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Ian Simmonds


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the welsh dark brother number one returned to the beta lounge to drop another excellent set. 4 hours of deepness and beauty for pure listening pleasure. the selection includes tracks by carl craig, soulphiction and henry mancini to name a few plus a lot of mr simmonds own productionwork . highly recommended!


  1. Welcome to the IMAX Theatre…
    Please, no smoking in the theatre lobby.
    Enjoy the show.

  2. spooky… the kind of set that enhances hangovers, keeps you in asylums, makes you want to play with baby animals, gives you bedroom stamina and encourages you to defecate in public… strange but rewarding..

  3. i can’t concentrate on my work. you’re invading my brain. or, maybe i just don’t want to work and you fit nicely in my life experiences to date.

  4. totaly wired through the stars.
    milky way hashisch for your ears.

  5. Hey – what´s the song @ 2.01 – 2.07 ?!
    Very nice funny set ! Felt very comfortable



  6. hi listeners,

    very unfortunately we’ve been mixing up files and just discovered it now. the show that was archived on this page before was not the Ian Simmonds set from 2005/10/22 but an old show of rueftata 110 that he played long time ago in the betalounge. we’ve changed files now and want to apologize to all our listeners and to ian himself for this little mislead. hopefully you’re ready to enjoy the dj skills of the dark brother no. 1 right here right now.
    thx for listening betalounge,

  7. a kaleidoscopic set, i went from gray to magenta.
    lots of flavour and spice.

  8. what track starts at 1:33:40? amaizing!


  10. Yeah man – that track that starts at 1.33 is pretty special – listening to this at the office and having kung-fu showdowns with my colleagues – yeahhhhh!

  11. I chilled muself up lovely to this, sat at work, wishing I was somewhere else feeling a lot more lush about life. Smiles all over not quite but getting there, Mickie.

  12. any girls in Europe here?
    why not have a chat forum on the betalounge?

  13. With some Betalounge tapes in my car cassette player, Amsterdam – Paris is not so far…!

  14. Yeah, thats a though, why not have a forum for all shows together. There are so few good people who still know to appreciate high quality music. Why not help them to get together?
    Just finishing brandonmiles though here 😉

    Stay tuned and enjoy!

  15. levitating … sunrise after a long rain … takk fyrir …

    I like the name Ian … you are wicked cute …

  16. Hi,

    The real deal: deep, emotional, mystical and rhythmical journey of musical excellence from Ian. You will not here better electronic music anywhere; style!!!

    music is the soundtrack to our lives!

  17. oooo, how about that track at 1:00, anybody know it?

  18. that is, 1:00:00..

  19. @thekarmabums:
    the track at 1:00:00 h is carl craig & pepe bradock – angola (carl craig mix)

    1:33:00 and 2:01:00 are tracks by ian simmonds himself, check out

  20. is this the recording of the frankfurt session in the building of sparkasse? brilliant set, still.

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