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Boozoo Bajou


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  1. beautiful set.
    gotta love the name too.

  2. pure.

    i love music.

    betalounge loves music.

    thank you.

  3. the right music for a rainy day like today..

  4. Sooooo glad to hear dese guys agin on da lounge-du-beta…consistently groove-a-licious sonic bliss! Makes me wanna raid da harvest, twist up da sensi!

  5. i just gotta say awesome tunes quality, would love you to get in touch as would like to book you for a forth coming event in london uk. Email is

  6. haven’t been here in a while…what a treat tues. morn. at work after holiday…thank you beta lounge and boozoo bajou!

  7. very nice set … Just to open my appetite for their tonight dj set in Lisbon with Ras MC T-Weed (Lux club)

    Cheers Betalounge crew!

  8. beautiful mix of classic soul, rare grooves and a touch of duby goodness.

    one of my favourite sets on this site, thanks for making my hangover today much easier to handle.

  9. dam, i luv this shit!!
    this set made me day. it’s friday + cant wait 2 go out now. if u r into funky hiphop, smooth reggae tunes + oldschool soul, this is ur set!

  10. Beauty set, eh? Anyone know what the name of the track is at 1hr 30min? It sounds like Billie Holliday singing… confirm/deny? Thanks be to the gawds above for this mellow, mellifluous, melodious masterpiece.

  11. this one has me writhing on the floor barking and moaning and wishing that i hadnt eaten all that curry.. spice up your life with the beats, not with chicken feets… ouch.. watch out mr toilet, im on my way! thanks to boozoo for makin me poo! yeah!

  12. the nice guys of boozoo bajou have sent a complete tracklist:

    Tracklisting Bozoo Bajou Beta Lounge Show 17/09/05

    Alice Coltrane – Journey In Satchidananda
    Troublemaker Edit
    Botanica Del Jibaro – Royal Blue
    Skalpel – Sculpture
    Eddy Palmieri – Chocolate Ice Cream
    Bohannon – Save Their Souls
    William De Vaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got
    Barry De Vorzon – Jelinda’s Dream
    Esther Philips – That’s Alright With Me
    Dianna Ross – Medley
    Lorez Alexandria – Baltimore Oriole
    Willie Lindo – Midnight
    Harold Butler – Out Of Bondage
    Dennis Bovell – Growing
    Kenji Jammer – Everything That’s Gone Has Come Back
    Boozoo Bajou – Take It Slow
    Marvin Gaye/Bob Marley – Sexual Healing/Vaiting In Vain
    aka Bangers R Mashed – Healing In Vain
    General Degree – Almighty God
    Al Green – Keep On Pushing Love
    Flowers – For Real
    Floyd Henley – Believe In Me
    Madeleine Peyoux – You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go
    Shortwave Set – Slingshot
    Blendcrafters – Bad Luck Blues
    Keith Hudson – Hunting
    Boozoo Bajou – Way Down
    Blu Rum – Did You
    Henry Mancini – Pink Panther (Bozoo Bajou Rmx)
    Cool Calm Pete – Lost
    Black Monk – Humming In The Sun
    Skinnyman – Forever Rangers
    Last Poets/Panthers – Panthers
    The Away Team – Likka Hi
    Royce Da 9’5 – Hip Hop
    Red Astaire – Hazlo Correcto
    Ohmega Watts – That Sound
    Funky Lowlifes – Bella Luna (Boozoo Bajou Rmx)

  13. more please , very nice!

  14. Can anyone tell me how to save shows on your computer?

  15. An awesome downbeat set – as we it know from them.
    On Wednesday th 7th of Decembre the guys of Boozoo Bajou gonna have a gig here in Nuremberg @ K4. Hopefully we will meet up there 🙂

    Stay tuned

    Greetz MH

    @Verrill: Save files on your computer or on mine 😉
    Have a look after No23Recorder.exe

  16. verill,
    you need a program called audio hijack which allows you to record sound/music files from live or archived internet feeds or from other places on your computer. only thing is you have to record in real time so it takes a while to get a whole set if you want it.

  17. CoCSoft Stream Down can record RealAudio streams. It behaves well so it doesn’t try to download the six hour set in 30 minutes. It’ll download in six hours. But in the end, you end up with a local file you play in realplayer. Or you can use a winamp plugin to write it out to wave file.

  18. With Wavelab! It’s very easy!

  19. This set is great but I think their last CD is even better. I just got it in th last BetaLounge shipment. Love it!

  20. I´m listening this shit in my igloo on the north pole. Oh, my frozen breathing……

  21. these boys be baaaad…they know the groove…and make you moove…muchas gracias bl

  22. This is one on point set. Def helped me offset my rainy and gloomy ass day. ‘precitate ya

  23. nice soulful skank from these friendly German boyys.Heard them djing in santa Fe New Mexico.Big up to the Beta-Lounge for the eclektic vibes.

  24. No, no, please don’t tell me that I can’t listen to this piece of art anymore. Got dumped yesterday and I need my share of Madeleine Peyroux, you’re gonna make me lonesome when you’re gone. :-((

  25. this might be te 30st time i listen to your set.

    i#m reaally looking forward for your new album…

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