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Ty Break


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  1. OMG- you are gettn so soulful B, last week and now this- I love it!!! Please, more of the same!

  2. So glad to have the beta back. This is a great set can’t wait to hear more like it!!!!! Track at 1:04 is blowing me away rigtht now. I just don’t hear music like this anywhere else.

  3. what is the mellow track at 1:29:00? pleaz
    Nidoos from France

  4. Sweet. I can’t say much more than that. First DSL now Ty Break. Excellent. Keep up the good work BL!

    Can anyone id the song at 58min with the sweet horns and piano?


  5. Very Smooth!

    Pretty much a perfect set to end the work day!

  6. this is pretty mucha perfect set for standing upright and jerking your head hypnotically but sexily backwards and forwards while running your hands up and down your sides and across your crocth… Thank You TY.. Thank You… wonderful grooves for smoooooth strokin

  7. Couldn’t have said it better myslef Mikerism. Well, maybe.

  8. Thanks to everyone for your feedback!

    Glad you liked the selection!

    I’ll post full tracklisting next couple of days.
    Or…maybe even tonight…


    ps: and of course an extra special thank to the betalounge for giving me the opportunity to play out here

  9. alright, so here’s the tracklisting:

    – build an ark / always there (kindred spirits)
    – today’s mathematics / butterfly (first word)
    – v / born again (bbe)
    – d’nell / that’s how i know (bbe)
    – omega / hush (amp fiddler rmx) (subgroundz
    – one self / be your own (amp fiddler rmx) (ninja tune)
    – positive flow / city lights (native source)
    – dl jones & dj 2nd nature / cokane (blue collar projects)
    – robert strauss / rhythm of life (freerange)
    – kurious / i’m kurious (columbia)
    – med / can’t hold down (stones throw)
    – lone catalyst / la la la la (b.u.k.a.)
    – dj mitsu / gagle (jazzy sport)
    – yam who / wrap you up (ubiquity)
    – team young finland in spain (bootysounds)
    – marschmellows / soulpower (jazzanova rmx) (infracom)
    – fm inc / call me anytime (white)
    – wahoo / holding you (ame rmx) (sonar kollektiv)
    – marcos valle / besteiras de amor (jazzanova remix) (far out)
    – yotoko / sealed (neroli)
    – kids in the streets / keep on turning (stir15)
    – domu / let me be (rima rmx) (archive)
    – charlie watts / airto (phil asher rmx)
    – geoffery williams / somewhere on a beach (phil asher rmx) (oyster)
    – roy ayers / tarzan (osunlade rmx) (bbe)
    – face / no fear (especial)
    – benny sings / new bed (4 hero rmx) (sonar kollektiv)
    – jazztronik / samurai (especial)
    – quasimoto / seasons change (lord inamel’s wax)
    – raheem devaughn / guess who loves you more (kenny dope rmx) (jive)
    – oi va voi / yesterday’s mistakes (amp fiddler rmx) (outcaste)

    for those asking

    0:58 = team young finland in spain
    1:04 = marschmellows
    1:29 = kids in the streets

  10. which track is around 32:00? That tune is great.


  11. very very gooooood!!!
    who knows which track is at 46:00?
    beta lounge, i want to marry you!!

  12. thanks for your feedback!

    @ timh 32:00 = positive flow / city lights

    @ gelb 46:00 = med / can’t hold down

    should both be available at good record stores
    „can’t hold down“ is the b-side track on the „push“ 12“ by med.


  13. is fucking brilliant
    greeting to beta lounge

  14. Hi Jan,
    what a brilliant mix.
    Thank you for the music 🙂



  15. Yeahhhhhh
    supreme chill

  16. Just how I like it……chilled, relaxed, chillaxed and shaken, not stirred..nice

  17. Thanks the tracks
    Boodapest Chillin 🙂

  18. Dis be hittin’ ALL of it, right frum da GIT now…nice big wide selection…like girlfren’s sweet soft buttcake…all da cheez, meant ta pleez! BETALOUNGE swangs mah thang!

    p.s. thanks fo da set lisssssss…too few do…

  19. Anyone know the track at 12 minutes?

  20. it’s

    v (ft. jill scott) – born again (bbe records)

    nice album too, although he sometimes pretends to be some kind of r. kelly…


  21. Thanks, great set!

  22. I look at the bottom right corner of the monitor and all it tells me is that its way too late to be at work. Missing my couch. Missing my girl. Missing my the distant memory formerly known as my social life. Every one has left for the day, and the only sound i hear is the hum of my computer and the little voice in my head telling me to toss it out the window. Need to stay focused, stay inspired and take care of business. It all seems very unlikely.

    And then I came across this mix, and I know all is well in the universe.

    thank you.

  23. I have been away for years. So good to be back and hear some slick Ty Break. Thank you Beta Lounge!

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