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Yam Who?, Hakobo, Tokyo Component, Eug, Proof


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The Culprits – Hakobo, Tokyo Component, and Eug – bring dancefloor soul specialist Yam Who? to the Bay! Recorded live at San Francisco’s Club Pink. Extra niceness from special guest Proof of the Massive Selector crew.


  1. tsss tsss tsss tsss
    diiiscoooooo funky babeeeeee

  2. What’s the first one suppose portuguese sounds? Thanks.

  3. yeah….put on your dancing shows and enjoy that show.

    strut your funky disco-stuff.

  4. dancing shows? sure i meant shoes. dunno, must be the hangover….

  5. any playlist available?

  6. Is it possible to download shows to iPod?

  7. anyone know the song at 19 minutes in??? I’ll give away the secret of how you can download to iPod…

  8. @maggie:
    its georg kranz::Dimdada

    got it?
    ok – now its your turn – let us now:-)
    my ipod is waiting –

  9. sweet funky cool baby!!! A pleasure…..

    my dance floor is lubricated.. my shoes waxed.. my pants loose and ready to be removed.. and the funk hits me in the face.. the money shot of funk.. right here.. on betalounge..

  11. was there that night but no idea betalounge was. what a treat. thanks guys

  12. Yes yes!!!!! Excellent set from Yam Who? and Hakobo!!
    Beta Lounge is the only thing that keeps me sane during office hours – keep up the good work!

  13. for having good taste you win the award of knowing the track…the track 19 or 20 min into the Yam Who set is …. Omar. It’s So. Omarmusic. 2004

    if you like this mix also check

  14. hmm i think its the roots actually. performing the george kranz live. maybe featuring george kranz on the drums….. hope this helps. cheers!

  15. C’est quoi ce mix de saguoin!?!!! Il faut la play-list
    what the hell is that mix?!! Need the play-list. Wonderfull remastering of saturday at 31st minute.

  16. the first is not exactely portuguese but brazilian !!

    did i heared something incredible at 00’35 ?????????????????????????????

  17. nice recording mr. benitez


  18. The Yam Who set is superb…. I keep on forgetting which one it is because it’s an office fav. This comment should remind me now 🙂

  19. What’s the track at 1 hour 27 minutes. I’m sure I might kick myself when I find out who it is, but theres no words in it to give me a clue.

  20. hey i am new to this beta lounge thing a friend put me on to it and i am interested in finding out about how to down load to my ipd and also play lists for getting tracks listings???
    thanks for the ifo and help peoples

  21. The first one is a kinda mix of Brazilian samba-rock (Marcelo D2) and jazz

  22. i don’t think there is a way to download onto an ipod. it’s streaming audio… but i’m sure there is a way. i know how to get it onto my ipod, but it has nothing to do with downloading. i use another type of recording and file conversion software.

  23. Wuzzup wid da pingin’ pongin’ sound? Really triggered mah trip, ya-up?

    I gotta get out mo’ check out deze trax live…

  24. All I can say is this mix is funky……chunky………and spunked out through and through. Thanx for that. I been lookin for the track at 2:22 for months now. Hook me up. I KNOW SOMEONE KNOW! LP&H all! 1 out.

  25. Latin hip hop intro. One for james…

  26. Goooow.:

    great Set
    fresh style
    very laxly

    with best regards form Dresden / Germany

  27. tha track at 2.22 is a bugs n the attic track me thinks??? (origional by ???) check goya or the bitta sweet back log.
    and rizpek on the mix supa sweet.

  28. oh anyone know who the monster at 1.39 its a must have for meeeeee!!! anyone know ,,,,,,,anyone?

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