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Move D


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  1. really, really like the groovier disco trax, like the one that kicks in around 48:45- wow!! a little too much space in between them tho, but now Im jus bein picky- all in all- pretty damn great.

    so, anybody know who did that track at 48:45? and perhaps their label??

  2. What a wicked set……mellow, irie, imaginative tunnes. Its defenitely a set to sit down have a few, do some work, chill or whatever. Give it peep.

  3. wow – kinda lost for words





  5. yeah. what a killer show. how long was the live set, hamburg boys? and how much is DJ’ing?

  6. Nice gift…..thanks betalounge……very big ups 2 move d
    live tones as always…

  7. Does move d have any albums out? What are they called?

  8. Move D has an album called Kunstoff from about 10 years ago. One of my favorite electronic sets ever. Very early nineties syntho sound. I lent it to a friend once and never got it back, spent months looking for it online and finally found it. Definitely part of my criterion collection.

  9. all live !! no djing. all tracks from david or from david and friends

    Move D – Pop For Dwoozle (Fax) is out now
    New Deep Space Network Album is cooming soon
    and yes, Kunstoff is a classic piece of electronic art


    rüftatat 110

  10. Ultra-mellow and well worth a listen. Intoxicating amd ripe. Best BL set since Copenhagen.

  11. beautiful set!

    love the guitar playing.

    thanks Hamburg crew for bringing in Move D.

  12. Anyone have any info on the track that begins around 42:45 with the telephone tones?

    Is it on any label?

    That track gave me the chills after the breakdown BEAUTIFUL!

    I hope it’s released somewhere.


  13. Anyone have any info on the track that begins around 42:45 with the telephone tones?

    Is it on any label?

    That track gave me the chills after the breakdown BEAUTIFUL!

    I hope it’s released somewhere.


  14. hi!

    thanks for your kind comments!
    more infos about my and/or source records activities can be found here:

    my set consisted of original material only – most of it unreleased.
    i was going back and forth between max/msp (live set) and simple itunes playback – there was a problem with my computer that day. first max/msp crashed (about 1:30:00) later the whole computer hung up (see picture on the left)…


    0:00:00 – 0:09:39 move d: lo / introduction – from various artists ‘zero gravity’
    0:09:40 – 0:14:30 move d: untitled – unreleased
    0:14:30 – 0:20:30 move d: untitled – unreleased
    0:20:30 – 0:27:40 studio pankow: untitled – from studio pankow album to be released on city centre offices
    0:27:40 – 0:33:20 move d: tausendfuss – unreleased
    0:33:20 – 0:37:00 move d: hagel in berlin – from radioplay ‘tonspuren 1-10’
    0:37:00 – 0:41:15 move d: brueckenstrasse, heidelberg – from radioplay ‘tonspuren 1-10’
    0:41.15 – 0:48:30 move d: dial-a-tone – from radioplay ‘tonspuren 1-10’
    0:48.30 – 0:55:20 move d: i-freak – unreleased
    0:55:20 – 1:04:20 move d / ruit (conjoint): ice tango – unreleased
    1:04:20 – 1:07:45 move d: doowop in harlem – unreleased
    1:07:45 – 1:13:10 (move d / rawell): untitled – to be released on
    1:13:10 – 1:19:30 move d: basic joint – unreleased (different version on conjoint ‘earprints’)
    1:19:30 – 1:25:00 move d: marshmelliow boots – to be released on ‘airbag compilation vol2’ (out to lunch)
    1:25:00 – 1:29:50 move d: dance on – unreleased


    1:30:10 – 1:33:30 move d / martin maischein: untitled – unreleased
    1:33:30 – 1:40:50 deep space network (dsn): airing dew – from dsn ‘raise this flap’ (source records)
    1:40:50 – 1:47:15 studio pankow: untitled – unreleased
    1:47:15 – 1:50:00 move d: weimar – heidelberg hbf – from radioplay ‘tonspuren 1-10’
    1:50:00 – 1:59:00 move d: downtime – from various aritsts ‘simulus’ (psychonavigation)
    1:59:00 – 2:05:30 adolf noise (dsn remix): 40 kaninchen – from various artists ‘plattenbau remixes’ (plattenmeister)
    2:05:30 – 2:10:15 move d: goofi – from ‘pop for dwoozle’ (fax)
    2:10:15 – 2:16:30 dsn: pea gravel – from ‘raise this flap’ (source records)
    2:16:30 – 2:19:35 dsn: bafflegab / outro – from ‘raise this flap’ (source records)

    thanks for listening!


