This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.



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  1. Beautiful music 40 minutes in =].

  2. excellent! i like this label.

  3. ping pong ping pong.. left part of my brain right part of my brain… whoa! these pingpong players do weird stuff to my brain.. and then when the brain goes my crotch goes.. whoa!

  4. Like a crazier, instrumental version of the Beta Band.


  5. thanks for this late evening full of nice and calm electronica.
    love you guys.

  6. oi!
    very well done, like this mix!
    greez from southampton to all LG-ppl!

  7. Incredible show, good one!

  8. want to listen this?touch it…congratulations,here you are!
    thats composed by what the sun is famous for…
    greatfull build up especially the first cut its dj!!!

    thanks for this pic of lovely kindness
    please more…the summer wants to come by

  9. What is the track playing around 1:52:00 ?? It’s absoulutely amazing!

    Nice set btw.
    Would like to hear a lot more IDM at betalounge…

  10. @underbyen: the track is a new (up to now unreleased) track by mister tingle, homeartist of pingipung..
    cheers, nils

  11. wonderful evening. thanks for invitation, andi.

  12. nice to listen to shows of PINGIPUNG i wasn´t able to listen to… am enjoying the whole 4 hours show while updating homepages right now…


    naomi sample

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