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Tanzhalle Allstars [Jan Krüger, Daugther Erben, Deine Villa]


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  1. DAMN, nice sets!!!
    Just the mixingskilss could somethimes been better, but the music WHOOW i love it!!!
    Thanks Tanzhalle Allstars and Betalounge.


  2. Solid, minimal, housey techno… A refreshing break from the nu-jazz, broken beat and dub that beta lounge has been doing a lot of recently (all of which is good, there is just a lot of it)…

  3. yes the mixing skill should be improved (minimal :b) Your music selection is amazing! masybe you can provide me your playlist for this music set, greetings from Portugal (Algarve-Olhão)

  4. tick tock tick tock, perfect minimal soundz

  5. Hi,
    Clap Clip Clap Clip!
    Lets go, 2 other loops and we have a minimal song!
    Perfekt track list for Tanzhalle Allstars!

  6. what’s the track at 2:09 really nice…please someone help

  7. ihr seit halt die chef rocker…so siehts aus!

    jetzt sind erstmal die anderen dran

    salto, rock & riesling


  8. Great selection guys, well done…. 🙂

  9. welcome back in rotation guys….

  10. und um 3:33 was ist das für’n schönes ding?

  11. This type of mix is overdue! Quality deep minimal techno/house. lay back, skin up and drift

  12. does anybody recognize any tracks? only thing i know so far is Lowtec – In fail we trust
    if you know any tracks i’d appreciate it… love the sets

  13. Pretty sure tthe track around 23 mins is KB Project on Elevate, b side to ‘The Syphony (can you feel it)’ but i can’t remember the title

  14. ‘Warped’ i think it’s called, and 55 mins has a sample from Vincent Gallo’s ‘When’ album on Warp if that helps anyone

  15. quality! I have been listening in since 2002 and this is my fav so far. Rightly said that this style has been sadly missing over recent beta lounge months. I am not even going to bother trying to pick out tunes to identify. This kinda mix is what sets mr dj apart from the bedroom spinner. Can anyone point me to similar style mixes here on the beta lounge. In 3 years i dont think i have got through a 3rd of the mixes here. Which reminds me beta lounge massive. Would be helpful to log mixes into a favourates file as you browse so you can come back to them easily. Or at least give a style description next to the name. One for the technical team i think. Biltricks out. Back to my cooking and grooving.

    like dat shit, it’s a pity i wasn’t there at betalounge hamburg that evening…

    rock on

  17. Im listening to this mix for the second time and im liking it more and more… Keep it up! 🙂

  18. does anybody by any chance know the track beginning at ~ 0:26:00?

  19. Great set nice selection
    Does anybody know the track around 55 56mn ?

  20. my leiderhosen went beserk during this set.. why? i dont know.. tanzhalle allstars make my leiderhosen want to prance and move and leap.. thanks to all the stars..

  21. hi everyone,
    nice to hear that you like the music of the tanzhallen allstars. if you’re interested to get the titles of my first part let me know and send an email to

    p.s. tomlingham you’re right the track around 23 mins is KB Project on Elevate
    Special 1 with the title “Warped” and the record around 55 mins is Inducive – Pick It Up EP

    greetz, jan

  22. hello
    did anybody receive the tracklist from jan? i mailed him but got no answer :-/
    if anybody should have it please send it to me: jakob(at)
    thanks and greetings

  23. Hi Soundsliker,

    ein nettes Set habe ich hier von euch vernommen. Cool!!! Erinnerst du dich an die Party im Pudel mit Lawrence?? Da hast du Flyer verteilt und hast ‘nen Bekannten aus D’dorf getroffen. Wenn du mal ‘nen Support aus D’dorf brauchst, meld dich einfach mal!! die Nummer müsstest du haben…

    Grüsse von der längsten Theke der Welt :-))

  24. damn i like it… playing it over and over again 🙂 and i mean the whole thing! respect to the tanzhalle allstars!

  25. unbelievable! this is a great set. I agree, this type of music has been missing from the lounge for a while now. Props to the Allstars! Can’t wait for the next show.

  26. ooooooohhhhhhhhhh yyyeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!, what a mix! This is definitly one of my favority BL session. Hope you book this guys again.

    God save Beta Lounge!

  27. Killer shit!!! loooove it

  28. ja wahnsinn…..da ist ja ein song geiler wie der andere…grit, olski und jan let there be electro!

    so dirty kai

  29. hI,


  30. Absolutes Dope das sett Block Rocking Beats yeah baby Yeah thanks for this awesome sett :))))

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