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Rueftata 110


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  1. not everything has to be funky, bangin, dope, smashing, killing, upbeat, handbaggy or lovely.. try this dirty, long, minimialist, strung out junkie esque set on for size… punch a cone and stare at a wall and listen..

  2. Nice, moments of clarity mix , alittle bit of a distorted reality,falling back into mainstream society ( hip hop) and ending up with stars of infinity

  3. Who’s that german rapper at that dubbytrack around 1:45, he’s hilarious!whats that track called? anyone?

  4. or is it just a mix?, i just read about the hoerspielpart below..

  5. mikerism, you are a hilarious dude. i value your contributions to betalounge and invariably litent to the sets you have comments on.

  6. moin ralf,

    sach mir mir doch bitte mal von wem das ist:
    ..wir haben doch keine zeit, warum seit ihr noch hiiiär…
    und das mit dem ….randstein,.. (so bei 1.52)

    oder besser wo ich das herbekomme.
    ich hab dich schonmal im pudel drauf angeschnack und
    du sagtest irgendeinem label und es würde im dez 04 rauskommen?!


  7. seit 00:51 weiss ich endlich warum ich in hamburg wohne..danke…..beginner oder?

    meruci rüfftata für den völlig irren mix….

    crrrrrazyness everywhere….

  8. manuel,

    pudel produkte eins gibts beim vinyl dealer deines vertrauens oder im pudel !


  9. i don’t speak german, and am generally mistrustful of people speaking german while i’m in the room when they know i don’t understand what they’re saying. since realplayer doesn’t work that way, though–i.e., the performers are no longer performing and are probably sleeping something off right now, and plus even if they were performing now they couldn’t see me–this is pretty dope, relaxing ish.

  10. What’s the song at around 1:56 with the ticking clock in the background? It’s on some older sets too, but I can’t find them anymore.

    And it’s nice to see another more explorative set. Nice for nightime mental aerobics.

  11. ralf played a cool hamburg city session, wonderful !!!

    10 YEARS MFOC !!!

  12. 01:52

    Jacques Palminger & Viktor Marek – Tüdeldub – Pudel Produkte Eins The last piece is one of the best songs on this record, if you asked the artists who did it. These are Jacques Palminger, one of the most important master of ceremonies in Belgium, where he comes from. He and Viktor Marek again, our Japanese figurehead, do the Tüdeldub, which is a relaxed exotic way to stroll through nightlife with a good intelligent comment.

  13. simonmcdonnell! you are a true believer.. you know the betalounge is for good times and i appreciate all your support! keep the listenin alive! and comments to!
    everyone else should just dig the beats and get real slow and sexy…

  14. Sweet! Thanks, and keep it up.

  15. kann mir jemand sagen, wessen stimme das ist ab ca. 01h10min ( gebrösel-laber ) ??? ich glaube sie zu kennen, komme aber nicht darauf und jetzt wurmt´s mich…

    tolle geschichten! danke

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