This is it. The gateway to countless hours of dope packed audio and video.

Buzz-T & Skar


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  1. damn thats a nice show…noddin’ for hours

  2. very nice and smooth indeed… after my trip to berlin, i am definitely diggin’ on the deutsche hip hop…

  3. its all in the mix… like two tabs one pill, or baccy and skank.. or bacon and eggs the day after.. this got me way in the groin.. made me go orf and pump my fists in the air and jump up and down.. how cool at 2 hour mark when we go back to the funk .. like the first time i saw mens bikini briefs.. freaky but cool..

  4. I forgot to put but tobacco in the bong when i came home this morning.

    This shit made nothing go to waste, just lit it every time the beat dropped down, when it came back on up, oeiya i must say it added deeply to the taste.

    Keep the fires blazin’ …

    Well done…



  5. one of my favourite sets on betalounge.a lot of instrumental hiphop and other beats in a good mix… i recommend it!

  6. smooth hip hop, nice instrumentals. Just how we like to do…ahh yeah. Nice set.

  7. what up?! dis dope mix kicks definetly kicks ass – smoothing out on these soulful tracks live at the betalounge in january was an excellent event to keep in mind. rock on, fellas…

  8. is there any possibly way to get a track listing for the first 2 hours? also does anyone know a way to put the show in mp3 format on a mac? the show kicks ass.

  9. @ imperialp13: have the tracklist…need your email-adress. thanx…skar

  10. mp3 format instructions:

    You need to pieces of software 1) Total Recorder and 2) Musicmatch Jukebox

    You need to purchase a Total Recorder at
    Record the show using Totla Recorder and then convert to the desired format (mp3) using MusicMatch. You may need to play around a bit to get it right but otherwise it’s a pretty staightforward process.


  11. mp3 instructions….ooOOpppPPs! I forgot to mention that you can convert it using iTunes; much, much easier process and seeing that you asked about Macs, perhaps you already have the software.

  12. email me at thanks dude

  13. how does that process work with itunes?

  14. whoah. smooth like butter and fresh like framboises.

  15. does anyone know of any great record/CD clubs like this one which a starving college kid like me may be able to afford?

  16. To skar1200: I really like that mix and I saw you have a tracklist. Is there any possibility you can e-mail it to me? My address is:
    thank you, Supergas.

  17. Don’t need a tracklist, but how about the smooth rap track at 00:05:48. That get’s my head grovin but my neck already knows. Smoove.

  18. does anyone know what the beautiful tune is which begins at 43…..its just ending 46.30 something, what a shame


  19. Hi mandymoo :: here is the answer u’re lookin for, Author : Nightmares on Wax / Track : Les nuits – it’s on his first album Carbout Soul but U can also find the remix (great !!) on his album smokers delight.
    Enjoy .
    elnono – Paris – France

  20. Gawddamn- tight set! Why not just throw up the tracklist here for all us to get in touch with this great stuff? Then we go out and buy this shit, supporting great artists, while you’re working on trippin us all out again with other fresh goods!

  21. listened to the whole thing and worked trenedously to the whole 6 hours. Bring it on!

  22. As smmoooovvveeee as Coral Krylon this set makes me want to spit my mental kit all over tha wall ….. mmmmm finger licken gooooddddd.!!!!!

  23. Does anyone know the song that comes in at 1:55, it sounds so familar but I can’t place it

  24. The track at 1:55 is Roni Size I think using a sample of Bob James/Westchester Lady

  25. @ kapitalken: itĀ“s adam – circles … real classic!!!

  26. adam f … of course

  27. Nice nice show very peace full, very good no problem to listeaning all the afternoon.
    Keep on !!

  28. what a smooth groovy set.
    very nice


  29. damn!
    rarely listened to a dope mix like that!
    peaceful, straight, cool and fresh! it makes you nod the whole day šŸ˜€

    does anyone have a tracklist for me please?

    anyone knows similar mixes on betalounge?

    luv it…greetz zoolicious

  30. mmmmmmm……

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