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Chicken George, Sound In Color, Bigga Bush


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The Sound In Color crew flows up from Los Angeles to drop a nice live set at the SF Beta Lounge studios. Rockers Hi-Fi alumni Bigga Bush ends the night nicely. Chicken George opens it up!


  1. Sound in color is the dopest shit ever… Mainframe, GB, Platonic on the keys, Aloe Blacc and MC Blu and Exile were off the hook… off the chain… off the hinges… off everything!!! oh man, i cant wait till these guys come Stockton!!! Peace and happy pickins!!!

  2. GB is the mann,

    dear ‘sound in color’ when will i be able to get ‘nocturnal tribe’ on vinyl???????

  3. You gotta give props to the Chicken George…turntable skillz!

  4. The track that kicks @ 21:00 is nice niceness : )

  5. can anyone give a playlist for this? its insanely dope…

  6. YES!!! Please! Provide a tracklist! And who is that at 3:40?? One of the best 4 hrs I’ve had so far

  7. hey everyone, this is dj chicken george. i’ve been getting tons of requests for a playlist of my set!!!! please go to my site and send me an email for the tracklisting. i am excited that many people are feeling the show. it was a great night!!!! the sound in color crew and bigga bush killed it!!!!

    one love,

    dj chicken george

  8. Who is that around 44:00? Madlib?

  9. Chicken George submitted his playlist for this show, here it is!

    1. Red Cloud – The Pugilist (Instr.)
    2. Ty – Oh U Want More
    3. Plastyc Buddah – String Vibe (nickodemus & osiris rmx)
    4. Open Thought – Force of Life (Instr.)
    5. Kenny Dope – Ooh Baby
    6. Bjork feat. Rodney P – I Miss U (Dobie’s Hip-Hop Rub part 2)
    7. Mini Groove Orchestra – Pom Pop (DJ Cam Remix)
    8. Latyrx – Lady Don’t Tek No
    9. Gap Band – Outstanding
    10. Soul 2 Soul – Back to Life
    11. Eric B. & Rakim – Paid in Full
    12. Stevie Wonder – That Girl
    13. Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That
    14. De La Soul – Say No Go
    15. K-OS – Neutroniks
    16. DJ Zeph – Floor Wax (Instr.)
    17. Nickodemus & Osiris – Mariposa
    18. The Fort Knox Five – Brazilian Hipster
    19. Hydroponic Sound System – Shu Bop Shu Bop
    20. Freddie Cruger – The Hustle
    21. Ty – Wait A Minute (Sticky Remix)
    22. Mark Rae – Mind, Body & Soul

  10. Fantastic set Chicken
    Good to hear a bit of uk music played within a nice eclectic set, wicked old school and new Hip Hop, soul and Funk etc.etc Something for every one. Wicked skills on the decks man… By the way British hip hop is really coming into its own right now, nice to know the word is spreadin.. were having a bit of a musical revolution and british hip hop and broken Beat r takin over
    (Look out!!!!)

  11. NICE selection of beats…props for being up to date with the up and coming cats-Open Thought track 4 (Their full name is Open Thought Music…must be on point when giving credit). For all you interested New England heads out there, Open Thought Music will be in Amherst. MA on July 3rd. Thanks fo’ doin’ yo’ thang Chicken!

  12. hmmmm.. … quite yummy indeed

    next thing now we need a track listing from Biggabush’s funky set.
    dis dude really rocks it.

    cheers, dj nelo

  13. this is the fresh new sound i’ve been lookin for…

  14. Chicken George’s set is insanely good. Love it. Head boppin’ won’t quit!

  15. big ups to all the beatlounge crew!!! gottta say Biggabush just wrecked it! def one of the best shows for my ears…… futur dub – raising the stakes!!! u heard??? ONELOVE.

  16. rockin’ beats, loadsa old school classics. sweet mixing. very clever matching of the original samples. this set throws our entire office into a head-nodding reverie. simply divine.

  17. FUKIN WOW! I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUKIN GOOOOODTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ben ya du bon ….meme du tres tres bon……hala la la my dear my beta lounge

  19. *YUMMY* EarSugah

  20. i’ve been hearing of these Sound In Color guys for awhile now, and i am truly impressed by their live set. the first guys that were on killed it on that latin tip, Emanon was a trip to hear, i have never seen these guys before, but i loved the EP they put out 2 years ago…. is Emanon on Sound In Color? I was also wondering about the Exile and Slum Village Song?!?! thats insane… keep me posted if ya’ll hear anything more from these guys

  21. yo these sound in color kids are bringin’ it… i was i was @ the show… does anyone know when they are playing next? btw – i just heard gb’s new joint with spacek remixed by sa-ra on gilles peterson, oh my god what a tune. much love to sound in color and keep doin’ what you do… look a brotha up in new york if you guys come to town… thanks for the music!

  22. Jo…very cooool sound…i like it very much..groovy, funky and good beats…fantastic..exact my style..thank you !
    Greetz from Stuttgart Germany

  23. i had the immense pleasure of seeing bigga bush dj’ing in l.a. and he flat out rocked the place! it was the BEST dj set i have seen/ heard.
    needless to say he blew everyone away with his bass-heavy, dub-ragga-batucada riddims. he is not only a prolific producer/dj, but one of the nicest, kindest, most down-to-earth people i have ever met in this business! if he is stopping in your city, go check it out!

    also, dj chicken george rocks! check his website and buy his mix-cds!

