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Funkstorung with Enik and Andreas Kellner


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  1. I REALLY like nodding my head to this.

  2. Enik goes on at 1:24:00

  3. nice set from funkstörung again 😀

    hope the detroit show will also be streamed on a internet page

    thx to the betalounge crew for this nice nice stuff

  4. www.

    enjoy it !!!
    and keep it unreal !!!

    greetings from caracas-venezuela

  5. hi gays can anyone help me with an track id ?

    min 42 plz


  6. franzmann:

    its ALIAS with Mark from the NOTWIST

    released by anticon

  7. @circuit73 , thx man for the fast help

  8. @ circuit73 -> is it this one ????

    Artist: ALIAS
    Title: Muted
    Label: ANTICON
    Catalog #: ABR 036 CD

    or can you plz tel me the name of the release???? would be nice thx

  9. great mix, i particuarly like that track thats like; no secrets.. when you open your mouth and then sounds like it meowing but then realise its someone speaking, phatstuff.

  10. Dope set. I like the industrial feel mixed in with a dash of hip hop.

  11. to franzmann:

    yes this is the one.

    Artist: ALIAS
    Title: Muted
    Label: ANTICON
    Catalog #: ABR 036 CD

  12. check out the 2 videos for DISCONNECTED. Apperently there will be 16 videos for this album, all made by different directors. Will keep adding links to them as I find them. Props to K7 for sharing them.

  13. circuit73

    thx man heres the link to the detroit show enjoy 😉

    but only 25 mins of funkstörung

    hope you enjoy

  14. this shit sucks

  15. at what point does F start their set in this stream?

  16. Quite awk!?

  17. Hello from Philadelphia, PA,

    I enjoyed this chilled-out set. Very interesting blend of sounds, samples and beats. This is unlike music I havebeen hearing in the States and i appreciate the difference.

  18. Hey,
    found a new and free track from Vadim on to download…
    the code is at2004..

    I really like this piece of music


  19. eslip,

    funkstorung starts at 1:24:00….

  20. yeah the meow thing is nice. anyone know what is the track that starts at around 28 minutes? the one with that brazilian instrument you hear during carnival and also has slide guitar.

    thanks circuit73.

  21. to peblos:

    the track that starts at 28:15 is

    artist: TORTOISE

    7in on white vinyl from their 1998 tour.


  22. Hi. Great set, great site 😀 (just discovered it)

    But i need some help with a track. It’s the one after the mf doom track. starts exactly at 38:50
    (well that’s not thaat precise)

    thx 😀


  23. anyone know who the track at 2:52 is?

  24. generally i write snide comments about everything on betalounge , though i listen to it daily.. today i was listening to it on my lap top while doing a turd.. the funkiness loosened my bowels and made me exstatic.. i like this set.. for funky turds.. look no further..

  25. basically i larve kark

  26. I thought my neighbor was tap dancing on his tin roof, or else the cat had slipped into my carburetor again, while I was backing out of my brain in my Funkswagen, but then I settled into lotus position, downed another Mr. Natural chicken niblet, and went into a state of complete ecstasy. Set my alarm for eve of nirvana, please.

    p.s. this one my dog didn’t freak out hearing

  27. Have listened to this set three times over it really is the DB!!! Listen and enjoy.

  28. Very good funkstörung set! I love the stuff from circuit73 too…

    Track 02:36:18 – sounds fantastic! Also sounds like Har Mar Superstar is on vocals, though probably me wishful thinking…

  29. I’ve been listening to the Circuit73 intro repeatedly for about a week now (after a friend showed it to me). Still haven’t gotten far into the funkstorung, can’t get past the intro.

    Great stuff. Wish I could get an MP3 of it.

  30. Anyone know who starts at 2:20:15?

  31. Don’t sleep on the Millhouse set starting at 3hr 45min.

  32. This set rocks. Ive been a funksturong fan for years and they keep getting better and better. The opener was pretty darn good (0:00-1:24).. Enik’s vocals and lyrics are incredible. He is the male version of Bjork (with better lyrics) Funkstorung’s beats are fresh and crunchy. ****

  33. I keep listening to this set over and over… I need to grab the new DVD and also any Enik I find! The only thing which lets this set down is the under-enthusiasm of the crowd. What gives?

  34. Sweet set!

    Is this a live set??? If so, these guys are pretty impressive, wonder when they will be making a trip to the Twin Cities?

  35. They’ll never make it to the Twin Cities Sucka!! AH HA HA HA HAAAA!!!!!

  36. This saturday Ullery,

    Get your interpretive dance routine ready!

  37. It\’s 2009 now and I still love this set… Enik has a great voice, but it\’s a pity his album wasn\’t as raw as this set was back in the day…

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