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Roskow Kretschmann (Sygaire / Jazzanova)


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Major props to Jazzanova’s Roskow Kretschmann for delivering an amazing full spectrum kinda session. Two hours of classic material, latest stuff and future classics from all across the board. Highly recommended. The Sonar Kollektiv crew just started a monthly clubnight in Hamburg, so watch out for further Sonar Kollektiv artists to appear on forthcoming shows.

Sonar Kollektiv



  1. wow…ich bin der erste… Beste Grüsse an Roskow und Claas und die Betalounge Leude und überhaupt. Al-Haca’s Christian aka (da war doch mal was…) Microfish/Sonarkollektiv…jaja.

  2. good jaysus, bless us and save us! this is an intriguing one indeed. only 3 minutes in and i am completely loving this german dude singing beautifully about something being ‘geil’? lovely horns. languid garmonies on the piano. what a voice! who would have thought that german could sound so good, so intriguing?? the language of Goethe indeed. whats he singing about? Can anyone let me know who this geezer is?

  3. I love stuff like this – it helps dissolve all the horrors of being in an office. More!

  4. sweet stuff

  5. I’m open minded, but some of this is …..

  6. open your heart to the hapsburg and teutonic codes as you decipher the beats and rhymes and noises of the uber bowel of roskow.. you give me the urge to work with the people for the people … it gets me all the way down to the first hole from the back of my neck.. thank you..

  7. Beautiful beautiful soulful music from the masters of the sound, Jazzanova. So nice to hear sets that can embrace the whole spectrum from people who obviously apperciate good music regardless of classification or labels. Does anyone know the name of the record at about 32.00? Thank you beta lounge

  8. ich vermisse immer noch das set von anton silber, war nur kurz online und ist nun wieder verschwunden?

  9. @defekt: asche auf unser haupt, durch eine klassiche aneinandereihung unguenstigstger umstaende ist die zweite haelfte der letzten anton silber show fuer immer verloren. ich weiss nicht ob du die show mal komplett gehoert hattest, etwa ab der haelft laufen zwei sets uebereinander. das backup von der silber show existierte zum zeitpunkt als uns selbiges auffiel leider bereits nicht mehr. man haette natuerlich zumindest die erste haelfte wieder ins archiv packen koennen, aber der gute anton war mit der ganzen sache eh nicht so richtig zufrieden, daher spielt er einfach in kuerze nochmal…sorry! h.

  10. Thanks Roskow. Beautiful stuff. Thank you Betalounge. Please, please someone tell me what played at 1:02:10. Much Love from Brooklyn, Brandon the Afrobot

  11. Wow Roskow is off the hook! If someone knows the track which is palyed at 1:11:20 i’d be glad to know 2! That’s one of the dopest songs i’ve ever heard 😀

  12. stretching my soundbuds around sub-genre’s i would’ve otherwise ignored. well done.

  13. Sessions that keep you locked in all the way are as rare as rocking horse sh*t and this is it! 2’s up on what Afrobeat asks – what is that tunage at 1:02?????

  14. Apologies: I meant ‘afrobotic’

  15. heyho, i urgently need to know artist name and titel from the fantastic turkish jazz tune in the beginning (the 2nd or 3rd track). and if you have: the release date (sounds like 70ties….). thanks for ya help and also for the great show! one, tjchecker

  16. doper than dope………..

  17. Does anyone know the track at 52:47?

  18. @afrobotic & yobear: new stuff by dimlite to be released soon on sonar kollektiv.. @ flex2: new stuff by fat freddy’s drop to be released soon on sonar kollektiv.. @ cbossen: caetano veloso – ‘it’s a long way’…

  19. brilliant.

  20. does anyone know the track on this set around 1:05:41 please need to know

  21. and is there anyway of getting a show on cd?

  22. I played this set into my office and had everyone nodding their heads, asking where the hell I got it from! Of course I porpped Betalounge and Herr Krerschmann. I really like the blend of international jazzy beats and grooves. Playlist is essential!! Peace unto all….

  23. Not sure but the track starting about 1.02 sounds a lot like Prefuse 73. Might be wrong though…

  24. as mentioned before, the track startin at 01.02 is by dimlite, it’s taken from his forthcoming 12 to be released soon on sonar kollektiv. also watch out for his next album, excellent stuff. check the sonar kollektiv website for further details…

  25. good news: the dimite track has just been released on 21st of march, it’s a remix of ‘back to the universe’…

  26. kool groovin’ shayeet…also, don’t waste yo time on those BLACKSPOT shoes…they took six months to send me sum lame-ass sneaks, wuz too small, no red dots…BULLSHEEEEET!!! ‘n now, back to da jamz…thank ye, beta lounge godz!!!

  27. Great stuff, and yes the Dimite track is awesome!

  28. eutychus :: Mar 21, 2005 :: 9:28 PM and is there anyway of getting a show on cd? you can record it on line with wire tap pro and burn your own cd….if you have a cd burner….. wire tap pro is like 20 bucks…….do a search on line for it……….

  29. Allder… ich fall in Essen… kann mir mal bitte irgendjemand sagen von wem der Track ist, der von 00:12:15 – 00:15:45 läuft??? B I T T E !!! ____________________________________________________________ Aus gegebenen Anlass: Betalounge, ihr seid die absolute Nummer 1 in Sachen Online-Radio-Shows!!! Habt Dank für die vielen. vielen Jahre allerfeinster Musik…! Greetz

  30. anyone know the name of that track starting at around 12:15? right around the beginning, sick ass jazz baSSLINE… Please lemme know if ya’ll know it.

  31. GORGEOUS track at 01:23, can anyone help out with naming title and artist ??? please !!!

  32. OH YESSS!! Eargasm Achieved!!! ~ Deep, intoxicating grooves – someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a playlist ASAP!! – I’ve just GOTTA know the awesome disco track at 28:00 after luther vandross sings as well as a number of other trax in this set. Snugalug wants to cuddle up next to these grooves without signing online to do it !! ~*~ Much love from Albany, Ny

  33. Roskow is setting the bar for DJ’s…one word for this session, CHRONIC.

  34. Wow, checked it out agin 2-nite, and dis is STILL my fav-o-raht BETALOUNGE set up in here for weeekz…a soul comet, better’n a quicky in da backseat of mah fawd stang at da drive in, si?

  35. At about ’55 a crazy Omar track rocks da house, I’ve been searching for a while…

  36. Sorry, it starts at 42, it worth listening. What’s the followin track from 46 to 50?

  37. YEIIHAAA! Keep up the good work. The track from 46-50 rules the world! Anyone know the name?

  38. Beautiful ….

  39. you guys………….top toons roza nice one top one get sorted x

  40. it just gets better and better . tune at 1;02 tune at 1;06 tune at 1;10 tunes tunes tunes!!!! thanx beta

  41. This is serious exploratory Soul – nu, old, bossa, ska, – all linked with big bottoms in the bass, some fine harmonies, nasty horns and fat-ass beats. This bad boy sneaks up on you after a couple of listens and you groove on it more and more. Thank you RK and BL for sharing the real deal!

  42. Great set! msical journey through many avenues of the past, present and future!

  43. whats the tune at 55

  44. Eh, what’s the track name that starts at 50? Would really like to know. Excellent set, though.

  45. What language is that guy singing in at 4th min?

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