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Wechsel Garland


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  1. no sé como definir esta session, la palabra eclectica no llega adefinirla…es tan amplio el espectro musical que llega alcanzar Wechsel Garland, que no tiene fronteras a la imaginacion. ETHNIC MUSIC + MINIMAL + EXPERIMENTAL + NOISE + CLICKS N CUTS + MUUUUUUCHO RITMO INTERESANTE = EL GRAN GARLAND… SALUDOS DESDE CARACAS VENEZUELA

  2. karaoke kalk es musica de marcianos para terricolas… garland es el jefe de la galaxia karaokekalk

  3. hey de donde eres daetapunk? coloca tu mail

  4. A great mix! Any chance of a tracklisting being posted for this show?

  5. wonderfull tracks, can anyone tell ùe the name of the track playing at 44′ 20” thanks

  6. the track actually starts at 43’20”…

  7. It sounds a bit like tba on max.ernst but i’m not that sure… Anyway: wunderful show. Really.

  8. One of the best this site has, strong cohesion and interesting selection. Saludos desde Cholula Mexico

  9. what¨s the wonderful song at 1:22 ???

  10. Buenísima !! Bordea los sentidos hasta dejarte en xtc…. Saludos desde CHILE

  11. hey as far as i’d listened i know some of the tracks the sets great as i xpected hey great to see people from Chile and Mex!

  12. Excelente!! Mr. Garland. Comentario: Gustavo Cerati (segun comentó el mismo en una entrevista) se va a Colonia a grabar un disco o algunas canciones con Jorg Follert. Esperemos…

  13. hooooo! this mix took me heaven. thanx to beta lounge. thanx to wechsel garland. if you like wechsel garland/wunder@you may like nobukazu takemura,masakatsu takagi and sora. they are all most interesting electric musician in japan. check these out! tawaki(japanese music lover)

  14. anybody have any idea of the song played before the hope sandoval one? that’s after some drumnbass track mixed with some breakbeat around the minute: 40:30… then comes hope sandoval with on the low and then jeff alexander – come wander me

  15. Sehr fein, all obskures und komisch schoene aus der Welt der magischen Klaenge, Salut, Wechsel Garland auf dein Wohl.

  16. yeah exactly what is the track in 45th minute, before Hope Sandowal’s On The Low. ????

  17. Everyone asks for the same track which starts at 43th minute. It is artist: TBA label: Max Ernst thanx for Wechsel Garland

  18. The song at 1:22 is by Mathieu Boogaerts – J’en ai marre d’être bleu The piece at 40:30 is a clip I made for the betalounge set. …and yes it´s of course the fantastic TBA (favourite one) thanks to IlsaGold! And thanks for all comments… so good to get feedback… Best

  19. fuck wechsel imself wrote in this board!? if it’s him then great traxs, keep on going on and release the new album! and hell, whatta great trax the ones from Mathieu Boogaerts and the TBA track btway, is it just me or TBA its the abreviation for To Be Announced? oh well, dont speak fine english if thats not the name of the track or its a Wechsel one correct mee see ya Wech if that was u who wrote PD: Wechsel is not Morr Music, Wech is Wech! he even mixed Dudley Perkins hehe

  20. Anyone know what track is at 1:46:30? Is this Natalie Beridze (TBA) again?

  21. Hey can anyone help me with those brazilian tunes? starting at 1:55:58 first one sounds like a jobim track but the second one it’s like a duet girl/guy singing in french over a bossa nova tune pretty great ps: and yeh it is TBA ask Wechsel G. himself, he might appear here as he’s been doing in other recent times…..

  22. 1:55 Chove la fora – Maria Creuza 1:58 Pierre & Dominique Barouh – La nuit des masques (Chico Barque de Hollanda) greetings

  23. wowww tanx for replyin wech are you releasing some recording soon? tell us about yr new project hope itll be a long player tanx-+!

  24. need the last track that has been played also in koze’s mix. .

  25. also the name of the 01:18 with the japan influences needed. Regards for this mix… the music is under every criticism. big interplanetary deal!

  26. oh man, dank dir für den magischen trip!

  27. nach einer ganzen nacht voll arbeit und stress werde ich von den ersten sonnenstrahlen berührt und habe diese musik im ohr und ich bin der glückslichste mensch auf erden.

  28. an eclectic journey and beautiful display of the art of dj’ing. vielen dankles for the nice mix wechsel!

  29. pleaaase what might be the first song of the set?? extremely great if anyone knows please drop me a line to thanx!

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