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when robert arrived at the venue this day, he was scheduled to play not longer than 60 minutes. but the vibe and the room took him away on a journey on his selfmade mixingboard (!!!) and he went on for over two hours…
goes from typical dubby monolake stuff to more and more technoid beats in the end


  1. monolake kinda bores me with this one. i mean, its kinda cool to listen to at home, but i cant imagine being out and hearing this. stick to this style when one is blunted making beats at home.

  2. On the other hand, I just love the slow and deliberate development of the sounds. Very minimal, like a Rothko painting. True, not something to get drunk and pick up a date to, but once you get them home… Oooh yeah, space age bachelor pad!

    Peace out.

  3. the use of max/msp totally rox… the shit u can do with that prog is unberlieveable

    keep it come’en mono… and how about 3rd party externals 😉

  4. mental kandy..straight up! for those who know yo…

  5. very good very dreamy wood luv to c use in glasgow

  6. I heard Monolake at Movement afterparty in Detroit just last month. Great vibe. An awesome shift from the thunderous techno in the other rooms.

  7. I’ve been a fan of Monolake since Hong Kong – to me Robert is the most successful and interesting of the true minimalists in music today. I missed my one chance to see Monolake live in New York in 2001 and keep hoping I’ll get another. His archived Beta Lounge shows are excellent substitutes until that time comes.

  8. perfect minimalisctic psychoactive Sound ! I hear Monolake since 4 years, he never became boring. This is futuristic stuff…

  9. モノ湖さんカッコいいです!何でこんなカッコいいのかな?良いなー

  10. This is the grease for the wheels, sounds of making machine-love in the great greasy factory of life, where we all deserve a higher wage, more time off to dance.

  11. How refreshing…

  12. Great stuff from Monolake and yeah dude its good out at a party too…different strokes for different folks…

  13. took me on my technoidal space travel i’ve been needing!

  14. first 20 to 30 minutes is ambient noise with just hints of musical patterns and rhythm. this guy’s got some balls to drop that in a room full of people. there were people there, no? i mean first steady beat patterns come around 1:00 hour mark or so. must have a very receptive and patient audience to pull this off live. works better in the bedroom when you’re alone zoning, contemplating, reading and not really thinking about the music. makes for interesting neurotic soundscapes – pleasant though.

    beats around 1:30 are more up my alley though. minimal, funky, computerized. 100% restrained schizophrenia going on. verging on the edge madness. blip blap.


  15. excellent set, the rythem is there yo just have to see it in a different light

  16. monolake is all about imagination through sound. For instance, when I translate the sound of this set in my mind I imagine traveling over the face of a vast body of water toward a city. It’s quiet on the water, but I can hear the city more and more as I get closer and the sounds of nature give way to the sounds of industry and citylife. Before you know it you’ve got pistons going off in every direction, metal presses thumping in rhythm along an assembly line, and cranes pivoting back and forth high above construction sites. The only thing missing is humanity. What would be really interesting if if monolake could work some humanism into his machine precise soundscapes. Still, don’t know why he wasn’t commissioned to score the matrix movies. Would’ve fit much better than the prodigy and rob zombie, especially in the machine city sequences.

  17. このやろ~~~!!!!

  18. If anyone hears a set that touches upon the inner soul as much as this one does on betalounge please tell.
    I shall do the same.

  19. polygon cities is a must!!!!

    thanx rob!

  20. s-hit, i listen to this show over and over again for the past two years… its clearly hypnotic…

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