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Jake & Friends


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Nothing could describe this better as Jake’s own website. Go ahead and try the link to find out what’s it all about…


  1. im just beginning to listen slowly to the set and its going to be one of my favourites, the guys are very very good and the beats are contemporary enough to pay a sure listen to jake and friends
    go on push the real audio…quickly
    they are hot and the sound is clean and fresh
    and full of knowledge
    love it very much

  2. oh my god… great

  3. It´s making my sunday more sunny than what I expected…
    Keep on going

  4. Not had a set this enjoyable on Beta Lounge for some time. Good stuff!

  5. at about 4 hours into the set there’s someone rapping — does anyone know if this is the Meteorites? Damn fine stuff and hopefully it is ’cause I can’t get enough Meteorites!!!!

  6. checkfly on the diggity!2:30 into it….rollin thunder roll your ass into austin, texas my friend. we are in need of a serious rockout w/ some pristine spinnin. fukyea….the red fez on 5th st is where it’ll be at…

  7. @kingsnake: it’s jake on the mic. if you’re into his stuff check his debut album ‘jake the rapper’ out now on combination records (

  8. laying it like PHAT bacon on a hot grill

  9. Nice selections. But, um..what’s up with the horse gallop mixes? Diggin the hip hop classics.

  10. too much *** *** paperwork, lol. that dude ain’t right. the first 2 hours are ultra nice by the way…


  11. Agreein’ wit da bacon statement…phat as all dat…skeered my cat, but put mah lady in da moooood…

  12. what track is at 1:10 minutes with the melody ?
    nice stuff !!

  13. i so want to be one of jakes friends.. they make nice music and arouse me in ways i cant explain in this forum.. but, the best thing of all is how i feel all good and touch myself in time to the beats.. a set of many faces, delicious beats and all over body tingling good times.. i wish i could be jakes friend…

  14. ok mike, I’ll be your friend.
    but next time bring chips and beer.

  15. COOL LIKE DAT sounds butter Baby..VERY WELL MIXED HEARD PHARCYDE ,,SUPA KAT,DON DADA,and Classic Hip-Hop round 1995-97,,
    CHECK IT with a Friend or with your GIRLY Friends,
    DR TiPSY
    5 stars ,PEEP this MIX trust Me ,,
    my site

  16. word jake… youre on.. they be poker chips, potato chips, or the very often maligned kumera chips?

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