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  1. Smooth and mellow so far… i like the chill hip hop and RNB… this music helps me write…

  2. lookin for the artist at the 1 hour mark–erykah badu? thx hunny bunnies

  3. ultimate makin uh uh woot woot sweet lovin mix.

  4. great set! war ein sehr schöner nachmittag/abend in der beta…und jetzt zum daheim hören ;-))))

  5. The artist around the hour mark is Jill Scott. I wish I had my album in front of me so I could tell you the name of the track. Sorry.

  6. what’s at the 50 minute mark?

  7. nice and smoove . . .



    AT 50 IS:



  9. what’s the track at 1 hour 51 mins mark? anyone? this is an awesome set…love em…

  10. So, I forgot to post earlier about how saucy this set is. I could put it on a continuous loop and listen to it for a solid week and not get tired of it. Schmoovy-schmoov. Background music for some sweet luuuuuuuuv makin’.

  11. liebe auf haschisch

  12. uh yeah.. i laid down my woman.. covered her in lots of chocolate.. turned this set on.. and liiiiiiiccckkkeedd… man.. it was so sexy… until i realised she had died like the guy in Goldfinger.. but it was coooolll.. coz this set was sooo smoooth.. im still aroused and its beginning to hurt.. ohhh baby… chocoltate lovin’ ….

  13. oh man, i Have to know what the track at 30 minutes is. It caught me so off gaurd I kinda inhaled a sip of coffee at work. So subtle, and so cold… is beautiful

  14. sick set to groove to while workin, prolly in the top 5 sets on this site

  15. NICE and smoove, this set kicked my ASSoto! bumpinitinky

  16. …Obacht: die monatliche Assoto Sause im Waagenbau steht wieder ins Haus und zwar am
    Samstag, den 27/11/04 ab 23.00 Uhr. Im grossen Raum sorgt die Assoto Crew fuer ihre allseits geschaetzten SoulFunkyBeats waehrend auf dem zweiten Floor das Beta Lounge Soundsystem nebst Constantin Groll steil geht.

  17. track at 1h 51 mn 50s : Zhane – request line.
    good set !!!!

  18. track at 30 minutes is:

  19. hi,

    great set! much props!
    may i have artist info of the track at 34 min mark, please?

    thanks in advance.

  20. Playlists are crucial for this website. I hear enough good music to make me want to buy it, but I cannot since I don’t know some of the artists! Can you consider posting the playlists for these excellent streams?

    Anti War
    Anti Bush
    Pro World

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  21. wow wow wow wow……thats all i have to say…perfect musak to a gloomy day in san francisco.

    cheers betalounge for providing some sunshine.

  22. great set, sexy sexy sexy …..

  23. now is the time to die – take me now – it can’t get any better than this! righteous!
    Andrew.Jeju.South Korea

  24. track at 34 minutes is:
    Ms. Dynamite .Dy-Na-Mi-Tee. BigBeat
    ..fantastic UK Female MC-Singer-Dancehall with dope Album (03), classic Material, check it out!

    Remember, check our Clubnight:
    Thu 30.12.04
    Assoto Sounds @ Waagenbau, HH

    more infos:

  25. Thanks oke! That’s a great track and a bit hard to get ahold of, but well worth it. Can’t wait to hear more from her.

    Big up for an awesome set, front to back. keep it up fellas! And thanks for checkin the message board.

  26. that’s a supra cool mix. I enjoyed every seconds of it…. thxs

    Lausanne freaks

  27. Amazing set over here.. Perfect for a late night cool down session maybe? Anyways, does anybody knows what is the song that starts at the 46min 20sec mark? Sorta like an interlude, but it’s very beautiful, laid back and melodic.. Any help will be much appreciated. Jesse

  28. Quality set! Amazing sexy chilled out tunes!!

    keep em’ coming beta lounge!!

  29. Best I have found so far..

  30. right
    best shit on this site
    these guys know what they play
    ecxept for french rap
    big up anyway

  31. are these guys coming to tokyo?

  32. I’ve been listening to this over and over the past few months and I still love it…it’s like a fine wine.

  33. @jesse:
    track at 46min20sec:
    Don´t know the name of this song, but it´s on the album Atarihuana from La Boum.
    I try to find out the name!

  34. I’ve been startin this mix at 1:01:30 lately, cause there’s 3 tracks in a row that are dope. Oke, if you check in here again, please indulge us with the names of those tracks! I would love a whole tracklist for this set, but that’s one long list. Anyways, props again, I still listen to this daily.


  35. Its not too bad – bit samey but pretty cool – not a massive fan of r’n’b but im open minded and respect most sounds

  36. didnt check the board for quite some time…so sorry for the late feedback.

    maybe we should really try to provide a playlist, lets see if we can find the time..

    tracks at 1:01:30 are
    1. Dobie feat. Latin Gray – The Ride – BBE 10inch .dont know if it’s on the recently reissued lp on bbe?
    2. Towa Tei – Technova – lp version mixed with a special instru-version – Elektra
    3. Novel – He Cant – Instrumental + Vocal Version- based on Mobb Deep’s Track from Sunset Park OST -Back at You-, also very nice track from mid-90s, which samples Isaac Hayes -Bumpys Lament- from -Shaft-…

    ..the track at 0:46:30 is DJ Greyboy from his -Mastered the Art- LP called -Bath Music-.

    Glad you all like the mix. thanks alot..

  37. whats the track at the 3 hour 50 minute mark? anyone?

  38. @ rsoedarjo

    ..thats iam ‘je danse le mia’ and zhané ‘hey’…

    keep on rockin..

  39. nice 🙂
    track at 01:54, anyone?

  40. @ alphalounger

    yeah..thats rahsaan patterson \’seperate\’..awesome r\’n\’b joint.
    off his lp \’after hours\’..

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