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Pete Panic [video]


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  1. only 34 minutes in and this incredible hip hop mix is making my work morning fly by…see -35 minutes.

  2. Hi, does somebody know the track around 01:55:00. Hope i can get help. very funky! Great sets, both hip-hop and house

  3. gotta say Pete ….
    tasty az … selectah !!

  4. Great show! Does anybody know the track from 06:00,0 onwards? Unbelievable atmosphere !

    Could you please help me?! I’m in a fever of expectation.



  5. MD Angel:

    the track around 1:55 is breakout from john tejada. hell yeah this one is funky…


  6. i love long hard sets, and i love slow loving sets and then theres the quicky sets and of course the up against the wall sets.. this is good sets..

  7. Quirky, sexy and warming.

    Anyone know the track with the haunting strings which go off at 1:15:00 sec??

    Blessings to those who do!

  8. Rude show…ive been crankin it all week.

  9. Nice set…upbeat and a great vibe can’t wait to hear more…

  10. What does the tunes sound to you starting at 1:56 do you think it is sorta broken beatz?
    other than that great tunes some of tunes have some good innovative sample beatz and ways of ryming them together.

  11. oh maybe it ismore like broken beat – minimal house mashup

  12. alles dabei. hiphop, elektronisches und ein paar funky sounds.
    ne playlist wär ‘ der wahnsinn, so wie bei der clubnight.
    wenn euer budget das her gibt, wäre wieder ein arbeitsplatz geschaffen…
    und ne menge begierige betalounger mächtig erfreut.

  13. Mellownisss wit funky overtones, like butter on da bread, keepin’ it on all day fo sho!
    Hey BetaLounge: Mo JAZZY stuff is fine so fine wit me!

  14. pete panic empfiehlt:


    donnerstag, 21.04.05, beginn: 19.00 uhr

    ein musikalischer trip durch breakbeat, funk, soul, dub, jazz, triphop, electro und hiphop

    die reservoir dogs laden ein zu einem abend satter grooves – elektronisch produzierte beats, die live an einer midi-audio-workstation zusammengefügt, gesteuert und mit effekten versehen werden, zaubern zusammen mit gesang, rap, gitarre,trompete, saxophon, klarinette und turntables einen atmosphärischen sound.
    die optische kulisse bildet ein live-videomix von niels lightstroem.

    den rest des abends gestalten die djs buzz-t (the fingerprints) und pete panic mit loungigen bis tanzbaren tunes, also aufgepasst!

    it’s dat electric funk, baby…

  15. coming in around 2:14:00…a little dirty white brain…finds itself ricocheting off low flat cloud covers and back to me: a prism of light from it’s dirty darkness. color me. what is that track? and not to have singled out just one…for the second third of this set steam rolls me…as it segues into one. one. step into your. subconscious…and beyond. happiness explodes. i am in motion.

  16. That track that starts at about 2:21 definately took one or two steps too far into my subconscious..
    I´m in urgent need to know who did that one. Any help? Pete?
    Apart from that: been listening to this set 5 times within 24 hours. Thanx a lot..

  17. yeahbaby yeah,

    gut gemacht petethebeatpanic. is ja sogar jazz dabei… 🙂
    die minimalen geschichten gefallen mir sehrsehr gut.

    bis neulich

  18. any one know where to find more mix from this guy?

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