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Anton Silber


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  1. this one had me raising a glass of cognac in appreciation of the fine things minimalist down beat sets can do for ones digestive system.. moved .. thanks anton.. thanks so much..

  2. hi,
    was ist das für’n dicker depeche mode remix um 2:48? danke für info….

  3. so louge so lounge so downbeat…

    mr silber please post the name of the track at approx. 15:20!!!

    downbeat with trumpet hook… great !!!

    all the best luck and more and more classy sets!!!


  4. To Mikerism:

    Just wanted to know where you live at. I see you listen and comment on the lounge alot.

    Wondered if you’re in SF. I live in St. Louis, MO.

    Peace. DJ HiTTz (Deep Crates Crew) STL

  5. wow, wer ist das ab 01:52:00…toll.

  6. harris my main man.. pleased you are so interested in me.. but if you are thinking of whacking me.. you better buy a ticket to Sydney, Australia… representing the Down Under Posse in full effect.. better go.. i gotta go change the hoofs on my kangaroo that im about to ride to work.. oh and feed my pet koala..
    i see you write alot too.. eloquently might i add..
    be well.. be well monsieur harris..

  7. yo robag, bin zwar nich der anton aber der rmix ist von timo maas und auch auf der aktuellen remix kompilation von depeche mode zu finden.

  8. now I’ve a track question, what the hell is that which is starting on 3:10:00? evil choice…
    by the way, anton silber your set is killing me again. and where is the last set, which you did with this guy from it’s gone 🙁

  9. Hi,

    yes, schanzenklaus, you’re so yummi! 100 points to you for the – Depeche Mode – Enjoy the silence – rmx by Timo Maas. Incredible one, I’ve never listened to Timo Maas before. But anyway, at the end it’s always the magic voice of Dave Gahan.
    The track at 3h10min is done by – Swayzak with Kirsty Hawkshaw – and is called – State of grace -. My last set was lost because a friend has done a Love-Tape for his girlfriend simultaniously. This guy was so full of love, he didn’t realize that my set was being taped during he recorded his tape.

    Betachris! The record you asked for is done by – Cobblestone Jazz – and is called – Carls Creamone – on Itiswhatitis Records No.11

    Hoerstoff! The track you asked for is done by – Noze – and is called – la cantinière – on Karat Records No.14.

    Enjoy, Anton.

  10. This is of the hizzle for shizzle. Hey Mikerism i got your hoofs…….

  11. Right on, Mikerism.

    I would love to come to Austrailia. I don’t have a hit out on you yet. Maybe someday though.

    Mandering… How have you been?

    Wait ’till this Kon and Amir show pops up on the lounge soon, that show was funkay!!!

    The Togetha Brotha Sound System is hot. I got their CD with my newest Beta Lounge Record Club Shipment

  12. Hello folks,

    I like the dj set from Anton Silber a lott.
    Excellent choice of music!!!
    The only negative what i can say is that the mixing skills could be better.

    Greetz to all the musiclovers around the globe!!!

  13. This mix is pure frescura! Anton- may I ask what track is playing at about 1 hour 23 minutes?

  14. Hi,

    1h23min. is – Schad Privat – on FIRM records.
    Hey, what means – frescura – ? Don´t know …


  15. come and visit anytime harrisj .. we can hold hands and listen to betaloune all day long on a beach..
    be well!

  16. Sup Anton? Yep, I feel you on this one. Props to the music makers and to you for sharin` the love. Thankful to the beats by which otherwise may never have been exposed. It’s tracks like 1:27:xx that make my mind tick, my body jerk and before you know it the beat takes my hand str8 to my… Anyone know the name of that track?

  17. 3:10 is hot

  18. très beau set A.S
    toute l’agence apprécie et en redemande
    les charrettes semblent plus courtes…
    merci beta lounge!

  19. Beatin’ da beats is sho nuff sweet nuff’ fo’ me, aye! I am diggin’t da spaces in between da beats, as da pure silence we so often miss, between da beatin’ of our hearts, oh my brethren! Dis is da finest stone-deep music I be hearin’ fo sum time…all HAIL betalounge!!!

  20. Very nice show. Like it a lot. It’s a a good mixture of styles and soooo:p

  21. Killer set Anton… I don’t suppose I could find out the Artist and name of the sick breaks track playing at 49 mins… Would be awesome if I could find out.

  22. hi,

    the track is from – fastgraph – on , the name of the track is – site servey -. It is an older one, dont know, maybe from 2002 …


  23. hi anton,
    killer set. what’s the track starting appr. 00:39:55 ?

    best regards to hamburg,

  24. Hi Cosmo,

    you’re listening to the ‘Jersey Devil Social Club‘ – A tribute to 121 bpm – it appeared on Metro Areas label Environ (Nr.18). I love this track a perfect warm up.


  25. Anton – this set rocks! Been suffering from severe spinal shivers since the clock hit the 1:30 mark. I can’t get over it. You ROCK! Haven’t heard this kinda pumpin’ sensitive artistic tunes in years. Thanx for making my day! No wait… my year!

  26. Anton – only just got round to checking this out! Great set, respect.
    Sorry another tracklisting request I am afraid. (I never tire of someone asking me for a tracklisting, shows you are getting it right and also support)

    1 hr 11 mins – 1 hr – 16 mins.

    Many, many thanks.

  27. the coolest part in this set is at about 2 :22:00. the mix from plastikman to zoot woman gives me the certainity that this guy’s got the same musical socialisation as me – love it!!!

  28. incredible set anton… hope to hear more from your selection!!!!

  29. Hola Rafael,

    whats up. Did you get my mail? I’ve listen to your tracks … very good!


  30. You know this set rocks when you can space out while listening at the office on shitty laptop speakers…i can’t wait to push this set at home. Respect.

  31. Please, what is the track at 38.55. It tickles my fancy. Great set. A tip-top bookmark whenever I need good tunes.

    Many thanks Master Sibler

  32. My apologies I just read the blog. Glad Cosmo and Sibler have my taste, and no doubt everyone elses. killer.

  33. You ever see those photographs of crazy loft spaces in downtown nyc, where the furniture is all designer and a couch is more expensive than a porsche and all the art on the wall is original Jean-Michel Basquiat, and there’s some half-african, half-japanese woman sprawled out on a furry round bed and while she’s looks absolutley stunning you know that she can also cook up a mean steak, and in the background there’s this awesome minimilistic stereo system that is somehow integrated throughout the entire house and it turns on the moment you enter this perfect environment. Do you ever wonder what kind of tunes are played on that system? I’m pretty sure it’s this mix.

  34. Jaimonee – you made me curious.

  35. Listened to this set time after time, for years now and it really is a cracker…

  36. greatness

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