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Ole Deine Villa


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  1. fucking cool set. starts with some good songs (lou reed) and then gets deep down and sexi tripping. i would like to know more about this Ole Deine Villa. aroun 1 hour you start shaking your head infront of the screen………so so sexi!!! pure white!!!

  2. coole mucke, da fällt mir nix mehr ein……

    haedshake – total!

  3. what tune is being played at the time 02:00 in this set? I’ve heard it many times before, but don´t know what it is. If someone knows, please answer

  4. tune at 2hrs is Ada – Lucky Charm on album called Fabric 15 by tyrant :

    We have a great thing here in the UK called shazam – you type 2580 into your phone and it send you a message with the song…

  5. this has the right mix of spacy downtempo and some folksy retro rock mixed together. I like it… a lot.

  6. wicked set , proper good beats , after 130hr it gets wit it…………………


  8. Dude……Beautiful!

  9. Nice Stoney beats good for Ganga pass time….

  10. i love him….

    great music an so good looking…

    let there be dirt!


  11. sehr nett . . das macht spaß…..

  12. Yah live! Wicked jammin in the beginging so far so good.

  13. startet schlapp, aber startet durch….

  14. such an epic show… any chance of a setlist?

  15. oi
    it’s very nice and rare to get some old school classic songs before getting hight with eletronique. beta lounge should find some djs able to play olny classics, because sometimes this is all we want! we love techno and electro but at home we like classics to scream under the shower!
    Ps: how come girls go coucou on this dude?! the pictures are so small!

  16. by the way very happy to hear bowie in christiane F. first time i listen to it somewhere else than in my walkman…

  17. Salwa if you wanna hear classics tune in to your local oldies or 80-90s station and sing along with mineudo all f’n day in the shower while you turn into the human prune. However, if you wanna hear the kind of music commercial radio is too commodified, too damned middle of the road, and outright scared to play, then the betalounge is the place to be.

  18. awesome !
    love it !!!

  19. Cooool, man! Keep it up there

  20. The track starting just before 50:00 is sooo funkin groovin’ can’t stop movin, peace, from Canada, long time beta fan from the old school, San fran daze

  21. ECHT CREMIG! ab ca. 55.00 bis ca. 1.20.00

  22. da lounge is on funk –
    da beat makes me drunk :

  23. luuuvely…does anybody know this retro e-wave thing starting round’ 41 mins???

  24. moving set… fantastic sounds… intergalactic…

    greetz to odv

    ole rocks

  25. i like it too! Does Somebody knows the title of the song at 41′?

  26. for BY.LUCKY and the rest

    this retro e-wave thing going on 41min is a classic-bizarr 1981 b-side thing form the netherlands.

    its `logic system`
    on their first album called `logic`
    track `intro`

    wave me to death….mr ole his villa
    gruce stg love

  27. hello everybody on the globe,
    thank you very much for the lovely comments and the kind regards!!!
    i’m verry sorry, but I was busy redecorating our club in hamburg (come and visit us: tanzhalle st. pauli/ so I didn’t have time to write a hole set list…
    but one for now: the e-wave thing is more than INTRO (what is just about 34 seconds). It is the following track UNIT. Give me some time and i try to give you all information you need about my set.

    ps: check out our DIRT!-Dances every first friday at Tanzhalle St. Pauli / Hamburg and our page still in progress:

  28. hi, what’s the track playing at 53:30 .please someone help me out. really nice one!!!

  29. and again, the track at 1:45 . what’s that???? need to know, the bomb. please help…..

  30. and the one at 1:22???

  31. nichts leichter, als das sagte pickeldie zu fredderick…komm mit…

    yap! no problem:
    55:00 is Chloé with Sometimes on the forgotten ep on Karat/Discograph
    1:22 is Motor with 2 on Salo 02
    1:45 is Pan/Tone with green bottles & teen models ep on Substatic 34

    let’s rock!


  32. ole deine villa
    setzt ein grinsen auf das
    ‘anna bauer in new york face’ ,
    gruss an die family,

  33. One of my favorite mixes.

    I come back to this one regularly

  34. 30:00 what’s this? amazing stunt !

  35. dear lisarB,
    this is david bowie – station to station (live) from the soundtrack of the german film: wir kinder vom bahnhof zoo. great film, great musik.
    thank you for listening!

    kisses and bye bye

    deine villa

  36. thank you for the reply, once again: amazing choice

  37. Amazing mix…love it

    could somebody tell mem the track at 1:39 ?

    greets from the “völligst geflashte von der schönen musi” Kitchen 🙂

  38. oh the track at 1h 39 min !!!

  39. hallo kinky kitchen,

    das stück ist auf der ersten soul center von thomas brinkmann. wie es genau heißt, ist mir grad entfallen, aber das ganze album ist grandios. kann man also blind kaufen. ob es das allerdings noch auf vinyl gibt weiß ich nicht, ist schon 6 jahre alt… aber cd sollte kein problem sein. check auch mal die anderen sachen von brinkmann unter! irre geil!

    vielen dank und viele grüße aus der hansestadt

  40. Hey ole,

    vielen herzlichen dank zurück in die hansestadt.

    hui prima…werde mich gleich mal auf vinyl – suche begeben.

    also bis dann und weiter so…

    the “auf die neue platte freuende” kitchen

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