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Kon & Amir


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  1. hey joice you’re my choice!!!!!
    very nice funk essentials set. great selection, discrete mixing skils.
    Thanks guys for a refreshing one

  2. Oh MY….this ish is badder than the sun burn I got at the fish fry yesterday. THE HEAT! …HOLLA. take it slow this summer BetaLounge. PEACE PEACE PEACE


  3. gotta dig the pittsburgh, pa shout out at 00:13:50. there is a whole song about pittsburgh… the steel city, my home town. represent!!!

  4. is there any possibility of a list of artists in that first set. lots of funky stuff in there…


  5. Mandrill… Honey Butt… Whew!

  6. Serving em’ up in generous skoops

  7. does anyone know the first track of this fine set?


  8. i dunno who is da first artist, but day-um! dis set is creamin’ good! Fonkified, sanctified, boogieful and has me way on UP!

  9. yeah man!

  10. first track is Mary Clarke – Take Me I’m Yours…

    it’s just been reissued

    anyone know the second?

  11. man this makes me get high.. its blissful listening for my glistening body.. once ive covered myself in oil and started struttin im cooler than cool when i hear these toons.. keeps me well lubricated inside and out.. damn fine muzik… damn fine… indulge yourself by getting way funky …

  12. Hamburg-City sessions with DJ SST

    can someone solve a mystery ? the first track in the set of sst??
    what is it/////
    can anybody heal me from this tracks name …?
    heiko, maybe you???
    thank you

    this set is lovely by the way

  13. @psyreactor: if you mean the loveley ambient instrumental which plays while we announce dj sst : it’s ’14:31′ by global communication taken from their fantastic album ’76:14′. it came out in 1994 and should be available somewhere on the web. the track stefan started with is ‘midnight marauders’ by joe dukie & dj fitchie. thanks for listening, h.

  14. does anyone know anything about the pittsburgh track at 00:13:50?


  15. the second tune? ‘Dance dance Dance’ or ‘Get up and Dance’. Somebody has to know. Thank you.

  16. Marta Acuna – Dance Dance Dance – P + P…

    Soooo rare… just saw one gone of ebay for over $300!

    good luck

  17. thank you, Mark1. You’re right, it only seem to come come out of New York on vinyl. It is on a complation ‘Mood Mosaic Vol.5’ (Supervixens) on cd. Thanks to Luke for that.

  18. well guys….dance dance dance is maybe the rarest disco cut on the planet, but P&P are doing a re issue thing with a lot of there stuff……….watch out for it at the end of the summer!

  19. Wow. rare or not, Dancedancedance is definitly not Patrick Adams&Peter Brown´s strongest record. It´s actually the first time that I´ll get to hear it but I knew that it existed and I´ll buy the reissue anyway:-).

  20. …and what´s the fourth groove? wicked doubled up bass drum…. that´s more my kind of a jam…

  21. a very good listen and RARE ,RARE records Tons ,of early 70 to late 70’s disco .
    NICE MAN ,Those germans know whats up with OLD SKOOL DISCO,
    some quick mixes not for everybody but they go by,fast,


  22. Hi!
    does anyone know the track starting at 18:46? It’s the one starting before L.T.D. -love to the world and it’s called -always there- and there’s a version from Icognito on Talkin’ Loud. But the track in this mix is my favourite! 🙂

    Thank you!


    To Kon and Amir: you guys mix perfect!! And the song selection is almost unbelievable (great!) 😉 I especially like the mix from -always there- to -love to the world-! It is incredible! And the mix at ~32:00 is also superb! Thank’s!!

  23. Props to Kon& Amir! Very nice groovy stuff you set up… I say very nice, very nice … ALSO A BIG UP FOR THE INSTITUTION!!! BETALOUNGE!!! greetz yours betachris

  24. kon and amir need to come out to Australia.
    Can anyone tell me what the tune is between Marta Acuna – Dance Dance Dance and Larry McGee Revolution – The Burg. (??) STOMP (??)
    I’m stoppin in my kitchen frying up mad fish… FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. cybernetic feedback loops a-la philip dick-y with the comment board as uplifting as the music. kon and amir escaping convention like king lear, shakin it like the bard on chicken grease and caipirinhas, or maybe even grits and old grandad. all told i’m sold on the flexible funk masterful approach of this duo’s dynamic exploration of the space between new found freedoms and old struggles of the mind, body and naturally soul, i said soul mutha – shut yo mouth!

  26. the track before l.t.d. – love to the world is side effect – always there

    puh, took me some time to find it. 🙂
    cheers from graz,

    i also got lucky and found the seven inch of soseme makonde – manzara – what a great song. Thank you Kon and Amir for showing me!

  27. any one know the name and artist of the joint after love to the world? It starts at like 22:00 and has a funky ass bass line. I need it ! Big ups to kon and amir for another flawless mix. Much love to beta lounge. peace

  28. I think you are looking for “Fresh Band – come back Lover” on are ‘n be from 1984

    Best from Graz,

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