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Wighnomy Brothers


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  1. very nice!!!

  2. hello! kennt irgendein Musikgourmet den Interpreten des tracks um und bei 0:41:00 den die zwei quirligen Brueder aus dem osten gespielt haben…

  3. Ahhhh, you introduce the set by saying dj Unique just finished?? Where’s that set? Please include it if you got it! The Brothers’ set is dope though, no denyin’ peace.

  4. Die Mucke ist so fett, die muss auf Kur..!

  5. I just wanna stay groovin’ with you

  6. this is really fine !!!

  7. wow.. so dainty.. so classy… so nice… like a lace panty.. sexy, slim and cool.. refreshing to wear as a man.. but enlivening.. how do you do it wighomoy bros? this is a lovely set.. i got nude real slow to it… pump them beats…

  8. supafette scheisse !

  9. the brothers definition of house music and a finish that makes u wanna climb the stairs! Amazing set guys keep on bravooo!!!

  10. ja bitteschön, was is das für ein wunderbares intro!!! von wem is das, wer macht das…wer was weiss, bitte, posten…echt geil! und der anschließende mix sowieso

  11. Does anyone know what the track is at 03:13:00. I love it!!! Great set overall. Please give me more. Thanks.

  12. intro-stimmen sind die unglaublich genialen spejbl und hurvinek. zwei klassiker-marionetten vom (ich glaube) prager marionettentheater. montagnero

  13. Thank You for the beautiful sounds. CONGRATULATIONS ESTUPEFACTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y antes que se me olvide, un saludo a los oyentes de Latinoamerica y a todo el que apoye el movimiento de la musica electronica.

  14. ihr seid jawohl total waaaaahnsinnig! geiler geht fast gar nicht!!!!!!!!!

  15. dricse tu cherches pas de mrcx ?

  16. dadaz : si 20eme mn !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. anyone know the track around 1:19:00. thnx

  18. Topp 1a show… 2.11 bis 2.13 muß ich haben. Das mit der Maisdose. Kann mir da jemand weiterhelfen???? Gruß Daniel

  19. Sehr Gut! Danke Beta Lounge!!! danke danke danke danke..ahaha

  20. hi treyco! The track yoy are searching for is from the Musik Krause 003 – R.Wruhme/Metaboman – 2 maenner im split, it’s the track: easy woman – Robag Wruhme Rmx…check – -….have fun with it…

  21. Lovely !!! Love me some WB. THANKS!!!

  22. thanks mmmagnolia for the info. I will check out the site you mentioned. take care.

  23. anyone know what track is the vocal one at around 1:16??? Please let me know send to or post up here thx!

  24. @ mmmagnolia: der track den du suchst, ist: wighnomy brothers feat. robag wruhme – bobb (FAT009) @ superdufte: plastikman – sickness (NoMu036) aber das mit dem mais ist ein zusätzlich eingspieltes vocal, keine ahnung woher die das haben… viel spass damit!!!

  25. @Toni_Montana _ Vielen Dank, werde ich auf jeden Fall Kaufen

  26. hey, sagt mal kann mir mal bitte jemand sagen welcher track das bei 2:24:00???

  27. Anybody know what track that is at around 2hours 4 seconds (2:04) thanks Sean from Detroit

  28. i meant 2:24 as well

  29. great stuff! best regards from germany to germany 🙂 regards, rob352

  30. track at 2:24 is Analog Bubblebath by Aphex Twin (one of my favourites)

  31. MAISDOSE gesucht? Band: Fischmob Titel: Heftig leider vergessen, auf welchem Tonträger, aber findest Du schon.. Gruss: c*sm!c

  32. What’s the dubby track at 13:20? thanks, Danjel Vancouver [Arbutus/Active Pass Records]

  33. nee, nä? maisdose is’n alter fischmob-hit?…dat glaub isch ja jetzt nisch… sehrrr schön! was hab ich gelacht! und ein wahrlich prickelndes set, liebe wighnomys, und fans, hut ab ihr alten jenaer! mehr davon!

  34. Dis is da soap an da water, now time to GET CLEAN on da beta-freeekin’-lounge! (Shoulda only taken half…but still nice trippin’ stuff)

  35. wow thats some hella mellow stuff..bring some of that this way

  36. Nice set. Anyone know the details on the rmx of ebtg ‘each and every one’? Thx

  37. Germany’s finest 🙂 Danke, Jungs.

  38. absolutely wicked

  39. nothing but class from start to finish. good work Wighnomy Bros and the Betalounge!

  40. I’m at 02:38:28 and I believe there are other people out there who actually see the insanity of the past and the present. It’s hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rot! Villa

  41. Hi all Excuse me, Where can I find a complete tracklist of that amazing set? Thanks Bye

  42. whignomy bros gehen live auch ganz schön ab….

