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Sascha Funke


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Sascha Funke releases on the label bpitchcontrol that has become one of Berlin’s most successful and best known imprints since 1997. At the Beta Lounge Sascha played a tasty selection mainly consisting of house and techhouse before click-resident Henry took over for the last hour. shout outs to the click crew for another excellent Beta Lounge-Click-coop!


  1. first come, first served. What a set, im proud to be the first one, makes me fell that Ive been the only one listening to it. From sascha funke, unique & harre with love to treep.
    nice trip.

  2. unique & harre running out of records….???
    but still enjoyble here & there

  3. track id …. 3.22 …. what’s that?

  4. woohoo great stuff!

  5. what happened to the first two hours or so?
    we want that too!!!!!

  6. ok my mistake its all here just waiting to be consumed
    nearly 6 hours of music by 3 heavy german spinners what more can we ask for!!!!!!
    a million thanks to betalounge for offering us another breathtaking musical journey!!!!!
    and what a line-up this is, perfectionism becomes such an easy task to fulfil with these guys!

  7. Okeee…hairy1 be trippin’ now fo sho….girlfren put shrooms on da pizza, now floatin’ groovy-stylee, diggin’ betalounge even tho her face be all plastic meltin’ ‘n shit….dis is o so nice, yesssssssssss

  8. i ate pizza and i listened to this and it made me enjoy being on the toilet for longer than i have ever enjoyed it… chill to thrill the spill that is ill… love that time you can spend with the beats and the bidet… cool refreshing flush time is made oh so much beta, i mean better…

  9. No comments at all to describe the feeling that inspires me this fucking amazing wonderfull 6 hours set but to be honest it didn`t suprise me cause i knew that the hamburg combination always makes the difference.always…

  10. hi
    what’s the song at 01.55 it’s NICE…..

    thanks for help…

  11. sorry I meant at 01.55:55

  12. hellooooooooooooooooooo everybody

  13. Great toonage while i dork out on Corel Painter IX with my Wacom tablet.

  14. Where’d it go? I swear this set had a couple other DJ’s in the line up… I think one was Unique maybe?

    Was it skips fault or have I lost what little remains of my brilliance?

    Anyway, is there really anything better than Beta Lounge. Nope, and I’ve tried everything!

  15. this is freakin good music….

  16. yeah teyve shortened it, its meant to have three DJs

  17. Oh, man! I’m sitting here in my office grading papers on a Thursday night and this is keeping me alive! Woohoo!

  18. Tripped out Techy house, excellent !!!! just what i like

    cheers Fin

  19. sasha is good ! indeed…
    It always remember some good nights in Berlin, a few years ago…
    Simple, effective music, trippy…
    Check his discography on Kompakt, old tunes are just great.

    Thanks Sasha, and Keep on making good tracks…

  20. he´s right the most of the older tracks are just …

  21. sometimes there is something so nice(fill in any other adjectives that make you feal nice that words cant descrbie) and there you have it

  22. takk fyrir bless …

  23. ohh my =) so fresh so clean!!!

  24. Does any one know the track that plays at 1.20??
    Awsome set!!

  25. nice compilation….im appetized of electronic dinner

  26. whawaweewa !! 12 minute the guy sascha went completely nuts… i like it i like it i like it

  27. Hi, anyone knows the track at 53.00?

    Cheers 🙂

  28. amazing!

    does anyone know the track at around 2:20?

    london, canada

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