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Florian Keller


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HANS NIESWANDT starts at 00:00:00 – 02:00:00

FLORIAN KELLER starts at 02:00:00 – End


  1. nice set props to Florian Keller

  2. his last betalounge set was so much better than this one, it’s almost frightening.

  3. Oh god, some of those tracks just made me want to jizz all over my keyboard as I enjoyed the deeply sexual satisfaction that this fine selection of tracks brought me… Thanks Flo for moving me in *that* way.

  4. Anyone knows who covered the ‘purple haze’ at 3h47?
    just a killer track !
    Cheers from France !

  5. I have not listen to the show at all but my feet might just feel like my hands and i think i might pull my hash out and smell it and then maybe pull a little music out from beta lounge with the help of the sick pipe about to influx some fluid that beats are made off. E vill mush that smoke lets all bring a flute and toot out my boot hehaahaha

  6. ahhhh, our man! munich stands behind you flo! ehre to the gschlerf!

  7. i’m jizzin’ too – god damn off the hook and in my recliner, nice! off the hook and going global!

  8. Have to agree with Copyright…listen to Keller’s previous set on Beta Lounge…it’s funky like a junky.

  9. at 1.23.52 i started to ejaculate technicolour fluids.. my back was arched and my hand was lovingly stroking my man meat with long languid strokes .. i was yelling .. it was awesome!!

  10. quite funky cool set.

  11. i think some betalounge listeners need to get out of the house, their bedroom, or from in front of their computer a bit more… maybe it’s just too many drugs.

  12. blitzsauberste mukke
    or for the international readience:
    flashy cleanest mucce 😉

  13. If you liked his first betalounge set, listen to the sets at

  14. heard that first track a few times before, with that acid line coming bit later, great anyone knows what’s that track.. hi from ibiza, keep rockin betalounge

  15. sooo viel qualität.. gute händchen hat er, der Flow! danke für alles.

    in diesem sinne gehen noch hüte hoch an.. Katmando, Hype, Disco Diamant und alle anderen frischen aus dem D-Land, ohne euch würde was verdammt wichtiges fehlen.

  16. Bonafide crate digga.

  17. Geeeez start to finish, this kats whole set is straight bangin.

  18. Yes, Funk rocks!

  19. with a name like florian (oh kraftvirk vere did u go) and tunes like this I think I have discovered my long lost love. Who is this boy? anyone got any ideas where he came from, does he produce, que?que?

  20. the first track is \’keep on movin\’ by recloose off his first album cardiology…although not entirely sure who the remix is by (isolee??)

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