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Egon [Stones Throw], Hawkeye, Turnvadder


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on april the 5th 2005 egon from stones throw and madlib da bad kid spent an interview day in hamburg to promote the forthcoming quasimoto album . we couldn’t resist to invite ’em to play a show. it was a tuesday but who cares? they were into the idea and so we sent out some mails an text messages to spread the word and finally people started to show up that night from 08.00pm om. an hour later the place was packed. our very own turnvadder warmed tings up with some supadeep jazz tunes and after one and a half (at 1:33:18 to be exactly) egon the man took over. what followed was nothing but incredible. egon dropped a devil of a selection. heavy ‘n deep funkbiz, excellent stuff all the way. meanwhile madlib was havin’ a good time hangin out behind the decks diggin’ egons selection. some 70 minutes later egon passed the needles to the man hawkeye who finished the night with a great old skool hip hop and funk selection. this was an amazing show and a night to remember for sure. shout outs to rene at sureshot for hookin’ us up and makin’ this happen.

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