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Dimlite, Irfan, Rumpff


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  1. the track at 2:34:00 is?

    is this irfan of ‘just a little lovin’ fame?

  2. so i got the irfan answer…so how about that track at 2:34:00?????????????????????

  3. It is not Irfan’s Just a Lil lovin for sure, but I don t know what is that one.

    Good luck.

  4. ok…postings unclear. 2 seperate questions, not a 2 part question.

    i know the song isn’t irfan, i was asking if the billing of irfan was of ‘just a little lovin’ fame, and was also askin what that song is…..

    sorry for the confusion.

  5. it’s ‘dust’ by recloose feat. joe dukie, out now on peacefrog..

  6. wow.. just done this through and i feel at ease with myself.. funky sets like these make me want to cover myself in honey and go to a puppy farm! good times! excellent work on this set..

  7. Got a promo of the Dimlite album a couple of weeks ago, and have been playing it on my breakfast show, check
    Top production from Dimlite in a cut n paste stylie …..
    Find Joe Dukie and friends at – Recloose is living in their hood these days – ‘Dust’ cant help but move !

  8. anyone knows which is the track at around 2:09:00? KILLER deep house track… sounds like an Omar S bit or something…

  9. Hey,
    the track at 2:09 is by kuniyuki and the one at 2:39 by the reel people
    hope you liked the set
    dirk rumpff

  10. So Middle East…middle-east L.A. dat iz….girlfren sez it makes her see in paisley…I jest showered, am fresh ‘n fresh groovin’ stone low too…dats da way dis music was born!

  11. THE last one ?
    who is this?


  12. anyone know when dimlite’s section starts?

  13. dimlite must be the first one….
    all his songs, and logically the order must be the one written… Dimlite, Irfan, Rumpff.. i guess.

  14. i love the first 2 hours of this set, there are two many tracks to ask about it, but what is the beautiful track at about 1:50:00 – 1:57:00…

    Please help me, does anybody know it.

  15. I have to make a presentation for my exam next week. Hearing this music nearby, makes [it]/[everything] easier! Thanks BL, i am feeling this!!!

    Best wishes from bavaria…

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