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Stanley Ipkiss, Ralf 10/100


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  1. nice one love it 🙂

  2. You know what I love the most about Beta Lounge and the Djs that they manage to score, it’s that they regularly manage to drop soul, funk, jazz, lounge, hip hop, house, downtempo, and everything else up to techno…sometimes all in one set. That’s they way that it should be. No boundaries. Beta Lounge…keep it real.



  3. you know what i love about beta lounge? being able to run around in my office with my pants off in time to really great music.. this set assisted me greatly in this accomplishment and encourages me in pant removal often.. thank you ralf.. thank you stanley.. i love your pant removing abilities.. bless you and your set…

  4. what is the song at about the 19:00 mark? It perdy.

  5. you know what I like about beta lounge?you don’t huh? Ok, it’s because I can run with all my snow clothes in my duplex until I sweat like a sea elephant in the oven. And the best part of it is that there is thousand of hours archived sets! So I’ve really improved my sweatness programm. Cheeers end keep it unreal in the virtual realm of reality it is by now!!! Love

  6. I usually like it when music helps me get someone else out of thier pants.

  7. HELP! does someone know what’s the name of the rock track begginig on 2h24. Sounds like weezer…

  8. schönes dickes set alder!

  9. Sehr nett,
    wie heiĂźt denn das Lieb bei 3.18???

  10. track begginig on 2h24. Sounds like weezer..
    it IS weezer, name of the track is ‘Only in Dreams’

  11. einmal rock bitte…..sehr geil….die dancefloor unterschätzte musikrichtung….merci marcel…

    und ralle gewohnt krickselkracksel mit tablettenflächen….toll

    ich höhrs mir jetzt einfach nohmal an….



    let therer be dirt!

  12. thanks for your compliments and comments,
    track on 3:18 is maria by closer music.

  13. Much respek
    N E 1 tell me the track at 1,40.XX
    the one with the geese or water foul of some sort?
    love this set all the way through

  14. thanks for the great music!

    i would be very grateful if you could post your set lists.


  15. o.k here is my tracklist (Ralf 10/100). My set start at 2.32 with

    Kenny Larkin – in the meantime – Peacefrog
    69 – Microlover – Planet e
    Paolo Olarte – unknown – Liebe + Detail?
    Wai Wan – Faces and Places – Henrik Schwarz Rmx. – Compost
    Loosefingers – Transmission x – Alleviated Rec.
    Luciano – Serafin – Voodoo on blue – Cadenza
    Terence Trent – Bootleg – Cajmere Rmx?
    Closer Musik – Maria – Kompakt
    Mathew Jonson – Folding Space – Substatic
    Henrik Schwarz – Digital World – Sunday Music
    Mr. V – House Music – Ricanstruction
    Dominik Eulberg – Klangteppichverleger Wolle – Traum Rec.
    Floppy Sounds – Open the door – Fan Dancing Vampires Mix – Wavetec
    Einmusik – B.Rings – Italic
    Last Session – Sometimes i feel like – Blue Cucaracha Rec
    Chez Damier + Ron Trent – I am your brother – Chicago twisted mix – Main Street
    Obx – it´s all we knwow (trippin on air)- Ascension rec.
    Boo Williams – Snare trippin – Relief Rec
    Thomas Brinkmann – Sweetback – Max. ernst
    Luciano + Serafin – Yaki Soba – Telegraph
    Phylypstrack II – Basic channel
    Kenny Larkin – Second State – Warp
    Brothers Vibe – Can you feel it – Jersey Underground rec
    Alexander Robotnik – Dance Boy Dance – Afrodisco
    Maus + Stolle – Second State people – Klang
    Slick – Space Bass – Ace Rec.
    Steve Barnes – cosmic sandwich – My best friend ltd.
    Loopaz – Migration (Lucianos chameleon mix) – Physical
    John tejada – sweat on the wall – Pokerflat
    Dsr – Exhume – Warp Rec
    Mathew Jonson – Ultraviolet Dream – Minus
    Tan Ru – changeling – Trelik Rec
    Slavoj Zizek – Mystical Doubt –
    Akufen – Skidoos – Force inc
    Boo Williams – Hometown Chicago – Relief
    Second Shift – It´s been a long time (Freaksdubbyrmx) – Season Rec
    Jazzanova – Glow and Stare (Ame Rmx.) – Sonar Kollektiv
    Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The guardian angel is watching

    The end

  16. Warning: pant removal powers of this set aren’t to be trifled with. I had this baby cranking when my boss entered my cube the other day–a man that never strays far from Dave Mathews, it seems the music confused him greatly: he was shaken, disrobing then and there, right in front of me. Never one for nudity, I was so embarrased I had to resign. Now I’m jobless, pantless and hearing strange melodies wherever I go. And my boss keeps calling me, too. Thanks, Betalounge. Keep rockin.

  17. Rata tat tat Mr. Ralf ain’t goin make you leave the dance floor just like that…

  18. gawd damn… fcking awesome! do you have a website Ralf? Post it! Thanks for the great set- peace.

  19. Incredible mix…bangin the abstract stuff. I don’t think they’re ready for it yet though! Perhaps the best set on Betalounge (and trust me I am a tough critic).

  20. 54 minutes in…..vincent gallo……….TWAT.

  21. sorry that sounded really negative. it’s a nice show, all over the shop in a good way. But vincent g just makes me want to tear hair out. (mine or someone elses, i don’t care)

  22. This show is both strange and boring at the same time. I think you have to have a very unique taste to find anything remotely interesting about this show…

  23. Flat thinkers need not apply!

  24. My pants are off…now what?

  25. really great set! what’s the track 18:21

  26. Once your pants are off , the fun is only just beginning… Just close your eyes, open your ears and let your mind and hands wander. I envision a world where betalounge desciples can pick each other from a mile off by the lack of pants, state of arousal, rockin to the bangin beatz.


  27. hello . it’s been a really great music.
    does anyone know the piano theme in a track at about 1 hour 37 ? …
    i just can’t forget it ….

    thank you very much

  28. to mpua,

    i just found out. artists are called coco rosie, track i don’t know, but the whole album is great.

    hth beck

  29. hey yzarcgirl

    thanks for info, love it ! cheers, M

  30. best set ever. I listen once every month for soul salvation.

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