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  1. excellent beginning after the summer break with Krew
    i like em . (my favourite track 02:35 with vocals) and 02:41 afterwards and the rest
    very interesting stuffffff anyway all along the set, how so enjoyble can Minimal be

    A Deep Ted

  2. Interesting mix. The Phillip Glass mix was awsome! A good recognition for the father of all this minimalist thing.

  3. Amazing!!!! The best minimal set I’ve heard this days!!

    Anybody knows the id the 1h53:45 min track??? Please!!! It’s beautiful!!

  4. Hello! Can it get any better? And I’m in my office…

    I’ll have to play this again next time I’m in after 5…crank it.

  5. yeah… cassius, ya’re right!!!! this set rocks!!!!

  6. Very good mix indeed , some cool sounds, i would really really like to know what is the track at 4hr 21min 45 sec is that a G-man?

  7. Thanks for all the good coments of the mix, it was a great night at the Beta Lounge again with Nico Palermo and Turnvadder.

    Here are the tracks you are asking about.

    1h 53 min Anja Schneider & Sebo K: Rancho Relaxo (Mobilee 003)
    2h 35 min Dntel: (This is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt Remix) (Plug Research PR 360204)
    4h 21 min Kit Clayton: Box Section (Parallel Recordings PRL-005)

    Contact info are



  8. well known track on minute 16-17. i still dont know. pls help. hoanzl

  9. very nice, i would like to know what is the track at 2,45-2,48 (dont look back)

  10. More tracks!

    16 min John Tejada: Mono On Mono (Palette Recordings Pal-32)
    2h 45 min KonradBlack & Ghostman: Medusa Smile (Don´t Look Back…) Rockets revamp Wagon repair WAG006


  11. Am I wrong, or was there some Plastikman/Ritchie Hawtin in there somewhere?

  12. Regardless, it’s all fresh and refreshing and movin!

  13. just what I needed to listen, and dance, and enjoy.
    outstanding krew.

  14. hmm.. nice one krew.. appreciate that you have made this specially for me in mind when i am having my shower and touching my clean bits… thanks.. well done…

  15. Minimal set, the minimal sound doesent get any better that this


  16. hello out there…does anyone know the hypnotic track the fabulous Krew played around 01:02:30..thanx so much

  17. @ mmmagnolia#
    it´s the new ame (rej ep), sonar kollektiv 078.

  18. Hi there, brilliant mix.. Anyone knows the track at 3.31?

    Cheers 🙂

  19. Excellent set KREW!!!
    How beautiful mnml can be, damn!!!
    Just 1 negative point: the mixingskills are here and there in the set …

  20. this is what i would have playing if i was fired into space

    Man what a mix, bring it on copenhagen!!!!

  22. aight folks, fabolous set, listen to it over and over again … what is the track around 2:05? anyone? it’s amaaaazing

  23. I received a bunch of emails about the playlist, so here are the complete list of what I played.

    NO CD´S JUST VINYL!!!!!!



    Audio Werner – Audiomaut / Hartchef Discos HCF 05
    Matias Aguayo – De Papel (Chantal C Remix) / Kompakt Pop 9
    John Tejada – Mono Mono / Palette Recordings Pal-32
    Tim Wright – Thirst (Luciano´s Dancehall Remix) Mute 12NOMU114
    Ricardo Villalobos – For Disco Only 2
    Losoul – Synchro / Playhouse 19
    Microesfera – Freak Dancer Let´s Go / Mule Electronic 010
    Lawrence – The Night Will Last Forever (Lusine Remixe) / Dial Lado 2175-0
    Dorian Paic And Captain Minus – Faceline 2004 mix / Anorak Tonträger Ano 001
    Lowtec – In Fail We Trust / Playhouse 102
    Innervisions Pres. Âme – Rej / Innervisions 02
    Trentemøller – Kink 3rd Floor Records 003
    Play ´N´Fill – Alfredo / Mudra Records
    Papa Sang Bass – A Comic Relief / Adjunct Audio AV02
    Sten – Back Four / Dial Rec. 17
    Mathew Jonson – 911, How Ca I Help You? / Arbutus 001
    Maurizio – M7
    Donnacha Costello – Visitor (Mark Broom + Dave Hill Remix) D1 Recordings Done015
    Anja Schneider & Sebo K – Rancho Relaxo / Mobilee 003
    Carl Craig – Darkness / Planet E PE65282-1
    Pantha Du Prince – Butterfly Girl Versions (Sten Version) / Dial Rec. 23
    Efdemin – Bruxelles Van Laack Vacuum Cut / Dial Rec. 24
    Lusine – Inside/Out / Ghostly International Gi-47
    Chat On+Hopen – It Is Cut / Plak Plk 4
    Luciano & Quenum – Orange Mistake / Cadenza 01
    Donacha Costello – Cocoa / Minimise 13
    Dntel – (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt Remix) PLug Research PR360204
    Carsten Jost – Krokus/Elmenreich (Stewart Walker Remix) / Dial Rec. Lado 2126-0
    Konrad Black & Ghostman – Medusa Smile (Don´t Look Back) / Wagon Repair WAG006
    Mathew Jonson – Decompression / Minus 24
    Hearttrhob – Glass Cat / Minus 31
    Alex Attias Pres. Mustang – 10,000 Leagues Deeper Feat. Bembé Segue (Trickski Remix) / Compost 187-1
    Sten – Part Three / Dial Rec. 13
    Octave One – Daystar Rising / 430 West Rec. 4W-291 Moon
    Quadrant – Infinition / Planet E
    Sleeparchive – Research
    Metope – Second Skin / Sender Send036
    Maximilian Skiba – Randez Vous / Boxer Sport 032
    Falko Brocksieper – Melody / Sub Static sus_08
    Andy Stott – Ceramics / Modern Love 016
    Christian Morgenstern – Moment Of Truth Part 2 / Sub Static sus_01
    Blackwell – Fast And Cheap / Opussum Rec. 003
    Mike Y Juanself – Twisted Girls / 240 Volts Volt 10
    Wighnomy Brothers feat. Robag Wruhme – Bobb / Freude Am Tanzen Fat009
    Denis Karimani – Warheit / Dial Rec. 22
    Sten – Restless / Sender 035
    Carsten Jost – Divide Et Impera / Sender 046
    Kit Clayton – Box Section / Parallel Recordings PRL-005
    Losoul – Open Door (Theo Parrish Remix) / Elevate EL003
    Mathew Jonson – Gemini / ItIsWhatItIs 002

  24. To Defekt

    The track you are asking about are

    Pantha Du Prince – Butterfly Girl Versions (Sten Version) / Dial Rec. 23


  25. wow what a mix and nice selection of tracks – compl. 4 hours of energy –
    thanks krew and thanks for the track list – nice work too
    greetings eliot

  26. I love this mix. We have listened to it at work several times, and when it’s over, I always wish that it was still going. Great job!

    Sean Alert

  27. i am undercomand]\

  28. yo yo, whos the fukin bomb ? this shit rocks, what a set.

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