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  1. Eine interessante Komposition sphärischer Klänge gepaart mit einem Hauch Minimalistik.
    War für mich allerdings erst nach dem 2ten Durchgang verständlich.

    Euer pascal_xf

  2. Very nice… beautiful sounds.

  3. Excellent Set! Does anybody know who wrote the very first track? The minimalistic piano track at the very beginning. It is beautiful!




  4. Excellent Set! Does anybody know who wrote the very first track? The minimalistic piano track at the very beginning. It is beautiful!




  5. dellliciousss….

  6. this is a terrific set. the germans are so far ahead of everyone else on the minimalist tip.

  7. equinox: we believe the 1st track is a Vert remix of a Keith Jarret Piano concert.

  8. music for romantics

  9. there will coming up a tracklist soon… thanks for your compliments…

  10. our tracklist:—-
    1.ecm artist ???———
    2.adam butler————–
    3.vincent gallo——————
    4.vert (a.d)———————–
    6.four tet——————————-
    10.boards of canada——————————–
    11.christian kleine————————————–
    14.nobukazu takemura——————————————
    übertonmensch live set: (1:35) until end————————————

  11. Simply beautiful, music at its best. The track that comes in at around 41 mins. is amazing, wonder what it is?

  12. Outstanding live set – looking foreward to hear more from you guys – will there be a record out?

    btw: the first track of the dj-set is a john cage composition from 1948. If the source is ecm, as claimed by Übertonmensch it is Alexei Lubimov playing the piano. Recorded in 2002 it is one of finest piano recordings ever made (tec wise) and probably therefore chosen by Übertonmensch…

  13. people, who can only survive through music waited for you. amazing

  14. ein potporee experimentellen genusses, wie es nur die deutschen hinbekommen.
    laff ju both!

  15. Pure music education. Impeccable choice of tracks. The piano track at the beginning is John Cage – In a Landscape, I agree it is a beautiful piece of music. Don`t miss this mix!!!

  16. thanks for these 3 hours of exellent music. …and don`t miss their liveset…

  17. for the person whom wondered what the track at 41 min is it the board of cannda track i think its of a WARP album they did called childern have the right to music or the one after thant

  18. Actually the Boards of Canada track hits at about 51Min. the breakbveat piano track at 41Min. (Which sounds terribly like BOC) must be F.T. Whoever that is…frikin’ tight.

  19. tranquility defined

  20. Melodic, at times hipnotic, full of moments of serenity, mind stimulating, at times surreal, a set to hear again and again especialy at those time when you are hammered by material world chores. Hopefully we will hear more sets from them.

  21. Excellent dj set! I like how it opens with a the piano track.

    If I can add anything: Boards of Canada starts at ~51 min.
    Before this track is another FOUR TET piece -so there are actually two tracks from the Four Tet album `Rounds’ in this set. This is what somebody wrote as just f.t. I sense an Abuse of Acronyms (AOA) in this forum.

  22. this is totally one of the most serene sets from start to finish , creative and inspirational
    in every way, Bring us MORE!! from these guys!!!!! thanx BETA

  23. Wow, dem muss man echt nichts mehr hinzufügen. Ein fantastisches Set voller Spannung und in der Luft schwebenden Stimmung. Echter Hammer! Danke!

  24. chill to tha bone. absolutely fabulous. thx geez.

  25. Get these guys back. Some of the best stuff I’ve ever heard. Roll up, press play, chill…

  26. Beautifully done. I listen at work and had several people asking what I was listening to.

    Could you post a play list of this set?

    Great website, great music – keep up the good wrok. I’ll be here listening….

    Philadelphia, PA, USA

  27. outstanding: everything fits at its place, like good poetry: nothing to add, nothing to take away. Thanks BetaL

  28. John Cage arm-wrestles Erik Satie to see who has to push this musical peanut up the street with his nose….I am digging, but snoozing a bit too…glacial pace…groove needs adrenalin…

  29. this is a real real lounge

  30. Beautiful stuff! Anyone know the track playing in the 01:08 to 01:11 neighborhood?

  31. … takk fyrir uberschönmensch …

  32. This set is HOT. Excellent line up. I love track starting @42:14. Is that what is referred to as f.t.? Is that the name? can anyone tell me where I would buy this. thanks.

  33. Does anyone know what the track is at 01:07:17 _ Überschön_Please advise: Takk fyrir

  34. more of this!

  35. this guys rock, there was german guy back in the 70s who used to do stuff like this, I hear it once, it was a LP, any ideas? Definetely one of the best, trascends….I wonder where maturity might lead them, mmm

  36. in my opinion the übertonmensch sets are the
    most unique one’s here ……..
    LOVE IT!!!!

  37. excellent!
    such soft tunes to enjoy your day on the porch in the afternoon.

  38. Every time i hear this sets i feel a great satisfaction.
    Thanks guys! I dream about your music.
    Who knows one day you came to play in Rio?

  39. this set is very hot! i just found their website:

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