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Efdemin, Rndm, Nick Hoeppner


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  1. FANTASTIQUE!! Nice to hear some pure electronique sounds again! Thanks u for the good party your sound made for us:)

  2. super! das beste set seit langem .. jedes stück zeitlos gut

  3. meine guete, Hut ab, konzeptionell-aestehtisch eines der besten Sets seit langem …

  4. what’s the track playing at 30:00??? anyone that can help me out?

  5. excellent! smooth and delicate mix as a rain drop on the edge of a leaf

  6. das ist so kool… it waz zo gut it mede my anoos loozen and my kark happy to be in dis internet…

  7. wow, this is a perfect mix…

  8. Good stuff. Hard to describe really. Smooth, House tinged electro with a definate progressive edge. Nice mix overal. Accompanied a chilled Sunday afternoon at home on a cold and wet November day.

  9. Good stuff. Original vibe. I’d be interested in a set list, at least for the first hour. . . I haven’t gotten any further yet.


  10. Normally I like Efdemin’s productions. But last year I listened to his mixtype in again Betalounge. And yeah, it’s intelligemt, delicate and mellow. This time it’s another dj set of him. Well this time it’s more minimal stuff a little upbeat then the first one. First 20 – 25 min seems like laurent garnier stuff. But I’m at 50th minute it’gettting original. VERY GOOD!

  11. first of all, thanks for the nice feedback.

    at robak: the track you asked for is called future, it’s by melchior prod. and it’s on his recent album the meaning on playhouse.
    at: ilsaGold: Efdemin performed live only. first three hours or so is my set, then it’s rndm, then efdemin live and then it’s dj rndm again.



  12. hey,
    was läuft um 55:00 ? netter track

  13. frank martiniq – late nite toolz pt. 3 (boxer sport)

  14. oh hi Nick
    thanx for reply
    well I didn’t know that I listened to you:) Well the other efdemin live was himself only and he spins a terre thaemlitz (mille plateaux) over depeche mode!!! So I thought that he is again mixing.
    Anyway I didn’t new your name, what are your productions where are you from. Your music taste is delicate! But yeah the first 20-25 min of that stream is like laurent garnier spinning!
    you’re great Nick. respects…

  15. muss nochmal fragen: 26:30 ist auch sehr nice? einfach zu viel gutes

  16. Great stuff!
    I’m wondering, if Nick still come here, or someone who just happen to know: what is the track that begins at 1h15” ?[and yess, some palylist would be great!!]

    keep on the goods vibes!

  17. What’s playing at 1:31:00?? Can’t place it.

    Awsome set, by the way.

  18. hi y’all,

    can’t be bothered to post an entire tracklist. too much work 😉
    but regarding your requests for track id’s, I got this:

    00:26:30 – The Prince Of Dance – Show Me (Nitsa Recordings)
    01:15:00 – Nick Hoeppner – November Rain (Liebe * Detail 002)
    01:31:00 – Shinedoe – Dilemma (100% Pure) + Chateau Flight – Welcome (A Capella) (Versatile)

    I really like you like it!



  19. never too late to say something good for you guys from Hamburg
    special Nick
    special music
    special people
    special taste with a little bit of cream on top

    when words lose their meaning its just better to shut up and smile

  20. I know its a little late 4 askin´, hope that nick still checks this discussion board.. I really have 2 know whats that track that starts at 1h.50min. Been searchin´for quite a while now, can´t find it, seems nobody knows that one.. And anyway: since months i keep on listening to this excellent trippy-tippi-toppi set, beeing thankful, sending peace and love, so c´mon..

  21. hi phlipkick

    the track your searching for is Lindstrom – Plague The Kid on Bear Entertainment. There’s a 2nd part out recently, but this was on the first one!



  22. so kinners, somebody listened carefully to the set and is questioning for the track around 3h 46min…any ideas??

  23. thee trk strtng @ 1hr 25mins is off that ritchie hawtin cd called dks,efx&909.
    you’ll have to check it for trak name… i like it slower on this set..
    im from kitchener ontario canada. Ritchie lives 2hrs away been to lots of his parties in detroit and windsor(his home) london on, t.o. and kitchener(ktown.)

    i have a biziness printing tshirts for high end clients..

    does any one know of mike shannon from cynosure records (montreal/southamer.)
    or j. hunsberger(cynosure/revolver)ktown.
    and jeff milligan(revolvercanada)
    theyre my buddies here in ontario.. great musik.

    so, this set is fantastik, i’v been listening to teknow for 11yrs and have heard great performances and this is a nice one.. (email nd MSN mSNGR)

  24. does anyone know at which point the dj sets change between efdemin, rndm, and nick hoeppner?


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