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  1. Who does the track around 28-29.50, it’s pretty slick……

  2. it’s ‘back on da block’ by pete rock

  3. Shit man… drop all that ragga-seanpaul-style shit.

    Nobody Beats the Beats ROXXX, I love your cd’s guys 😉 – but this mix does not give it up true Nobody Beats The Beats style before 22:05…

    BUT – from there on till the end, im lovin it… Bring on a Nobody Beats the Beats 3 soon, aaight 😉

    See you guys around

  4. still rockin, i saw NBTB when they first came out in Copenhagen-loved it then, love it still.

  5. Thats a fresh mix, nobody beats the beats for life

  6. does anybody know the artist and titel from the second song around 5.00? something with stranger? the track right before the instrumental dub of nonono?

    by the way: it is a shame to move from hamburg to the south of germany and to know that i can´t find anything like the betalounge down here! but thanks for this great service and keep on rockin´!

  7. hey there, did realise this part was on the player pop up. anyway now i’m here, the show was amazing, love it with me headphones on doingmy site. I listen it in the U.K from midnight, cos i cant listen to it live cos of the time.

    Love beta loung and just about to listen to the new show that just went up ftom the 22may

    keep it up people, i’m a huge fan

    would have watched the video, but aint got broadband

    demand records
    cool music revolution

    Banbury, Oxfordshire, england
    mobile: 07799241715

  8. Hey BetaLounge,

    nuff respect from me, Greven, from CPH DK.

    Listen to your stuff on a daily basis – I just love
    that reggae shit!

    love ,

  9. I really really Loooove the freaking dub!!



    Yes, Much respect from I.

    Oakland, California, USA

  12. DAMN!!! This entire set was like an auditory wet dream.
    One of the best all-around sets I’ve found after years of being a beta lounge junkie.

  13. So dope!

    Nice mix of down-tempo, dub, jazzy hip hop and soulful RnB. One of the best mixes so far.

  14. Real cool mix..that’s how we like it..nice blend of beats, reggae, hiphop and such plus a good live mc..recommended!

    Does anybody know the instrumental at 01:04:20 just before the ugly duckling/rio de janeiro beat?


  15. Hell yes. Good Stuff, indeed.

    Anyone know where I can find more from these guys?

  16. damn… thats nice… downtown.

  17. Are the first few tracks off the Wackies label?

    I think the second track is the Lovejoys, but am not sure about the first with that 80s synth.

    Anyone know?

    Love the roots!

  18. @D_Rock – Is that you Dennis? Good luck with yor career in the ComBizz

  19. the track at 29 -33 mins is ‘reminisce’ by pete rock and cl smooth

  20. anyone know de trak at ~25:30? where the mc starts up?

  21. yo man.. this is the dope.. like the mega weed.. like the wacky stylleeee tabacky man.. it just gives me crazy chills and spills down my spine man.. like makes me into like some kind of cyber erotic princess though im a guy and im just like being rammed my the technics in my open portal of beats love… fill it.. fill my portal..

  22. Dese Danes doin’ it dubstyleee, upside de head, with mo fo less I guess….I be dig!

  23. Really smooth music. Loving all of it.
    Certainly glad that I found this site.
    Fucking ‘ell it’s good!
    Nobody B T B rocks!!

    regga vibes from the deep.
    listen to these guy and girls .


  24. very irie indeed!

  25. nothin i can say that hasn’t been said already, good shit.

  26. good start
    after half an hour the guys are obviously too smoked up to keep it up

  27. Yes…. SIRE .fire ,fire ,fire,
    yeah MON,,SO dis be the shit ,listen and chill to the DUB vibes naw SEM,,
    very good selection ,,

  28. unbelievable set…

    i was transported back to that most fantstic of isles, dancing barefoot on the white sand beaches.

    cleaning my house has never been so enjoyable.

    note to mikerism…you have serious bowel issues.

  29. nice,
    nice duby,jazzy downtempo set .

  30. hell of a mixtape !
    keep that fucking groovy work and come back 🙂
    greetz from bremen , germany

  31. What a nice session, I up in rotterdamn chilling on the flowing beats coming up to my feet. Homegrown up in my brain listening to the tunes!!!

  32. great mix of dirty beats, old school grade 8 dance tunes and indie shit i never heard…

    mish mash at its best.

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