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Quake Trap Collective and Bigga Bush in SF


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Abstract beats go broken disco vs.dubbed out AfroBeat: The Quake Trap Collective show on 11/12/04 at 222 Club in San Francisco rocked. If you missed it, you can check Thumbtack Smoothie, Yoko Solo, Shaggy Manatee, B-Child, Nalej, Egg White, Helium3, and Macromantics along with Bigga Bush (ex Rockers Hi-Fi) and the Beta Lounge Sound System right here right now.


  1. this set is sweet. nice beats; it’s definitely putting me in a lovely groove. thank you!

  2. genau so…, mal wieder ein experimentelles Set, das vermisse ich in Deutschland, mir scheint in San Francisco(viell. in den Staaten) grundsätzlich eine höhere Bereitschaft fuer soundexperimente…bis auf Ausnahmen verschwindet das zunehmendst aus den Hamburg Shows, die Frage bleibt worum es im Endeffekt geht, visionäre Musik oder blosse Bedienung einer etablierten Party(un)kultur…

  3. It’s gumbo baby! B-child is nice on the mic! Quaketrap gotta be on it’s way to stardum!

  4. anybody know what version of Che Che Cole that is at 2:54?

  5. A beer, my Sennheisers, throw my brain in neutral and then let you shift the gears in a pattern that doesn’t exist except in your mind…and now mine.


    becomes something so much more….

    Thanks. Again!

  6. blim blam bloosh blash blam blam blam beep….zzzzzzzzfffft!
    much love N respectoids injected via tether rungs unto all the humans that dipped their skullZ in this here puddle. the ryddums of the ages are imploding.

    bbbb-beta llll-lounge ffff-forever

  7. This Set Gets Started at 2:10 – AWESOME! those are some fierce remixes – the icing on the cake is 2:38:15
    more please

  8. whoa man.. i just darkened my nether regions with excitement and joy.. its that kinda thing that i love doin when the beats just take me away .. whoa!
    i want my love child to be a mixture of quake trap and bigga bush.. so go at it again and share the fruit of your loins..

  9. mikerism, you need to get laid. from past comments you made, sounds like you dont ever get any!

  10. Thanks to all who filled the room on that insane evening and all who tune in through the wires.
    thanks to all who focus on the music.
    thanks to all who focus and absorb.

  11. oh no soulcart.. i get many.. and i believe this is about the funk. not the fuck.. so lets all unite in praising the mighty warriors of the code.. touch yourself in time to the beat and you shall be forgiven.. i love thee soulcart..

  12. i don’t know who these quaketrap people are but i think my dead grandma drops better rhymes then them. it sounds like they learned to rap from watching episodes of yo mamma on mtv. if you’re gonna open for a legendary dj like biggabush, better bring your A game.

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