  43. very nice

  44. I’m with reever, the robin williams/louis armstrong section is pure beauty, but the track that crosses the 3-hour mark made the hair on my neck and arms stand up to attention and vibrate… I can’t stop coming back to this set…

  45. Anyone know what is the vocal track around 3:43? thanks dears

  46. sevd – track at 3:43 is Archive ‘Fuck U’ vocal tracks are easy to find, google is your friend.

  47. The Robag Wrhume stuff is wicked. These guys are the Villalobos of 2005.

  48. :4thbase: thanks you all, kloppf killers

  49. super set. cannot wait to hear them dj at panorama bar next wknd!

  50. Still beating on the drum when the morning comes. Can’t stop. The body won’t stop, won’t stop! This ish- is awesome. Thanks Bros. for giving me a new found faith in micro tech and booty house. And by the way…Robag Wruhme’s stuff is all hot and glitchy. Now if only b-lounge could hook that up, like they’ve hooked it up here…

  51. Heavy on the bass, I like it…. Quality tunes…….. but a bit slow for too long tho >peace out

  52. f*ckin’ awesome!, WB with Ric & Rich could be the line up of the year!

  53. hi, did anyone know the track about 1hour and 54 minutes. the woman sounds like tina turner, i think! but i`m not sure. come visit cocoonclub at frankfurt if u like that sound.

  54. this sound is scent to my mind. Danke nach Jena.

  55. this is fucking awesome

  56. saludos a los wighnomy brothers de mexico!!!!! comment: W-O-W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Hi to all! The WBs are the fatest live gig i ever see in my live! Greetz to Matze Kaden, Lennert & the whole F.A.T. & Musik Krause Kru Jena!!! Peace ;Patte from Gera

  58. how did I miss this show! He is amazing

  59. one of a kind… can someone id around 57:00 with the spanish spoken word that just keeps building? sänks

  60. WOoohHAaa ;-D ….. another great bootyshakin` mix from the godfathers of Tech- and minimalhouse. Thanx to Robag Wruhme and MonkeyMafia for these great fluffy Summersound , thx 2 Jena CassablancaCrew & all Freude-am-Tanzen Artists, ::::::::::::::::::::: Shouts 2 the MUNA-Crew >>> the best club for MinimalTechHouseSoundStylistic<<<

  61. electrocity JENA meet you all at Kassa on 30-07-05 for F-A-T *g*

  62. Hallo.Helf mir mal jemand. Kann ich hier nu ein Set von den Wighnomys downloaden?? Wenn Ja wo ???

  63. real nice minimal glitch house music,the sound of 2005

  64. @jazzymike it is lopazz-migration-lucianios cameleon rmx. on get physical rec. und natürlich wunderbares set der bros. from jena (outer space?!) ralle

  65. Hi @ all! Very nice Set! I hope i see the Brothers in the next time in Stiggi!

  66. bad sound quality 44kbps i hate bad quality, even you could upload it in better quality

  67. Merry Xmas 2005 to everybody all aroundthe globe! Weisswurstfrühstück, Weissbier und diesen sound am morgen machen das Fest.. auf irgendeine Weise.. ganz anders schön 🙂 Seit lieb zueinander und so ganz nebenbei ‘nen guten Rutsch in’s neue Jahr, 2006! rob352 @

  68. Does anyone know which version of Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath they play? thanks

  69. Desde chile los vikingos wighnomy wowwwww……que energia

  70. viva chile miercale. nice tunes. the brothers truly represent. castano from the alps

  71. track list please????

  72. anyone know what tracks 46 minutes in is?…please

  73. Still hot……..even two years later….there is something to say for sets that age gracefully.

  74. I picked this at random…amazing mix

  75. a focking amazing set respecttttt

  76. my favorite: 3.12 – wicked! who knows the track???

  77. Hey Klopfer, i am not sure if you mean the track coming in at 3:12, but if so it\’s John Tejada – Chorgs (the other side on the mono on mono record) Cheers ps

  78. Ok. 🙂 Now i have to ask for help with a track id. The track in question is playing between 0h13min and 0h19min. Please help! 🙂 Cheers ps btw: A bombing set this is!

  79. ach es es ist so schön das ihr die schönen alten samstage im archiv habt… tolles set.

  80. What is the name of that track that says \”It feels so right. I just want to be grooving with you.\” It at the very start.

  81. federrock it\’s gentle people – grooving with you, and it\’s a remix… something with intergalactic in it..

  82. Jena Rockt!!!!!

  83. yeah! JENA rockt, kanns kaum erwarten die jungs beim nächsten heimatbesuch spielen zu hören :))

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