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Bigga Bush, Slope


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Bigga Bush

Dj Honesty / Slope


Glyn “Bigga” Bush is an independent producer from Dorset in the UK. His projects include the Magic Drum Orchestra, Lightning Head and Rockers Hi Fi. The albums available here were previously released on Best Seven, Stereo Deluxe or Lion Head Recordings.

Honesty is a DJ and producer since early nineties. First release happened on the legendary Space Teddy label, followed by releases on Cabinet Records as Honeydrop, Sonic Icons, Soulcamp, Room With A View…..Together with his mate Daniel Paul he is Slope, known for openminded, eclectic music from the heart.


  1. Hairy1 be dig all da groove, but gotta check it, slope kick sum seeeerious ayasssss on the fonky thide of sings….wish i had mo stash, i’d lissen agin’!

  2. not into the breakdown 28 min. give us the jam! if i wanted to hear this i would go to church.

  3. slope ripped it up!

  4. Only just started listening, but Bigga Bush is tearing it up Brummie style.

  5. my god.. i thought i only had one asshole to tear.. but these guys found another one.. thats one hell of a set.. one that can not only provide you with another portal for your bowel, but one that makes it feel good.. bless you for freeing my lower half.. keep it up!

  6. I’ve got nothing but nice things to say about this one. One of the best sets in awhile.

  7. DR TiPSY the BEAT GOOROO DAM GERMANY rocked this SET: CATS is on Piont with the laid back Future DUb type ,SHIT, DONT know the DJ but yes this has to be a 5 star listen and enjoy ,lite it UP.

  8. keep da vibes alive, peace evrybody.

  9. Very nice..

  10. re: minute 28 segment……. I don’t go to church or synagogue but a personally think the withers or womack like track is pretty relavent in these surreal times.

  11. sp -1 relevant.

  12. Anyone out there know the name of the opening track on the BB set?

  13. Bigga rocks!!

  14. nice props to reverend bill withers! good to hear people are listening.

  15. geil!

  16. pervers gail!

  17. Da bush! Da bushiest bush! Lightin’ indeeedy! BIGGAH!!! Bush biggadanmasisahgot!

  18. Amp Fiddler Remix is Bangin’.

  19. anyone know the track before the bill withers sample? i love the airy guitar picking. . .

  20. thats my boy!!!! nuff love FARDA P

  21. love it …

  22. DR Tipsy here yes very good mix the new toy doll of GHOSTFACEKILLA out now with MIX CD that comes inside the Box

  23. Luvvvvv the VERSION version of ‘Sign O’ the Times’ by Prince…who’s doin’ the lyrical on dis one? Anyone? BigUP BiGGABushy!

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