zoning out on games and chillaxin. Thanks Ubertonmensch and thank you Beta peeps for another 2 hours of beautifull listening.

  2. Vcs simplismente viciam!!
    Danke sch├Ân Uebertonmensch…
    kuss form Brasil

  3. I’m with ya KristopherG! I got hooked on Ueberton’s previous mixes and was happy to see another mix. I have been partial to these well-crafted, thought provoking, grounding, conceptual chill mixes these days…

  4. This is beatiful, very nice ambient, perfect for a morning of work in front of the computer and a lot of coffee. Good job ubertonmensch.

  5. Seems like everybody is doing the same here,
    Working while listening to Betalounge…

    Great original mix, fans of pole, manyfingers, apparat, fennesz, … behold!!

    Thanks BEta lounge for this great amount of quality sets!!
    making my day at the office less dull!


  6. just imagine an artist painting really slowly and covering every inch of your body with paisley patterns and paying extra attention to the crotch and chest area… la la la… dancing through the flowers with body paint…. la la la…

  7. this ones good. 1/2 ambient + 1/2 IDM= Salvation

  8. That is great to hear people who likes music! Your music feeling is marvelous. Please continue and come back when you want… I will wait and listen. Is there any discs existing? I haven’t found one yet.


  9. hi thyan


    order music via email:
    order vinyl:

    check itunes

  10. Agreed, thank you for the wonderful set again…

    I found Nils Frahm’s solo stuff in the iTunes Music Store…
    Ubertonmensch is supposed to be available there soon…

    Would love to get it on Vinyl too, hurry up guys- you are to great to hold your stuff back…

  11. This set is mellow, beautiful. I love the musical style. Thanks!

  12. Awesome set. My most played set on betalounge already! I almost listen to it every evening.
    It makes studying less hard and even enjoyable… although one might feel an urge to relax and do nothing than search for uebertonmensch…

    Vielen Dank ­čÖé

  13. floating on sine waves, intersecting energy peaks.
    you made my day, fabulous!

  14. Heard Uber back in March 04 on Beta Lounge and blew me away. I live in London but fully intend to hear this live. Keep up the good work.

  15. jeg elsker deg ubersch├Ânmensch: takk fyrir

  16. beautiful mix, but what happened to the Icarus track playing from 59 mins – just cuts out around 1.04 .??? That needs to be played out…

  17. antt,
    you name it. it needs to played out. that┬┤s what we┬┤d done.
    never play cds on a mac in itunes. it may stop in the middle of a track.
    mist verdammter.

  18. mist verdammter! i know what you mean.. i think!

  19. Ja herr mist verdammter, playing CDs on a MAC can be nerve wracking …

    I like your music [as you have already figured out] and have several questions regarding an earlier set … something about 1:07minutes in said set, the music that was before and after … and during …

    Takk fyrir bless …

  20. mist verdammter, es ist so sch├Ân!

  21. Way to bring them back… nice…

  22. what good music , i love that, very good boys, very good yeahhhhhhhh

  23. I found the debut album of ├ťbertonmensch in the iTunes Music Store. It’s called ┬╗Ultra┬ź and it is amazing. I highly recoment to check it out.

  24. great opening track, it seems to last around 15mins. i’ve heard it loads of times, what’s it called?

  25. The opening track is from Murcof.

  26. hey uberschonmensch can i redo your website::seriously

    think about it

  27. Whats the track between 1h36m and 1h40m?

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