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DJ Spinna, Lars Behrenroth, Ian Simmonds


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Crammed Discs
Global House Connection
Dj Spinna


  1. After just two minutes listening i felt really lucky because the first track that was played made me guess what’s going 2 come over me in the following four hours…Good Music!

  2. Chill. Where can I get more?

  3. Anyone have an ID for the track that’s playing at 50 minutes in?

  4. Ill at firs…bad shrooms? BUT den blastin’ wit d-fonk, say whutsa word? Thunderbird! Wassa price? Fitty twice! Vas da action? Satisfaction…pure beta lounge bliss, swutsssup….

  5. sup brian.. track at min50 is BMF feat. Swamburger ‘Steel Contraption’ on Eighth Dimension Rec. .. totally slept on that record until I heard a friend play it in Berlin .. man .. what a track .. maybe see you soon 🙂 peace, lb ps. thanks again to everyone @ the betalounge for the opportunity to play for a third time already!

  6. I am still in Lars Berhenroth set, excellent selection as always, gives some color to my dull engineering studies, sweet

  7. What is that track about 18 minutes in Lars? That’s nice. Whole set is way nice. Many thanks.

  8. very good set for ian simmonds, eclectik world music very fine!!! terrible….

  9. wow! good to see people keeping house alive! Nice sets. More shows like this in the future,please! out with the booty, out with the dub! More house please!

  10. around 18mins is Ben Mono w/ Capital A ‘Transmission’ on Compost Rec. the one right after is a new track I did entitled ‘Are you Sure?’ lb.

  11. Hey, Does anyone know what the first track on this is? Much thanx.

  12. I’m feeling this set!!! i think the very first tune is Dimlite – Back To The Universe (but knowing what i am like i may be wrong!!!)

  13. rrrrrrrrrrright | damn | good stuff

  14. holy shit?! could this be the best set on betaliunge for pure funktified fun? my crotch says yes, my head moves on a rubber neck, and my ass wiggles in time to the beats.. whoa! Mr Spinna if it wasnt inappropriate id touch you.. nice work..

  15. right on. thanks betalounge.

  16. I bet this is a really good set, now if I could just stop myself from listening to the first track, over and over again.

  17. Lars, Are you playing in Chicago anytime soon?

  18. the first track is from dimlite! it´s from the album runbox weathers… greetz!


  20. What’s playing @ 2:27:00, the spinna set? Killer, Diller, sheik ur butt!

  21. 2:46:00 what is that song?

  22. soundelight {thankyou}

  23. first. what a cool mix, congratulations i love it. then. i need the name of the treck starts at 22:11 at the spinna set. it´s very importent, so please. thanks

  24. hi, does anyone know what the last track of spinna is called? the nirvana piano remix? thx a lot

  25. morimorimorimori

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