  24. i cant get enough of this set!! 3rd time and i am late to meet my friends!!! it absof*ckinlutely rocks!!

    bigga, if you are out there reading this, and i think you soon will (((wink wink))), would you post your set list for us poor souls drooling over it? i recognized many of the tunes, but there are those ones i could only find through you.

    thanx + much love!!



  25. Yeah .. I just can’t get enough!
    Keep on playin’ these funky vibez

    Chicken George, Sound in Color, Bigga Bush and Betalounge: Thank U!

    Cheers : )

  26. Fantastic stuff! Don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it straight through.. But I’m dyin’ to see a setlist for Bigga’s set….any hope of that??

  27. much respect for betalounge sharing the tracklists. keep spreading good music throughout the world. thanx a lot guys keep it like that

  28. my favorite session – niceone !!!

  29. Wish Chicken George’s website was up…kudos to da mastah!
    Funk-o-freak-a-licious! About twenty minutes in, my hair got fried!
    Thanks BetaLounge for a cool summer!

  30. supa fine stuff. a must real session. props.

  31. i done this on my headphones and then i dun my brain.. word

  32. i dont know what love is but i love this, oh and booze

  33. What i am doing wrong? I cant lounch this or any other set.
    Who could show me first steps…?

  34. I think the server is down… no sets no music… what a pitty… *grmpf* please realaunch the server… need desperatly music for my soul…

    greetz to all the music lovers


  35. well, fear not. here is the set bigga bush did for kcrw before he dj’ed at transistor lounge in l.a. it is a much mellower, more downtempo kinda set, but really nice as well with an interview where you get to hear him talking about his experience with the rockers hi-fi, his influences, music idols, what dub and reggae means to him, etc.

    and yes!!! he is coming back to dj in the states in november!!! most likely he will be playing in d.c., nyc, and the west coast!! as soon as i know more details of his next tour and when the dates and cities are confirmed i’ll post here.


    one love!


  36. i listened again while touching my penis.. yesssssss

  37. here is bigga bush’s confirmed tour dates for the west coast so far:

    November 2004:

    Wed 3 Transistor Lounge LA
    Thu 4 San Diego, Stereo deluxe night w/ Megablast
    Fri 5 Bossa Nova LA
    Sat 6 Showcase at Media Creature Music LA (private event but I will be able to invite some guests)
    Sun 7 SewDown Fashion event, Hollywood Athletics Club, 6525 Sunset Blvd, LA
    Mon 8 Monday Social LA
    Thu 11 Airport Lounge, San Diego (RE:UP mag event)
    Fri 12 San Francisco (w/ Gilles P and Mark de Clive-Lowe)
    Sun 14 Dubmission SF

    he’s gonna rock the spot!!!!!!! dont miss it!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Nice one, Chicken George … ver nice ….
    Much love and respect.

  39. been listening to the beta lounge since 98. the set by chicken george is among the best i’ve heard. super smooth and very imaginative.

    00:06 – 00:41 particularly impressive.

    looking forward to seeing your site.


  40. Oh yeah! Love it love it love it… Beta Lounge does it once again. No other station gets such a diverse range of underground DJs with such amazing skills. Love it.


  41. To the chicken. Pleez, oh pleez… get your site up and running so that I can know when and where you’ll be causing hysteria in my area. You have helped me immeasurably during times of great midterm strife. You keep spinnin’ and I’ll keep groovin’ and grinnin’. One love, two fingers- peace, I’m out.

  42. Chicken George is phenom boodaabase scratchmaster….. He was the best part of the set. Thanks for Sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blacklocz ๐Ÿ˜‰

  43. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiit.
    lay it down and smack’m yack’m
    col’ gat the beats baby

  44. I saw Chicken George a lot when he’d come to Austin, TX. This guy rocks. I played his stuff for my buddies from Chicago and they all loved it. If he plays around here anytime soon, I’m defintely going to see him.


  45. Jesus, Great set Chicken! everytime i hear the vocals on that Eric B track the hairs on my arms stand straight up! ATX !Old school baby!!!!

  46. Just discoverd this one. Chicken george is nice. Nice hip hop, old school classics. Good work overall.

  47. Man, this set just rulez. Amazing DJ Chicken George
    plus pretty rare I guess

  48. HEY EVERYONE!!! i am proud to announce that my website is FINALLY UP!!! please go to when you get a moment!!! i have alot of new material there for you to dig through!!!! Always Keep Music Close!!!!


  49. yes!!!!! this is it!! need hip hop? look no further!!! chicken george is to be taken seriously!!!

  50. Big ups to Chicken George reppin Houtex by way of Austin. Nice cuts and as always tha illest selection. I have a couple of sets tha CG did at KPFT in Houston and always enjoy them when one needs to sit back and chill. Peace and Chicken Grease

  51. HEY EVERYONE !!! I just wanted to let you all know that I have made some SERIOUS updates to my site. There’s plenty of new mixes and now the CG online store is open. You can get mixed cd’s , CG shirts and all kinds of goodies. I appreciate all the love and positve feeback on my Beta Lounge mix !!! I’ll mos’ def. be back in SF soon !!!



  52. This is the snizzle menizzle

  53. Saw the boy in Leeds NYE awesome.
    This mix is the nuts

  54. Damn…… good stuff. Hope he brings the sauce to Phoenix ๐Ÿ™‚

    Peace ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. good shit, nice playin , respect

  56. Love this set! Chicken George is the shit! Whassup to the homies Sound In Color! See ya at the Blunt Club AZ

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