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Christian Harder [live], Superdefekt [mfoc]


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  1. Very interesting interpretation of the traditional ‘Tuedelband’ song at 1:12:33, i like it!

  2. I could have done without Christian Harder’s MCing skils or should I say the lack there of! I ended up after the first 30-45 min advancing to hear the later part of the show! But Superdefekt’s Playcard on the other hand was Lovely! I hope to hear more of them on Beta Lounge! There use of beats and musical arrangement was trancehypnotic. After I’m done with this I’m going search past shows to see if you have any more their work!

    One love Beta Lounge! PoetessX

  3. Disregard my previous comment, that was in the Raf Le Spoink part of the show…

    Superdefekt starts at 1:01:24 in this show

  4. Super nice track @ around 1:12:00, what is it?

  5. As usual….. QWQLITEEE dope !

  6. Sorry, i meant QWALEETEEEE not qwqlitee

  7. -winks-
    very nice superdefekt set … am wonderin’ here who that supesexy track startin round 1:53:30 did?
    makes me kinda head-bangin a lot here …

    would like to spend my lil income to get that track …. 😉

    thanks – rock’n pop on

  8. superb stuff…


  9. what is this, karaoke night? skip the first hour.

  10. nice set by superdefekt. I admit the guy who tries to MC should go to Karaoke more often to polish up on his skills

  11. I don’t know what the heell you all are talkin’ about. The dude MC’ing, rawks!! Straight up…

  12. christian jungen… karaokegesang oder nicht, deine musik (und gesang) blieb mir die ganse woche im kopf hängen. sehr schön!

  13. I’m all about the later trackz, once the flakes have all settled from the open…gotta dis when I feel it, hates to, hates not to too, but damn, dis needs be more hairy for hairy1 t’dig….gotta get back to my pong game….

  14. dadada the f***in langeweile, argghhhhh

  15. … oh, mein gott …

  16. Oh man, I love how that Superdefekt comes in!

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