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DJ Phono [video]


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  1. N*E*R*D, The beatles, Old School Reggae Vibes, Depeche mode, N*E*RD again, Snoop Doggy Dog Gin&Juice ORIGINAL SAMPLER. Funk Grooves 70´s beats,
    1.07.00 LUOMO – remixxxx
    1.20.00 TELEPOPMUSICK- BREATHE remixxxxxx
    1.26.00 80 classic unknow :S remixxx i guess it is whitney houston, i dont know:S
    1.30.00 THE GREAT RICARDO VILLALOBOS – dexter remix
    1.37.00 THE GREAT HEIKO VOSS – I THINK OF YOU remixxxxx geiger
    and many more more more…

    great eclectic session …easy nice listening…. perfect whit some wine… and pot,


  2. please what is the song of outkast, listen in 1.49.00

    please i need the name of this song!!!! pleaseee !!

  3. if this was played in all elevators, i’m sure more people would be getting down
    i like it grrrreeaatttt!!

  4. what would i have to do to get a play list? this is too good!

  5. what would i have to do to get this mix in mp3 format for my ride??

  6. what would i have to do to get this mix in mp3 format for my ride??


  8. funky tune at 59 mins that has also been on another recent bLounge show… is Marlena Shaw singing California Soul…

  9. zum ende hin ist echt nicht mehr an irgendwas-nebenbei-tun zu denken!

  10. funky tune at 59 mins that has also been on another recent bLounge show… is Marlena Shaw singing California Soul…

  11. Does anyone know what song is at 2:47 ? I really like it !

  12. @tuffgirrrl: ‘if i ever feel better’ by phoenix, taken form their debut album ‘united’.

  13. helga is asking what is the song at 1h55 – it is indeed reaaaal good

  14. What is the name of the song @ 01:06 time? I have heard that in many other sets in Beta Lounge, For example Kowesix set the first opening song of the set. Where can I buy this song? Thanks in advance.

  15. Hi TUFFGIRLLL, that song is called If I ever feel better by Phoenix, a parisian band who lunched that song in 2001

  16. Chalant Music hey man Austin TX i’m here in houston
    i’m sure you know jeff carbury hes on the come up as a house dj

  17. super-turbo-kopfnick-mix!!! huldigung an phono & an betalounge sowieso.
    does anyone know anything about the track at 45:00?

  18. @trouble: it’s another phoenix tune entitled ‘run, run, run’ taken from their new album ‘alphabetical’.

  19. wow wow wow…….. it`s a great Mix. I`m so happy that I found it!



  20. well, some nice music, but what a cheesy guy!

  21. Yes, this show brings me joy.

  22. Nice mix! Anyone know the tune @ 1:59? Sometimes… nothing happens …vocal.

  23. That’s the ‘SOMETIMES-EP’ by the french girl CLOE on KARAT. Allready a classic down in Kraut’s Country.

  24. Who knows the song @0:45 ?

  25. Been there, done that!
    iwow! What a day was that!
    Can anybody tell me, what we got at 2:22?

    Thanyouze! Maunamea

  26. halo ditschai phOno…. du bist escht ein lusTiger tüP. und machst gans tole muSik weita so.


  27. @ danielhbr: ‘run,run,run’ by phoenix

  28. yeah n1 set but whats the name of the last song ??
    this song is played 2 times !!

  29. wow grooveeeeeeee! – my ears are liking it!

  30. Please, what is the song @2:20 … sounds like erobique?!

  31. PLAYLIST!!! Or what happens @2:45 Pleaze?

  32. @yann
    track at 1h55 is quarks – i walk (superpitcher remix) on kompakt/speicher

  33. @frenec
    track at 2h20 is JUSTICE vs SIMIAN – Never be alone (on gigolo)

  34. what’s that? staring at 27:00 – la la, take me with you…
    does anybody know it?

    ps: thanks kosikoz – love it

  35. La tigre rocks and you rock!!

  36. Man! Extreamly good selection , but I hope this guy isn’t really playing out… I mean Thats Great He Has Some great music to share but were is the teqnical skill… Im sorry but I didn’t see any at all… SEE WHAT I MEAN… watch the end of the video… the last 15 minutes… Love the tracks, no mix… SORRY, from a technical dj

  37. does anybody know the name of this cheesy song @ 1:43:XX?

  38. who cares about technical skills, I’ve listened to too many ‘great technical dj’s’ playing rather uninspired stuff to worry much about that – great tracks are great tracks and it’s great to see there are people out there sharing what has inspired them and not worrying about perfection. This guy has guts – what a wacky ending to his set…

    a non-technical dj.

  39. Does anybody know the track from 2:36 /39 ? It´s so powerful !

  40. I’ve cleared dancefloors, people have actually left because I was in some technical artistic head trip… It’s happened more than once…

  41. And then there’s like these couple geeks who walk over to the decks (after the rest of the room is gone) and stare and my sliders and knobs going woooooow.

    I’m all for the DJ who plays good music, something I never learned. fuck skills.

  42. so wonderful music – love that guy!

    @Tamerlane: the track at 2.36 is called ‘luckycharm’ by ada.

  43. @ datalounge:

    the whitney houston vs. kratfwerk track is this one:

    s _ n _ t _ l _ x

  44. Total Fett. Vor allem der Track bei Zeit Index 1:30:00 ~ 1:36:00 h/m/s
    Das erste viertel ist nicht so toll aber der Rest ist erste Sahne.Selbst heute noch!

  45. yeah dj phono rocks

    eaven today the set is amazing…………

    thank’s to betaloung and phono

  46. welcher track läuft ungefähr bei min. 19 ??? absolut schöner sound. ich bin verliebt!!! helft mir.

    greetz ernesto

  47. Weiss jemand wie der song heisst, der bei der Verwandlung zu Henning Hero läuft??

  48. Sagenhaft – dieser Nachmittag!

    Wie schön – dabei gewesen zu sein!!!

    Danke Super Henning Hero

  49. ???
    1:41 – 1:43:50
    Irre gut
    Kennt jemand diesen Song.

  50. das ist:
    heiko voss – i think about you (dj koze mix)


  51. Wer hat noch das Video von dem Set? Ich hatte es mal aber es ist im laufe der Zeit verloren gegangen. 🙁

    Falls es noch wer hat, schreibt mir ( spyfan AT ) oder via WA 0175-4787190

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