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Beta Lounge Relaunch Party #1


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The San Francisco crew celebrates the new web site you’re looking at right now, with sets from Metrologic, 370, Picadub, and Millhouse.


  1. What a great party! Millhouse gets the prize of the evening for playing not one but TWO El General tracks…Pum pum mami mami indeed.

  2. I am so with you psb. check out the images (thanks mickey)

  3. Metrologic aka Circuit73: 0:00
    370: 54:00
    Picadub: 01:49:00
    Milhouse: 02:44:00

  4. Hats off to the Beta Lounge for another great party…

    Millhouse was on fire!

  5. The Trax are good, but i miss the flow or a structure of the mix! The DJs should work harder on there skillz and listen to their collegues in Hamburg! Or have the drank to much? Has anybody danced on that evening? Ooops, that was hard. But for me that mix is just a try with some errors, sorry! But the Tracks are good!

  6. Yo Toben,
    Which part of the mix?

  7. The first DJs! Milhouse is not beatmixing and the set is more song orientated, his luck!
    Oh, I guess, I do not make friends today!

  8. who play in this mix??? thnx 🙂

  9. toben, do my defense I have to say I mostly played records I didnt get the chance to even listen to once before that night :-). I think my 3 collegues did a fantastic job with the mix, and yes, people were dancing.
    thanks for the feedback.

  10. hi to all !
    i am a listener from austria since 5 years now…,and i love the betalounge….,very good music,good streaming…..,kepp on doing this good stuff !!!
    ok , so long !

    greets from austria !

  11. First of all–much love and respect for all you do. Can always count on you guys.

    Who’s the artist that sings the 2 songs starting somewhere around 30 min to 45 min of the first set?

    Beautiful music. . .

  12. sorry, starting a lil later at the 35 min mark.

  13. the relaunch party was off the hizzie! chips and salsa, encapsulated peanut butter pretzel thingies, three time introductions, lots of hottie chicas, and fresh cuts by san francisco’s homegrown, what a night. metrologic-way to start off the night right (for the second time, inside joke), 370-grandson of kraftwerk? who knows but that mix you came up on was PHAT, picadub-da’ mix was doobeelicious man, millhouse-brada your cuts got me shakin like shake and bake. all these statements are overstated or is it understated-a little of both!

    much mahalo,
    betalounger by nature

  14. Playlists god damn it! Wonderful! Shure would have liked to be there…

  15. billiegoat:

    35:00 the singer is ENIK from the new FUNKSTORUNG lp.

    before that is PULSEPROGRAMMING.

    and yea, we are working on getting the set lists up here.


  16. Yes, I am very interested in tracklistings, especially one of the bizarre stuff 370 was playing.

    By the way, I am probably the person who spent the most time listening to the betalounge.

  17. my set list yo…

    Microstoria – Pull Moll (Mouse on Mars Remix) // Thrill Jockey
    Tortoise – Cobwebbed (Casey Rice Remix) // Thrill Jockey
    To Rococo Rot + D – Set this as // Soul Static Sound
    Pole – Fahren // Matador
    Bjork – Undo // One Little Indian
    Slicker – Frustrache // Hefty Records
    Andreas Tilliander – Hastjobb // Mille Plateaux
    Pulseprogramming – Off to do showery snapshots (Static Remix) // Aesthetics
    Funkstorung – Disconnected w/ Enik // K7
    Telefon Tel Aviv – I Lied (edit) // Hefty Records
    Miho Hatori – Night Light // Chocolate Ind.
    Diverse – Just Biz // Chocolate Ind.
    Funkstorung – Fat Camp Feva w/ Nongenetic (Funckarma Remix) // K7

  18. thanks todd. mine coming soon…

  19. hi, here is my setlist:

    Sensorama – Star Elevator – Ladomat
    Sten – Eccentric – Dial
    Black Helicopters – Beyond our Ken – Rotor
    Thomas Brinkmann – dank an paris-texas – max ernst
    Anthony Rother – Dead Clocking – propaganda
    Kirlian – Porzellangasse Groove 1 – Sähkö
    Farmers Manual – Farmers Manual – Mego
    Mouse on Mars – Saturday Night Worldcup Fever – Pure
    Syntetics – Natural – rephlex
    Stridler B – Bradley’s Robot – rephlex
    Rocket – Rocket in Dub 4 – Italic
    Deadbeat – requiem – Scape

    thanks 370

  20. What’s the tune at 1:21 through 1:31?

  21. Here’s my setlist:

    Carsten Jost, Krokus, Superpitcher remix (Dial/Ladomat 2000)
    M.I.A., Fade the Pages (Sub Static)
    Konfekt, jez[sof] (Areal)
    M.I.A., Don’t Cry (Trapez)
    Rex the Dog, Prototype (Kompakt)
    Basteroid, Against Luftwiderstand Remixe, Ada + Metope + Jake Fairley remix (Areal)
    Marcos Cabral, B1 (Trapez ltd 16)
    Robag Wruhme, Jena Maks Koerner & Treplec rmx (Milnor Modern)
    Kalabrese, Set Me Free (Perlon)
    Laszlo Beckett & Steven Taylor, You Gotta Work (Hand on the Plow)
    Yoshihiro Arikawa, Lamp Black (Kodaira)
    St. Plomb, A Bat in My Shoe (Mental Groove)
    Kelis, Milkshake (Star Trak)
    Lucien-N-Luciano, Stone Age (Cadenza)


  23. the site update was sooo long overdue but well worth the wait. bye bye retro green (which was around since 98 i believe).

    btw, 2 tha beta lounge crew – in case you didnt already know.. you guys are the dog’s bullocks and we all love you.

  24. picadub rocks!

  25. Great stuff, great sound, great momentuums…
    Everybody should like it!


  26. That Funkstorung track featuring Enik at 35:00 is AMAZING! Is that on the record they just/are geeting ready to put out? Thanks for this mix…fantastic!

  27. i just love to have the party like de berlin love parade ya.. i want to wear fluoro and dance wit my backpack all night long and then touch the naked boobies

  28. the 370 set iz crap, his voice is terrible , betalounge should lock him up in a back room and throw away the mike

  29. yo dude… that last comment wasn’t very nice…

    recent SF’er who had to move to the burbs (due to the kid)…

  30. plazm… move out of your parents basement and then you can talk.

  31. wicked !!

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