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Ole Harms


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  1. me gusta mucho!

  2. finally someone like Ole, one of the few modest record agents you will ever meet in the Schanze, is exactly what really was missing at the Beta L for a long time
    pure records from an era where people used a paper and a pen to express the vibe
    At the end of the day
    simplicitiy is what
    we all look for straight from the heart
    Big Shoutouts also to the rest of the Rekord Team

  3. Nice Mellow jazzy beats LOVE IT. This is why i look forward to new upcoming shows guys keep up the good work. All the way from the Mid West to Hamburg people have to enjoy this type of flavor filled music. STL

  4. ole! i say lets get underway with the whole nudity thing.. this set is soooo goood to take your clothes off too.. especially if you do it really really slow.. its got everything in it for a 4 hour fiesta of fun! why wait? start with your shirt, its cool.. i endorse it.. its all about ole’s amazing track selection.. i tried not to use my nappy, but i was so excited i had to.. listen.. do it.. now.. go on… xxooxoxoxo

  5. exactly the kind of music for such a day in the office, still living in the memory of impeccable sweetness that was last night….

  6. Respect to your Rekord crate – some tasty gems bro !!!

  7. It’s time to start the Beta Lounge revolution! Set lists should be mandatory. It’s not ok to tease my ears with such sweet, melifluous melodies and then provide the ultimate cock-block when I go out into the wide, wide world to try and score the album for myself. Help!

  8. oh my god the 48th min! who’s this? thanx

  9. hi salva
    it is a B52’s track from the album mesopotamia called deep sleep.

  10. nice set. smooth, well-crafted and quite deep at times.

  11. Yeah, I agree with everyone here, this is some deep, late-night, forget whatever it was I was thinking about earlier music.

    And it’s the type of set that begs for a track list, a lot of gems here that would be worth picking up.

    One of the most skilled, well-rounded, knowledgeable sets I’ve heard around here. Keep up the rightousness.

  12. cheers guys, really nice work

  13. hej. what’s the very first song in the intro? i get so sentimental…

  14. yeah the first track can you tell who it is????/please thanxxx.

  15. hi
    first track is at last i am free by chic

  16. been to BL several times over the last couple of years, but just tuned in for first time this week, been staying at home a lot since then catching up on some of the stuff i’ve been missing. Great stuff. Probably see some of you tomorrow. Bis dann, Alan.

  17. what an awesome set!

  18. ultra beautiful … takk fyrir …

  19. This is so amazing I have to comment again … This is like transcendental meditation … This set should come with an astral travel guide …

  20. Outstanding sounds.
    I’m still searching but it’s the best set at the Beta Lounge so far.

    Looking for more.

  21. agreeeeed.
    Been listening to this set for years! Will continue over and over.
    Best soul, blues, reggae, hip hop, gazer? (for lack of knowing correct terms for older stuff)
    What is song at 2:10:24 ? !!
    Can\’t find it after much searching šŸ™
    Ole does amazing job of carrying you. Only one set of footprints!

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