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Chelo Scotti, Paulo Olarte


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  1. Really nice set. sweet minimalist house, very good stuff. My coffee cup moves with every bup, bup, bup. you can figure the volume I’m playing this. A track list will be great.
    So are this two guys from SouthAmerica? Men, I want to have 2k and go party to a club in BsAs or Bogota, or both. :))

    God save Beta Lounge!

  2. Can’t fall into dreams… not yet. I simply don’t want to miss a beat. Lively, lovely.

  3. muy buena onda
    linda mañana y linda música
    un abrazo


  4. really good set!

  5. chelo masaaaa. I haven’t heard something this good in a while. thanks for the link!
    I wish i were in hamburg so we go jamming somewhere…will do next time



  6. Yep… I like it. I have been away from this site for quite a while. Prostituting my self on other streaming sites. Nice to return again and be pleasantly surprised. Some quality here that you just wont hear anywhere else. Nice one Beta lounge.

  7. shit i like that one. the beginning is fine and the end is cool 😀 between it’s good almost the whole time. Solid set!

  8. This might be my favorite set since the last time Paulo Olarte dropped one on beta lounge. Can anyone identify the track starting at 2:21 with the horns?

    Pure genius, keep it up guys.

  9. hey , not just to say me too!!
    But the guy is goood, the rhythm is sustained and the ambiente is cosy! Chapeau welll done.

  10. hi sp4ce,
    the track at 2:21 is called -les beaux jours- by agoria.

  11. You rock Paulo, thanks!

  12. das shuffelt definitiv!

  13. zandanga! Chelo y Paulo grosso sonido.

    Betalounge los extranio mucho desde mi exilio en Zürich. Hoffe bald wieder in Hamburg vorbeischauen könnnen und bleiben.
    Abrazo argentino-hamburgues desde la pampa suiza.
    Aguanten carajo!

  14. minimal lushness, tick tock tick tock

  15. so minimal… kind of like some manhoods ive seen in the showers at the swimming pool… i was just taking a peek.. honest… but the beats here are similar… minimal but as i always say *its not the meat its the motion*.. just substitute the word *meat* with *beat*.. yeah..

  16. Just coming back from a 2 year hiatus off the internet so I haven’t checked out Beta Lounge is quite some time. After a long day at work I randomly selected this mix. Outstanding. I just don’t get to hear music like this in Toronto that often anymore. The track that comes in around 41 mins is some dirty, dirty business. Love it. Job well done and feel free to visit T-dot any time.

  17. Yeah, that is some relaxing stuff here! I knew quite a few vinyls here, but also some good new ones!
    @mikerism: Once again, well said my friend, somehow you magically make your peeking in the shower and this music not feeling so much apart from each other!!! 😉

    @betalounge: Everytime I hear another good mix from you site I wonder when I will wake up from this dream and it is all gone…
    So plz, continue the f*&!ing great work and make my dream come true every day!

    Keep you tails up!

  18. yeah, this show is tight 🙂 although i keep skipping back to 11:58 (the track with the guitar) quite often. If anyone could give me artist and title I’d be super happy 😉

    so keep up the good work

  19. snick bip


    bip snick bip bip bip

  20. Whooooo!

    I love it…..this job is well done and quite cool.

  21. ok so does anybody know what track thats between 01:17:00 —- 01:18:00???

    please email me if anyone knows…

    SEAN (Detroit, MI)

  22. amazing set, enjoying the beats in chamonix france. i specially like the track around 3:00:00.
    que increible como se conecta el mundo. cordoba, alemania, francia, chile.
    maximum respect to betalounge.

  23. definitely one of the best

  24. yes Great set, i like the track at 23min
    new website
    nuff respect ,
    lite it up,.
    or pass it

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