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Smith n Hack


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  1. I never do this… I’m not a Dj, I don’t even like dub that much usually, but if anyone can tell me the what the track at 2:17 is, I’d be greatful… I must have listened to it 10 times in a row, it’s so short…


  2. smithey and hock were good.. real good.. like the time you first discovered porno but slightly more eclectic … so i listened and tapped my toes and touched myself.. all about the good times.. and the eclectic beats..

  3. hmmm listening now… I’ve been a fan of these guys for a while and have all of their solo and joint records… I’d like to see these guys over here in the Eastern US.

    and how could you like dub?

  4. haven’t been this excited about a show on here for a while. not that i don’t like the other shows, just needed a break from the dub and minimal tech . Disco for a warped generation. very cool

  5. thanks beta lounge. There’s nowhere else I’m aware of that has streams of this quality with people like Wignomy Brothers and Smith and Hack. Just excellent!

  6. cool stuff.
    has anyone a link to smith & hack? I’m too lazy for google right now… 😉

  7. Big Up to Germany and Smith n Hack. Once again proving the heart of Europe keeps it live.

    Thanks Beta Lounge.

  8. Wow, just started listening and the firts track is soooooo relaxing 🙂

    Chill !

    Cheers J!

  9. Been down wit da flu, missed a buncha grooves while hacking up phlegm, but this smith n hack is good hacking, lotsa healthy vibes filling up my seared lungs like angelic metholatum for da soul…beta lounge is da kickin’ chickin’ soup, baby!

  10. for contact ask at hardwax berlin – they’re good budies

  11. Wow this must be one of the friendliest forums ever. I just checked out this set and I can’t figure out why everyone is so jazzed. It’s interesting and there are some cool ideas here, but I’m a little underwhelmed. Maybe I’m old school but I wish Beta Lounge would bring back Mix Master Morris and DJ Krush. I’m not trying to hate here, I just miss my old downtempo. Everything has gotten way too eclectic and new jazzy these days. I’ll keep listening and hoping for the best.

  12. Then again I should probably listen to the whole set before I cast judgement Eh?

  13. DR TiPSY
    i will say its a good set interesting beats even the intro is trippy
    bit yes these EURO KATS get busy sounds very compter filtered but smooth enuff to VIBE TOO.
    DR TiPSY the Beat GOOROO
    mysite full review

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