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Egon [Stones Throw], Hawkeye, Turnvadder


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on april the 5th 2005 egon from stones throw and madlib da bad kid spent an interview day in hamburg to promote the forthcoming quasimoto album . we couldn’t resist to invite ’em to play a show. it was a tuesday but who cares? they were into the idea and so we sent out some mails an text messages to spread the word and finally people started to show up that night from 08.00pm om. an hour later the place was packed. our very own turnvadder warmed tings up with some supadeep jazz tunes and after one and a half (at 1:33:18 to be exactly) egon the man took over. what followed was nothing but incredible. egon dropped a devil of a selection. heavy ‘n deep funkbiz, excellent stuff all the way. meanwhile madlib was havin’ a good time hangin out behind the decks diggin’ egons selection. some 70 minutes later egon passed the needles to the man hawkeye who finished the night with a great old skool hip hop and funk selection. this was an amazing show and a night to remember for sure. shout outs to rene at sureshot for hookin’ us up and makin’ this happen.

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  1. I am very into this set, I’ve listened to it twice now. I think the set starts off perfectly and the mellow mood and vibes continue throughout. Well done! Playlist would be great, even if for the first hour only.

  2. the jazzsession was great. i agree with the playlist request.

  3. here’s the tracklisting for the first 1 1/2 hours, thanks for listening – heiko aka turnvadder Pharoah Sanders – Harvest Time (India Navigation Records) Sun Ra – Sleeping Beauty (Art Yard) David Axelrod – Holy Thursday (Capitol) Cal Tjader – Leyte (Verve) Herbie Hancock – Tell Me A Bedtime Story (Warner) George Benson – No Sooner Said Than Done (CTI) Donald Byrd – Fancy Free (Blue Note) Walt Dickerson – Death & Taxes (New Jazz) Clifford Jordan – Maimoun (Strata East) Bobby Hutcherson – Effi (Blue Note) Paul Horn – Mirage For Miles (Columbia) Yusef Lateef – Chinq Miau (Prestige)

  4. Hi everybody, this is the setlist for my mix. You can reach me through dj-hawkeye(AT) or my website Also check out the page of my recording home Melting Pot Music. It’s DJ Olski’s label and you can reach it under He got a shop where you can buy some of the records that I played. Peace Falk-Hawkeye-Schacht —————————————————————————————— 2:40:27 Stereo M.D. & D.J. Weasul The Funkiest (in the world) (House Jam West Rekords) 2:43:.30 Pharrel Williams feat. Jay Z – Frontin’ (Dela Jazzcrate Mix – Milkcrate Records) 2:47:12 Royal House – The Journey (Warlock Records) 2:48:41 Side FX – Rhyme Animal (Remix) (Nastymix Records) 2:51:02 Cheeky – Electric Boogie Boots (Emi Electrola) 2:52:25 Tuff Crew – She Rides The Pony (Hardcore Mix) (Warlock Records) 2:54:29 Eric B & Rakim – Let The Rhythm Hit ’em (Brixton Upso Mix) (MCA Records) 2:56:45 DJ Day- What Planet What Station (Milk Crate Records) 2:58:47 Side FX – Soon As The Beat is Felt (Nastymix Records) 3:00:05 Krown Rulers – Paper Chase (Regular Mix) (Warlock Records) 3:01:18 Lemon Curry Gangsters & Hawkeye Pierse – Chicken Sphinx (Battle Of The Year 2004 OST – Dominance Records) 3:05:19 ?????? – Previously Unreleased (Melting Pot Music / 3:08:47 Tyree Glenn Jr. – Marler Eintopf (German Version of Memphis Soul Stew) (Blind Man Records) 3:10:43 Hawkeye – Monkey Hustle (Battle Of The Year 2004 OST – Dominance Records) 3:13:41 Blooblo – Ice Cream Man (Opal Records) 3:15:20 DJ Brisk Fingaz – Fighting The System (Battle Of The Year 2004 OST – Dominance Records) 3:17:53 Hawkeye – Still Jivin’ (Demo Mix) (Melting Pot Music / 3:21:38 Cozy Powell – And Than There Was Skin (RAK Records) 3:23:58 Klaus Doldinger – Zimmer Frei-Uno Nähe (WEA) 3:26:07 Isley Brothers – The Highways Of My Life (Epic) 3:29:37 Uschi Brüning – Hochzeitsnacht (VEB Amiga) 3:31:45 Tyree Glenn Jr. – S.O.S. (Blind Man Records) 3:33:00 Hawkeye – Kool Keith is Poppa Brass (Previously unreleased) 3:34:54 Theo Schumann Combo – Hackepeter (VEB Amiga)

  5. The set lists are EXCELLENT! Thank you for takin the time to post them. I got a lot of music to buy now….

  6. groszes kino, heiko ich war dabei !

  7. wow, what an amazing show! stones throw is, and has been, coming out with some of the best hip hop of the last ten years. very nice sets from turnvadder and hawkeye. much respect to all involved for a mind blowing session.

  8. hey hey hey.. how hot is that ‘ip to tha ‘op section.. if i wasnt wearing pants at the time i think i would have scared the people around me off with my unashamed excitement.. i was able to channel the love of a beautiful man and woman and make my body writhe with pleasure.. when eric b and his homeboy rakim hit the mics at 2.54 i went beserk.. i couldnt stop fist pumping and making cool jerky head movements.. this is one of the all time great sets..

  9. nice show overall….everyone killing it. falk, ich hab dich neulich im beim booomshakalaka im kassa übrigens auch gehört, war ganz nett, wenn auch die stimmung irgendwie hing, fand ich. überraschend, wie langsam man den dela-mix von frontin doch spielen kann 😉 besten aus jena, meikel_neit aka The Reverend

  10. Served up with some biscuits and gravy !! Peace to the Stones Throw diggahs – keep diggin ! Infact top selections from all present – well done Beta cru !

  11. When I did the mix I couldnt tell the name of the band and the songs nema because we hadnt found it yet. But know we got a name for the Band and the song. Which means that 3:05:19 Imperial Breed – Horny Pipin’ Bats (Previously unreleased) (Melting Pot Music / The track will be released in Japan on a Melting Pot Music compilation in august. At the end of this year it will also be a 7 inch single on MPM. The Track Still Jivin’ will also be released around june/august on MPM. It will be a 12 inch from the Soul Strut Compilation that MPM is releasing later this year. Thats a compilation with music by dudes who are posting on the forum. The version you hear in my mix is a demo ruff mix of that track. The mixed and newly arrangend version will be on the 12 inch. Peace Hawkeye check

  12. oh God! i had been searching all while something that’ll keep my mind at ease & mellow ..and this mix just put about everything perfectly perfect in place in my mind. thankyou so much.

  13. super funkster Egon does it again (more funk please))) Totaly afternoon if ya know what i mean,,,

  14. ah! this set is the soundtrack to a perfect spring day here on the southern most tip of africa, Cape town city sends shout outs to all the stones throw heds on planet earth.

  15. yeah, this is pretty damn good. music to help me fall back in line into music lovin’ … thank you

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