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Constantin Groll, Larris


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  1. quite a nice set for the first 2 hrs. Soulful house not usually my bag but suited the mood for a lazy saturday evening as the sun went down.

  2. i have to thank you for the music. thank you for the beautiful blackness. right on.

  3. nice set whats the name of the first track i love it!!!!????

  4. name of the first track is brighter day from dkd on the future rage album

    cheers from hamburg

  5. My boutique is gonna be soooo much better thanks to these incredible beats! This Rules!

  6. la la la im so happy now im flying and spinning and twirling yeah! whoa.. what a set… whoa! im on a roundabout and my hair is flying and im nodding my head and the sun is shining and im moving in slow motion and the beats make me feel giddy .. yeah! whoa! dig them house sets for putting you right in the picture of a limpwristed film clip… nice work betagang

  7. Beautiful. Can any fan of this set suggest for me some equally soulful sets on the BL.

  8. mikerism, do you ever dislike a show? I’m just wondering. Perhaps you’re just always happy or something. I don’t know.

  9. What is the tune playing out around 1:18. It is a real groove….

    We want more deep-house betalounge!

  10. Yeah, every now and then the non-headliners (Lars Behrenroth and Desneiles and others…) do such kick ass sets. And then we never hear from them again. This is the case in point with Larris- whoever he or she is- really nice deep house set.

    Really, BL, love the hip hop/R&B on here and its great to experiment once in a while with some other stuff, but those happy, optimistic house sets are so great, wish they came up more than once or twice a year.

  11. Okay, love the reggae on here too- seriously, love it all u guys are the best for the last 7 years!!!
    (just one or two optimistic house sets a season? (o: (o: (o: (o: (o:

  12. Amazing……….

  13. Hi lectriclazyland,
    the track is from L`AROYE on faces & phases records / UK and called -be the one-.

  14. hey Redmarxist .. i love you.. and betalounge more so.. yah me be happy, but also love nudity, and its inspired by betalounge.. thats the best thing.. but no, i dont like every set.. but im working on it..

  15. Hi Larris – do you have a setlist? Nice tracks… I would love to know the track that begins about 41:03 or so…


  16. Nicht einfach, aber schwer in den Poschi gehend. Gross!

  17. Hi brian,
    itĀ“s a bootleg from Amelle Larrieux and called 4real.

  18. Larris….you have made a grey, rainy day full of sunshine, smiles and then speaker testers. some very intelligent tunes slotted together with skill, grace & patience….. thanks

  19. larris – excellent set. thanks a lot!
    what about your last track? appreciate details, just love this tune.

  20. the last track of Larris set ( around 2:10h ) is
    Kerri Chandler – Bar A Thym – Nitegrooves

    ( or were you inquiring for the last track of the whole show? that’s The Tamlins – Baltimore )

  21. blissful listening …

    D, Oz

  22. @ Constantin: exactly what i was looking for – thanks a lot!

  23. i had sex for the entire lengh of this set! She was sooooo giving šŸ™‚

  24. One of my all-time favorites! Anybody know the track around 2:04ish?

  25. Hi tellio,
    itĀ“s the Charles Webster track / rmx on the buzzin fly vol 1 vinyl.

    best larris

  26. Do you ever have one of those moments when you first wake up, and it hits you that you’ve overslept and you’ve missed that important meeting with your boss and now you’ll have to scramble to get there and apologize, and you forgot to do your laundry and oh my god what the hell am i going to do… and then you realize that it’s sunday morning, and you have a strange beautiful woman sleeping beside you and all of that was just a bad dream. So you slip back under the warm covers, and snuggle up against the half-naked goddess beside you, and as you fall asleep a small, sheepish grin forms on your face.

    this mix is that grin.

  27. i have been diggin on this one since it debuted. check my earlier post from a year ago

  28. Yeah! Yeah! Hot damn – that was an amazing few hours!!!!!

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