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SA-RA Creative Partners live at Mighty


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The indescribable SA-RA experience touches down at Club Mighty in San Francisco.



  1. wow.. someone gave these guys heaps of acid and said you can play all you like .. i enjoyed this set because it made me really need the toilet.. the soul was in my sphincter.. thats cool , you know what im sayin?

  2. Strange sticky, brown, smelly substance coming out through my speakers…great.

  3. The SOuuuuuul is Back baby, i love these MuthaPhucka’s!!!!

  4. wowhaaaaaaaaaaawhoooooooooooo

  5. beautiful music there sound is so enticing to the ears.

  6. I’ve been searching for Sa-Ra music for about 9 months ever since I first heard them, found this site today. YES!!! I’m prematurely ecstatic. Why? The listening software isn’t compatible with my computer. Woe is me. .

  7. i’m slave 4 u, sa-ra!

  8. whats the deal Beta Lounge??? can’t seem to open this sa-ra file…AND I NEED IT!! hook me up..what am i doing wrong?? Craig Montana

  9. fuck real player, please could admin delete my account am not bothered

  10. why is this live shit so choppy? you can’t even listen to this.


    First time I heard that track was on Betalounge of course, it was dropped on the amazing Matias Aguayo & Chica Paula set from 2004, which I miss a lot.

    I hope I get to listen to that show again!

    Cheers from Chile and thanks to the Betalounge crew for the music and the good memories.

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