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Constantin Groll & Turnvadder


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  1. Constantin always plays nice tracks. More sets on

  2. this is the jam! puts the ladies in the mood.

  3. Tradegy! I had no idea! Your tribute to Elvin Jones is SOOO good to hear. All respects due to, as stated, one of the best jazz drummers ever! Cheers beta lounge.

  4. great, turnvadder! i love your set!

  5. I couldn’t agree more.

    Your tribute to Elvin Jones exhibits pure class.

    I really, truly love your work guys. Vive le betalounge!

  6. turnvadder,

    Can you reveal some of the soul artists that you were playing in your set. I really dig the style and the smooth tracks.



  7. hi folks, turnvadder here. thanks for all your nice comments…emboaba, here’s the entire tracklisting of my set. if there are any further questions from your end just add another comment to this forum or drop a mail to thanks for listening, heiko

    Larry Gold – Outro (BBE)
    DJ Cam – Juliet (Love Version) (Inflamable)
    John Coltrane Quartet – Wise One (Impulse)
    MFSB – My Mood (Philly International)
    Edna Wright – Oops, Here I Go Again (Arista)
    Linda Lewis – Reach Out For The Truth (Reprise)
    The Isley Brothers – Brown Eyed Girl (Epic)
    Rufus feat. Chaka Khan – Sweet Thing (ABC)
    Solid Gold Orchestra – Touch Me, Tease Me (Uncle Junior)
    Talib Kweli – Peace Of Mind (instr.) (Hi Rise)
    De La Soul – Much More (instr.) (AOI Records)
    Slum village – Selfish (Barak)
    Jamie Cullum – Frontin’ (White)
    Eric Roberson – When Love Calls On You (Soul Shoe)
    Ambersunshower – Funnie (Fat City)
    Mary J Blige – Message In Our Music (MCA)
    Mel & Tim – Keep The Faith (Stax)
    Leroy Hutson – Cool Out (Curtom)
    Leon Ware – Rockin You Eternally (Elektra)
    Cee-Lo – Allday Love Affair (Arista)
    Nuffwish – Loaded Chalice (White)
    Alicia Keys – You Don’t Know My Name (Remix) (Just Casvil)
    Donna Marie – Masterplan (Charm)
    Lloyd Brown – Main Squeeze (Charm)
    Jstar – Brat & Beres (White)
    Lloyd Brown – Reggignition (Charm)
    Peter Hunnigale – Never (Charm)
    Don Campbell – Rise (Charm)
    Freddie McGregor – Love Must Conquer (Charm)
    Peter Hunnigale – Without Your Love (Charm)
    Antonio – Your Love Is My Love (Charm)
    Donna Marie – Do Right (Charm)
    Glen Washington – Never Can Stop (Charm)
    Alpha Rowen – Sweet Love (Charm)
    Chi-Lites – Stoend Out Of My Mind (Brunswick)
    Marva Whitney – This Girl’s In Love With You (King)
    The Mob – I Dig Everything About You (Polydor)
    Sly & The Family Stone – Hot Fun In The Summertime (Epic)
    Solid Gold Orchestra – Touch Me, Tease Me (Uncle Junior)

  8. how very cool that you share your playlist with us. Right on.

  9. hey cool man. i love your teutonic vibes. when i hear the turnvadder play his sexy german tunes, it just makes me want to talk dirty (in german) and to grow a bushy moustache. germany for me encapsulates all that is sex and dirty.

  10. i just love the german bass, it makes my bowels loosen and as i soil my pants i think of all the pleasureable moments i have had with mohawked luftwaffe officers sons at the love parade… when they get their fluffy backpacks and candy whistles and lick my spanked bottom from behind i just loose my bowels again, the bass is so deep, so strong, like the reichstag…

  11. oh yeah, i love it when men called sven talk to me like that. i love watching the clinical ruthlessness of the early 90s german football team destroy mediocre opposition. lothar mattaus drilling free kicks from 40 metres out to restore a sense of order to the game conjures sweet memories of my childhood in the bavarian forests.

  12. theres something so satisfying about groll and turnvadder.. they remind me of the industrial estates of saarbrucken in the 40’s where i grew up as a child in the youth league.. lazy days of kickin around rag soccer balls and dreaming of babe ruth whilst wearing my kinickerbockers and pumps with pride.. all i think about is how the weak must be chiselled away. I want young men and women who can suffer pain. A young German must be as swift as a greyhound, as tough as leather, and as hard as Krupp’s steel…

  13. WOWIE ZOWIE is Constantin in love! great set

  14. About an hour in, I did a kharma flipout, with a half twist, into the smoov and out of the bubble gum…good grooves worth hanging out for…pour another one, sit back and wait for the kick…should be here any minute!

  15. Thanks for the tracklisting Turnvadder. It means alot to us beta lounge listeners who also DJ.


  16. moin jungs!

    alter schwede, ich ärger mich echt grad derbe, dass ich an dem tag nicht inner lounge war.
    ratten scharfes set von euch, reschpeckt meine herren!

    ich MUSS wissen was das für ne scheibe ist, die bei 1:39:10 startet!!!

    ich weiss nicht ob es so recht rüber gekommen ist: ICH MUSS ES WISSEN!!!!!!!

    if somebody konws wich hot song this is who strats at 1:39:10 PLEAAAAAAAAASE let me know!!!!


    die gerda

  17. *fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic**fantastic*

  18. God I never get sick of this show.

  19. hallo constanze,

    haben uns ewig nicht gesprochen…….habe aber immer mitgehört…..gruesse aus houston

  20. turnvadder, i’m in love with you! how can i get some hard copies of your sets?

  21. Yes. What we need is for Beta Lounge to make their library available in podcasts. Too much good stuff not to be fully available.

  22. Cant let this show die either.

  23. BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  24. Hello any chance to know the name / artist of the song starting @ 2:55…

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