  15. This is a wonderful sound set. Nice to find these days. These days of intense reality, nice break from it. Reiminds me of the music available from the post USSR Latvians:
    Wonderful, inspirational, expansive…

    RR-Cambria, CA

  16. hi david,great set.enjoyed every that goofi tune.looking forward to your gig in dublin.all the best,keith downey.psychonavigation records

  17. I really liked the whole set, I listened to it while working on a script… The piece that you indicate is by tausendfuss about 27 minutes in stuck in my mind and I had to go back to listen again. See, it fits right in with part of the script. I was hoping it was something I could just purchase, but I guess no such luck. If it ever is availabe, I’ll buy it. If this movie ever gets made, I want it in there… Anyway, thanks for the beautiful music!

  18. seit wann gibts den tannenzäpfle in hamburg *ROFL*

    naja ich drink auch mal ein zäpfel danke dir für das nette set ,

    greetz aus lahr / schwarzwald 😉

  19. go with the flow

  20. Wow David, what a set. It really is inspiring to still hear that delicacy of touch that has graced your tunes for so long now. I will be heading down to the Dublin show in June. Much respect – Charles

  21. HepHey! this is so frigging good a set. Thumbs up for Move D!

    …I have been listing to your set during report writing – due in a week (-: and it was inspirational!

  22. Move on….D.!!!

    There are some great tunes on this set.

    Love from Oslo…

  23. this set is one for the books to bad max / msp crashed that program is sick
    but it does tend to crash easily usually using too much of my machines cpu
    nice job and props from ////sixa the swedish sultan//// does any one have info on future acts by move d i could catch???

  24. fuck yes…this is the sound i like….this set rules mother earth. god bless jah, the genius has spoken.

  25. Thanks for the extensive info on your music…I only wish other artists on betalounge would do more like the same…but then I also wish I had two sets of arms, and when the hell is that going to happen either? betalounge is where to park your kharma….!

  26. I was sitting doing some work while listening to this set when I suddenly just stopped working, it was ‘Goofi’
    comming out of my headphones…man, something struck me about that song, so nice, so chill. I dont know what I would do without betalounge and their exelence.

    Peace out betalounge, and I’m looking forward to the next record-club shipment

    respect from Norway!

  27. I can’t wait to replay this set when it starts snowing in Washington DC where I live. This’ the perfect set for downloading to a minidisc player and walking around a city on dreary day. Just the right mix of relaxation, groove, and aural intoxication. Thanks for sharing your megahot mixes with us, Move D!

  28. How do you get a streamed file onto your minidisc?

  29. Well actually you can’t get a streamed file directly on to a minidisc. What I do is run my computer sound through an analog Y-cable into my stereo reciever and then connect my MD player also via analog Y-cable to the stereo. Then you just do a normal MD analog recording in real time and the outcome is an analog recording of the radio stream onto MD. With long sets it’s a little time consuming, but well worth it for sets like this one.

  30. Thanks for the top-tips.

  31. Ain’t no thang, b boy.
    I hate to keep droppin comments but I just can’t get over how beautiful the tracks at 27.40 and 41:30 are; tausenfrond and dial-a-tone I believe are their names. Each one makes my skin prickle with their mixture of ambient and found sounds and click beats, tausen… for its electro-billy vibe ala steel guitars, and dial-a-tone for its use of synth wash and clicky disco beats, especially that one sound that’s like a spoon tapping the side of an empty mason jar. Simply brilliant stuff.

  32. Wow! What a set. Such an insperation when you’re sittin at a computer all day trying to get some work done. The problem is that I just keep gettin lost in the music and staring out of the window for hours on end! Does anyone know of any albums that I can buy with a simillar style?

    Thanks Beta Lounge.

  33. check out kunstoff by move d, as well as the 2 conjoint albums

  34. there is an archived (also mellow) Move D live set, which was recorded in Belgium recently.
    The show can be streamed (realplayer) here:


    1992 – 2002 ten years Source Records

  35. Where’s the clip???

  36. Jesus, this is such a good set…. I first heard it back in 2004 and its just so bloody good… so many memories tied up in each tune, sound, mix…. can I buy this anywhere?

  37. Beautiful Move D. x

  38. amazing

  39. lol, i am seeing just right now that david has written a tracklist. The whole mix is a pleasure!
    And now i know the track at 1:50:00! Love it!

    The tracks at
    1:13:10 – 1:19:30 move d: basic joint – unreleased (different version on conjoint \’earprints\’)
    1:40:50 – 1:47:15
    studio pankow: untitled – unreleased

    are also released on \”Studio Pankow – Linienbusse / City Centre Offices / Source-Records\”

    Should be interessting, too —

    Outstanding and Timeless!

  40. yep, outstanding and timeless

  41. still a journey through a timeless source of silence, crispy food of dubbed and ambient potatoes… choose your soup and lay down with dipped fingers… mouthful and your hands between your legs like Al Bundy to recognize that this is still avaivable…

    What is Mikerism doing?

    Have a nice one 2017! 20 Years Betalounge!


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